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Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley National Park offers visitors the chance to feel humbled and renewed amidst the prowess of the desert’s spacious immensity, sculpted rock and vivid technicolor sunsets. Desert regions Read more...
Death Valley National Park offers visitors the chance to feel humbled and renewed amidst the prowess of the desert’s spacious immensity, sculpted rock and vivid technicolor sunsets. Desert regions of harsh extremes and unencumbered beauty have inspired artists and outdoor-lovers alike, harboring the more contradictory forces of nature. Snow dusted peaks and record heat? Yes. Wildflower summoning rainstorms between steady droughts? Yes. Relieved fish taking refuge in crystal pools that dot, every so often, an enduring scape of rolling sand and cliffed basalt? Yes, yes and yes. When you go to Death Valley you are not limited to camping, hiking and backpacking, although this in itself could satiate the belly of any hungry outdoorsman or woman. At Death Valley National Park there are opportunities for rock climbing, horseback riding, golfing, off highway vehicle adventures and snowshoeing, to name a few. And after you’ve seized the day, refilled your water canteen and stretched your tired legs out on a sleeping mat outside your tent, you can fall asleep to one of the best stargazing bedtime stories the night sky has to offer.
Furnace Creek Campground
Mitch: While most of the sites do have some sort of tree coverage for shade, not all do. The site we ended...
Wildrose Campground
Alyx: Arrive early for the weekend to grab one of these free campsites. Wildrose Charcoal Kilns are just 7...
Mesquite Spring Campground
Robert: Stayed here Dec 27, 2014, this is an awesome campsite. If you are a stargazer there is little to no...
Emigrant Campground
This tents only, year round campground is awaiting your need for seclusion, with only 10 spots for the...
Texas Spring Campground
Matthew: We went into Death Valley without reserving a campsite. Our first stop was to check Texas Springs and...
Mahogany Flat Campground
Emma: The last few miles up are dirt/gravel, you will want high clearance and probably 4WD. The Telescope...
Stovepipe Wells Campground
Korey: This may look like a bleak camping spot, but I absolutely loved the people that worked at Stovepipe...
Sunset Campground
This large, flat parking lot campground is primarily for RV camping and sits within a mile’s reach of...
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Clara: The Alabama Hills/Lone Pine are a great location to view the Leonid Meteor Showers in mid November.
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Stargazing at Tranqvillium
Stepfanie: Driving here from southern California was beautiful and peaceful. I called the host to clarify...
High Desert Peace
Frank: This is a very quiet and peaceful 10 acre lot that is being turned into a walnut orchard and farm....
Cold Springs Campground
Desiree: After what seemed like hours on a narrow windy mountain road, 7/29 we arrived 10am on Friday and were...
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Horseshoe Meadows Campground
Bernini : Bring cash and leave payment in the box.
Sentinel Campground
This campground has a lovely spot in the canyon along the South Fork of the Kings River, meaning you...