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Coronado National Forest

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Coronado National Forest, Arizona

Think deserts are barren, dry, lifeless land? Think again! A healthy desert ecosystem is teeming with life and Coronado National Forest is a prime example of this. Located in southern Arizona Read more...

Think deserts are barren, dry, lifeless land? Think again! A healthy desert ecosystem is teeming with life and Coronado National Forest is a prime example of this. Located in southern Arizona around the city of Tucson, this wonderland has recreation galore, other worldly plantlife and exotic animals like bobcats, gila monsters, coatimundis and—surprise, it has water too!

Sabino Canyon is a popular spot to take in this amazingness, with Sabino Creek flowing almost year round. Mt. Lemmon rises up over 9,000 feet above the desert where there is snow and even skiing in the winter. There are also multiple pristine wilderness areas with canyons, peaks, and drastic elevation changes offering pretty much every type of activity you can dream of. Remember, this is a desert with extreme heat, extreme cold, poisonous creatures, and flash floods among the challenges. Plan ahead, check the weather, and then get ready for some serious radness!

Kentucky Camp Dispersed Camping Area
A lengthy curb-check off East Fisher Canyon Road sits a few area’s at which to camp from. WIth only...
Public campground
Kentucky Camp Cabin
Connie: I have just been googling Kentucky Camp for next spring's roadtrip. According to the website, you CAN...
Public campground
Kent Springs Cabin
Kent Springs Cabin may take the cake when it comes to scenic overlook-boasting digs. Hugging the...
Public campground
Bog Springs Campground
Bog Springs Campground is a charismatic spot to pitch a tent in the Santa Rita Mountains. Campsites...
Public campground
Molino Basin Campground
Patricia: It gets pretty chilly at night so make sure to take layers!
Public campground
Rock Bluff Group Site
At Rock Bluff Group Site, you'll feel pampered by the close proximity to a trailhead, the trash...
Public campground
Lakeview Campground
Like its name might suggest, Lakeview Campground offers such scenic outlooks alongside Parker Canyon...
Public campground
Parker Canyon Lake
A looping mass of group campsites, Parker Canyon Lake Group Campsite sits quietly next to a...
Public campground
Calabasas Group Campground
Gather your tribe (up to 250 of ‘em) and head out to Calabasa Group Campground. The campsites here are...
Public campground
White Rock Campground
White Rock Campground sits alongside the banks of the Pena Blanca Creek. And, known to reach its...
Public campground
Arivaca Lake Campground
Sittin’ among jagged bluffs and rolling grasslands is where you will find Arivaca Lake. The scenic...
Public campground
Ramsey Vista Campground
Patrick: Great views from the top! 2.5 mile hikes up to Carr Peak or down to the Creek. The drive up is 5-10 mp...
Public campground
Reef Townsite Campground
Soot-stained by a past steeped in coal mining, Reef Townsite Campground was once a thriving, albeit...
Public campground
Whitetail Group Site
Who's ready to camp with 40 of your fave homies? How about 60? What about 90? There are sites to...
Public campground
Sabino Canyon Recreation Area
Sabino Canyon Recreation Area offers a little bit of everything: towering mountains, dropping canyons,...
Public campground
General Hitchcock Campground
Lined by towering pines and canyon walls, General Hitchcock Campground is a small, yet efficient...
Public campground
Rose Canyon Campground
Marshall : Truly a Beautiful Park with beautiful well spaced sites & a Lake to boot! Too bad none of the campsit...
Public campground
Showers Point Group Campground
A tent-only group campsite, Showers Point Campground is able to accommodate up to twenty five people...
Public campground
Palisades Ranger Residence Cabin
At nearly 6,000 feet, Palisades Ranger Residence Cabin is one of the highest-elevation campgrounds in...
Public campground
Incinerator Ridge Campground
Incinerator Ridge is where you need to go for neverending views, a high camp on Mt. Lemmon, and lots...
Public campground
Mt. Bigelow Campground
The Santa Catalina Mountains is home to Mount Bigelow, a southwestern haven for sunny exploration and...
Public campground
Spencer Canyon Campground
Rachel: Spencer Canyon campground and Gordon Hirabayashi campground are NOT the same, and are thousands of fee...
Public campground
Cochise Stronghold Campground
Walk in the footsteps of famous Apache Indian leader, Cochise, around his old, boulder-filled stomping...
Public campground
Half Moon Ranch
Carved out from the surrounding canyon, Half Moon Ranch is a fully equipped, seven-room ranch style...
Public campground
Peppersauce Campground
Rolling through the northern foothills of Mt. Lemmon’s, Peppersauce Campground is snaked by primitive...
Public campground
Stockton Pass Campground
This high desert campground offers incredible views, diverse wildlife, and invigorating hiking...
Public campground
Riggs Flat Campground
Riggs Flat Lake is a tiny slice of heaven. This beautiful lake, covering just 11 acres, is perfect for...
Public campground
Clark Peak Corrals Campground
Available on a first-come, first-served basis, Clark Peak Corrals Campground has a wide-array of...
Public campground
Treasure Park East Group Campground
Treasure Park East Group Campground is a true camping trove. It's set in a gorgeous mountain meadow,...
Public campground
Treasure Park North Group Campground
Treasure Park North Group Campground is a true camping trove. It's set in a gorgeous mountain meadow,...
Public campground
Hospital Flat Campground
Hospital Flat Campground will heal any workday blues and sunburned shoulders, just as it did for...
Public campground
Cunningham Campground
High in the Pinaleño Mountains is an expansive camping area in a grassy stand of aspen and fir....
Public campground
Shannon Campground
Looking to bag a new peak this camping season? Make the tiny Shannon Campground your basecamp and hoof...
Public campground
Soldier Creek Campground
Soldier Creek Campground is a beautiful boulder-strewn oasis in the heart of the forest. Not only is...
Public campground
West Turkey Creek Campground
Located on the western banks of Turkey Creek, the area’s like-named string of dispersed campsites...
Public campground
Lower Twilight Group Camp
Lower Twilight Group Camp sounds like a place for vampires, but we assure you the only thing you and...
Public campground
Arcadia Campground
Thinking about doing some hiking in Coronado National Forest? Arcadia Campground is one sweet base...
Public campground
Sycamore Campground
Sycamore Campground is indeed studded by huge sycamores, as well as oaks, streams, small waterfalls,...
Public campground
Cypress Park Campground
Cruisin’ along the Rucker/Tex Canyon scenic drive? Cypress Park Campground is the spot to stop if you...
Public campground
Camp Rucker Group Site
Bring your friends for a weekend out at Camp Rucker Group Site, found on the dry lake bed of Rucker...
Public campground
Rucker Forest Camp
Trailheads to the Chiricahua Wilderness and high country abound in this corner of Arizona, and if...
Public campground
Rustler Park Campground
Looking to camp in a wildflower filled meadow high up in the Chicahuas? Give the primitive campsites...
Public campground
Herb Martyr Campground
Robb: The CCC era drainage/waterfall on Cave Creek is beautufu, and right near the parking area. Careful, i...
Public campground
Sunny Flat Campground
Mildred: Beautiful but remote campsite by the creek. Great area for birding, hiking, or atv's. There are first ...
Public campground
Stewart Campground
Solveig: There were only 6 sites at this canyon campground on the babbling Cave Creek, but for that reason it f...
Public campground
Idlewilde Campground
Take just a short drive through Arizona’s epic Cave Creek Canyon and you’ll encounter Idlewilde...
Public campground
Portal Bunkhouse
A rustic, two-bedroom cabin built in the '30s, Portal Bunkhouse truly is that—a portal back to a...
Public campground
Peloncillo Mountains Campground
WIth no recreational areas to be seen, the Peloncillo Mountain truly is a wild, untouched place....
Public campground
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Historic Arivaca AZ
Anna Claire
Anna Claire: Take a leisurely 23 mile drive from the small town of Amado to the property, winding through rolling g...
Direct book$65/night
Hunter's Cabin in Arivaca
Steve: Why stay in a tent when you can rent an off the grid small 123 sq. ft. bare-bones hunter's cabin on 10...
Request book$100/night
La Siesta Bare Bone Log Cabin
Oscar: Why pitch a Tent, When you can Rent a Off the grid 123 SQ Ft Bare Bone Log Cabin on 10 acres.  You...
Request book$50/night
Universal Ranch RV  & Camping
Wes: Arivaca's ONLY 50 amp unmetered park! New owners Ebony & Jim are laid back go getters making improvem...
Direct book$20/night
Double A Ranch
Mary: Pitch your tent under a canopy of mesquite trees on the Tanque Verde Wash.
Direct book$50/night
Gem and Mineral Show Camping
Laurelle 'ellfling'
Laurelle 'ellfling': If you're looking for a groovy & chill vibe, this is the place to be. Right next to Saguaro National p...
Direct book$20/night
LA SIESTA RV Dry Camping
Oscar: RVing history at La Siesta Campgrounds' Pre-1985 Vintage Trailers & Campers Classic Vacation...
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LA SIESTA Tent, Car Camping
Oscar: RVing history at La Siesta Campgrounds' Pre-1985 Vintage Trailers & Campers Classic Vacation...
Request book$15/night
LA SIESTA SPACE 3,   30/20 amp
Oscar: Pull through RV Space up to 35' 30/20 amp Electric and WaterCamp Fire Pitt
Request book$30/night
Patagonia Lake Campground
Marshall : Patagonia is only "isolated" in it's Location. The campground itself is quite compacted with sites, s...
Public campground
SouthWinds Farm
Joe: Camp in our cozy 10'x12' wall tent with a wood stove and views of the Whetstone Mountains. The setting...
Request book$35/night
Catalina Campground

Catalina Campground

94% Recommend – 9 Responses
Cynthia: They have a power strip that they allow campers to use for cell phone charging. Don't be rude and use ...
Public campground
A Horse Ranch in High Desert
Francesca: RV spaces available, bathrooms, trail riding, horse drawn buggy & wagon tours available. Picnic...
Request book$100/night
The Ranch

The Ranch

67% Recommend – 3 Responses
Jane: Just outside of Tucson, this spot is full of awesome quirks and people. JustMark and his friends have...
Request book$20/night
Kartchner Caverns Campground
Kartchner Caverns Campground is for you, spelunkers—and medical-minded folks. Because of the caverns'...
Public campground
LA SIESTA Space 1,   30/20 Amp
Oscar: RVing history at La Siesta Campgrounds' Pre-1985 Vintage Trailers & Campers Classic Vacation...
Request book$30/night
Sunset Camp
Melissa: Come experience our large desert yard near a funky artist community.
Direct book$20/night
Southwest Vineyard Experience
Vineyard: Come camp next to a working vineyard with exceptional views of the desert sky.   You pick your spot as...
Direct book$50/night
Airstream Luxury Camp
Mark: Offering the comfort of home with the quality of a 5 star hotel, this airstream is an oasis of luxury...
Request book$65/night
Rustic Camping in High Desert
Dina: SKYHigh Ranch offers rustic camping sites anywhere you want to hike in and make camp or just drive...
Direct book$10/night