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The best camping near Haralson, Georgia.

Set up for a restful night on the hill.
Set up shop in the hill on the South side of the property.
Campvibes looking out over the wooded area and bathrooms, high class bathrooms.
Spring flowers beginning to bloom.
Four legged friends, also three friendly donkeys.
William Reed
William Reed: The Farm at Wilkerson Mill is peaceful, made so by it's owner and caretaker, Reggie. As...
Rainwater catchment system that is plumbed internally to the house for drinking water, dishes, laundry, and greywater system. The house also can run off of a well pump.
There is a lake behind the house.
This is picture is included because the owner (Ben Marchman) is designing a garden system for his business as well as turning the entire front meadow into a permaculture design.
The house is situated in a meadow overlooking crops and bees.
One of the many sunsets on top of the hill
Ben: Pitch a tent in our Walnut Grove, by the creek, or in our hardwood/pine forest. Staying...
Red Fox Farms
Red Fox Farms
Mary: At Red Fox Farms you will find 5 beautiful acres located off a serene country road....
Just Off the Beaten Path!
Just Off the Beaten Path!
Brutz: Come out and relax at our 500+ acre working ranch.   We have over 10 miles of trails,...
See the Alpacas "Down on the range"
See the Alpacas "Down on the range"
Alpaca Kisses
See the Alpacas "Down on the range"
Best Buds
Eliza: This place is a gem. Nancy is a great host. Really showed me around and gave me a nic...
Country Pasture
Country Pasture
Country Pasture
Mrs: Pitch a tent in our 3 acre pasture with random wildlife. Bring your food or we can...
Fireplace Pavilion
160 Acres of authentic environment with walking trails.
Thomas: 160 acres with walking trails and designated camping area and access to outdoor shower,...
Hiker Hostel Bunk Bed
View from above. Most of the buildings and cabins are tucked away under the forest canopy.
Enjoying the bunkhouse porch swing, and the perfect evening temps.
Pawing through the record bin at the general store. Pulled up this album on Spotify when I got home, and you know what? It's kinda awesome.
Stash your muddy shoes and boots outside!
Cabin provided
Hiker Hostel Bunk Bed
100% 1 Response
Kim: What a fantastic spot! We stayed at the Hiker Hostel – recently rebranded as Barefoot H...
Tent living or bring your own we have smaller tent for rent as well
Crane see the wildlife right before your eyes
Gazebo to chill in
Dive in movies on special nights
cool pool ready for a swim
Angela: When you camp with us, you not only have a nice time. You are helping us to offer...
LEAF Urban Cabin Camping
LEAF Urban Cabin Camping
LEAF Urban Cabin Camping
LEAF Urban Cabin Camping
Cabin provided
Emilia: I believe David is an endearing individual who's passion for his non profit clearly shi...
created by Maddie Air camera at Hikialani Kamuela Images
created by Maddie Air camera at Hikialani Kamuela Images
Photo by Michelle at Hikialani Kamuela Images
Photo by Michelle at Hikialani Kamuela Images
Photo by Michelle at Hikialani Kamuela Images
Heather: Troy was very nice and informative about the property. It was a really pleasant spot- ...
Pond for fishing: brim, catfish (please only keep what you need)
Camp at Sunrise Hills
Oak tree with spring flowers
Roxanne in the driveway
Private reading/writing/thinking area
Jeremy: Jessica was great! We wanted a private no frills tent site and she delivered in spades,...
Lakeside Paradise & Great Sunsets
Lakeside Paradise & Great Sunsets
Lakeside Paradise & Great Sunsets
Lakeside Paradise & Great Sunsets
Lakeside Paradise & Great Sunsets
Shaun: Jackie and her son Michael were wonderful hosts. The lake and grounds are beautiful and...
View of our lake from the dam.  The lake was built 55 years ago.
This is the view of the lake from the campsite area.  What you are seeing is the full moon rising over the lake.  September-January seems to be the time of the year when the moon is brightest.
Our old growth forest often contains an explosion of Cinnabar Chanterelle Mushrooms a day or so after a soaking shower.
We are about peace.  Time at the lake can be very healing, and centering.  Gentle rains are pleasant.
We work on climate change solutions and welcome people who want to learn more about the climate and ways to resolve the coming crises.
David: At present we can accommodate two tent campers. You will be less than 50 ft from the...
Camp by the lake and throw your line in.
Preparing for a campfire. This is where we slept with the horses.
We tried to connect our tents together to make one, large, tent fort.
We hated that we could not jump into the lake during Georgia's sudden fall weather
Horses Slept Here -  Rustic Camping
Emilia: Cynthia's property is serene, secluded, and peaceful without being too far away from th...
Mother Nature Camping
Mother Nature Camping
Mother Nature Camping
Mother Nature Camping
Mother Nature Camping
Karen: Open natural views of 400 year old Oak Trees. Old smoke house. Rare flower.  
Farm Cabana
Farm Cabana
Farm Cabana
Cabin provided
Shelli: Cabanas and tent sites are all within a 5 minute walk of Community Center where...
Bennett Cove
Bennett Cove
Bennett Cove
Bennett Cove
Bennett Cove
Cabin provided
Bennett Cove
100% 1 Response
Ted: Pitch your tent on this rustic 35 acre lakefront property. Its private and gated.   Or...
This camper was great for using the kitchen sink and bathroom.
A moment for us.
There are loads of fish in the pond.
Doug has Fish Camp set up really well.
The best place to enjoy a snack.
Fish Camp 1
100% 2 Responses
Erin + Caroline
Erin + Caroline: We had no idea what to expect when we booked Fish Camp 1 other than it had a lake and i...
A wintry scene!
The main barn
Winter trails
Swimming and petting zoo!
Local horse shows hosted here! Nothing like some friendly competition!
Holly: Sun Valley is located just 10 minutes Southwest of Macon Georgia. The back of the farm...