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Richardson Grove State Park
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The Ridgetop Camp
Jay: I had a great stay at RSR! The ranch is located at the top of a small mountain and by a wonderful smal...
Direct book $40/night
Off Grid Beauty
Ashley: Pitch your tent or park your small trailer in one of our open area camp sites next to the beautiful...
Direct book $45/night
Hippie Harry's Camp
Jay: The RV camp is located just down the hill from the main camp area but during my stay, the host tempora...
Request book $20/night
View Point
View Point
100% – 1 Response
Heidi: View Point is a smaller meadow situated up against the point of a ridge, but  protected from wind with...
Direct book $25/night
Sunrise Camp
Sunrise Camp
100% – 5 Responses
Manel: On the west side of the reservoir this is a great private campsite. The 2mile hike up will be worth it...
Request book $90/night
Abuelo Camp
Abuelo Camp
100% – 5 Responses
Manel: Great secluded campsite next to the reservoir lake. You will be camping under a century old oak tree. ...
Request book $90/night
Getaway Retreat
Nathan: 25 rustic campsites spread across 200 acres, in Northern California, at the heart of the Emerald...
Direct book $25/night
Bear Mountain Camp
Brian: What an awesome location for a campsite. Nestled atop a hill surrounded by lush green as far as the ey...
Request book $90/night
Mendo Glamp Camp and Vacation Cabin
Mare: Next to the large firs with a lovely year round flowing creek there is a place of beauty, calm and...
Direct book $85/night
Mendo Glamping King size bed tent
Mare: Want the glamping experience? Try this comfy 18 x 18 kingsize bed next to the creek, B. B. Q. ,...
Direct book $68/night
Mendo Glamp Camp Tents
Mare: We have a glamping double bed w twin size bed creekside. There is a hay slide down to the creek,...
Direct book $65/night
The Corn Crib
Alyssa: Corn Crib is a fantastic place to camp!! Ginger and her family are great hosts and this sweet farm is ...
Request book $75/night
Peacock Trailer
Greg: The whole property is absolutely amazing and everyone is incredibly friendly and interesting to talk t...
Direct book $50/night
Feisty Dog Orchard
Kiska: We had a lovely overnight here! Bowie was warm and welcoming and we made ourselves right at home! We w...
Request book $30/night
Off-Grid, "Canna Side Camp"
Ashley: Come stay and relax around the redwood area. Staying with us you'll be in the heart of Cannabis...
Direct book $75/night
Car Camping
Car Camping
92% – 13 Responses
Manel: A series of car camping spots in front of the pond. Plenty of shade on summer hot days. It is located ...
Request book $60/night
The Pond House
Aayush: Great place and great views. We had fun!
Request book $200/night
Loggers Camp
Loggers Camp
100% – 2 Responses
Mackenzie: This campground is tucked furthest in Mendocino Magic, with a secret lagoon near an old loggers cabin...
Request book $90/night
Cannonball Camp
Kristin: Perfection. Water so clear you can see the fish, prime site and great trails nearby. About an hour fro...
Request book $90/night
The Gypsy Caravan
Lisa: This ranch is a working ranch, so you'll see folks around, but your trailer will provide you with...
Direct book $120/night