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Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

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Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona

Explore the vast Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests known for its jaw-dropping mountain country in east-central Arizona. Trek out onto the other worldly Mogollon Rim, and dive into sparkling Read more...
Explore the vast Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests known for its jaw-dropping mountain country in east-central Arizona. Trek out onto the other worldly Mogollon Rim, and dive into sparkling cold-water lakes. Climb out of the muggy valleys and into the refreshing high country—the forest is known for hundreds of miles of hiking filled with stunning vistas. Most importantly, stay awhile and be sure to bring your tent!
Woods Canyon Group Campground
Denise : Get there early and find a spot on the edge of the canyon. Stay to the left on the dirt road.
Public campground
Gentry Group Campground
So, you’re looking for a space for just you, your tent or tiny camper and forty-nine of your closest...
Public campground
Black Canyon Rim Campground
Black Canyon Rim Campground—where wild horses run free and ponderosa pines stretch their fingers to...
Public campground
Canyon Point Campground
Sarah: Make a reservation! Busy place in the summer.
Public campground
Fr 237 Camping Area
Known to be both damp and muddy (but oh so much fun!), Fr 237 Campground isn’t for the faint of heart....
Public campground
Larson Ridge Camping Area
Larson Ridge Campground offers dispersed campsites that can be difficult to access after a heavy rain....
Public campground
Willow Springs Loop Trail
The reverberating sounds of hooves stamping the leaf litter beneath them, choruses throughout the...
Public campground
Chevelon Canyon Lake Campground
David: Beautiful area, bit of a hike to the water so be prepared. Not exactly wilderness but a pleasant place...
Public campground
Fr 171 Campground
Across the road from Mosquito Lake, Fr 171 Campground is lined by just a few dispersed campsites. And,...
Public campground
Sinkhole Campground
Get knee-deep in the heavy foliage of Sinkhole Campground! Located within a mile of one of the park’s...
Public campground
Chevelon Crossing Campground
Smack dab along Chevelon Creek, Chevelon Crossing Campground is located in a historic and scenic...
Public campground
Rim Campground
Jb: Much quieter than woods canyon but not on lake. There is a small general store at woods canyon about 1...
Public campground
Spillway Campground
Permeated by the cool, crisp breeze emanating from Woods Canyon Lake, Spillway Campground sits just a...
Public campground
Crook Campground
Crook Campground is known to steal the hearts of outdoor lovers. The trees run thicker than a snicker...
Public campground
Aspen Campground
Aspen Campground is like, the most popular campground in Northern Arizona. It ain’t hard to see why....
Public campground
Fr 169 Campground
A lightly used stretch of dispersed campsites, Fr 169 Campground is geared toward the backpackers...
Public campground
Fr 195 Campground
Quite possibly one of the most secluded campgrounds in all of the Apache and Sitgreaves National...
Public campground
Mogollon Campground
Nestled about two-miles from a nearby lake, Mogollon Campground offers some of the most beguiling...
Public campground
Promontory Pit Road Campground
Promontory Pit Campground is a no-frills camp on Rim Road (Forest Road 300), just above the Mogollon...
Public campground
Fr 9350 Campground
Adrenaline junkies, this is for you. With some of the area’s dispersed campsites edged by a...
Public campground
Fr 84 Camping Area
While given the moniker “dispersed camping,” Fr 84 Camping Area does, however, have room enough to...
Public campground
Bear Canyon Lake and Camping Area
Inundated by one of the several well-stocked fishing lakes built by the Arizona Game And Fishing...
Public campground
Lewis Canyon Group Campground
Wild turkeys call from in between the tight meetings of pines, deer hooves stamping the dew-swept...
Public campground
Juniper Ridge Trail #640
Passing through much of the area’s ponderosa pines, Juniper Ridge Trail #640 is lined by just a few...
Public campground
Ghost Of The Coyote Trailhead
An expansive, alluring campground, Ghost of The Coyote Trailhead is just a curb-check off Burton Road....
Public campground
Los Caballos Trail #638
Considered to be one of the more lengthy trails snaking through the White Mountain Trail System, Los...
Public campground
Lakeside Campground
Inundated by the chromatic refractions off of Rainbow Lake, Lakeside Campground is not only one of...
Public campground
Scott Reservoir Campground
Seasonally popular in the warmer months of summer, Scott Reservoir Campground is a partially developed...
Public campground
Brown Creek Campground
Combing the banks of Brown Creek, this like-named campground is threaded together by a string of truly...
Public campground
Los Burros Campground
Carly: Never camped here but spent so much of my life hiking this area. If you haven't gone, go. Go in fall w...
Public campground
Rolfe C. Hoyer Campground
Camping knows no age prejudice—and Rolfe C. Campground is proof of that. An easily accessible,...
Public campground
Benny Creek Campground
Inundated by the spritzed breeze of the two neighboring bodies of water, Benny Creek and Bunch...
Public campground
Winn Group Campground
Situated 9,000-feet above sea level, Winn Group Campground is dotted by two breathtaking group...
Public campground
Cutthroat Campground
Cutthroat Campground, named after the lovely trout that populate Big Lake, provides campers with an...
Public campground
Winn Campground
“. . . Because all we do is [winn]!” We are, after all, hipcampers. And that’s exactly what you’ll be...
Public campground
Gabaldon Horse Camp
Horsemen (and women), rejoice! Named after Juan Gabaldon, the like-named equestrian campsite is...
Public campground
Apache Trout Campground
Hook-ups and trailer-friendly campsites, huzzah! The newest campground along the Big Lake Recreational...
Public campground
Brookchar Campground
Brookchar Campground offers the closest access to Big Lake, beating out every other campground in its...
Public campground
Grayling Campground
Whisper quiet and blanketed by pines, Grayling Campground is one of the more secluded, tranquil...
Public campground
Rainbow Campground
The proverbial metaphor might be that there’s gold at the end of a rainbow. But, if that rainbow just...
Public campground
Caldwell Cabin
Sitting atop 7,000-feet above sea level, the foliage bordered Caldwell Cabin is a spectacular landmark...
Public campground
Buffalo Crossing Campground
Just like the large bovine the campground’s named after, Buffalo Crossing Campground is an expansive,...
Public campground
Horse Springs Group Ramada/Campground
Located just off the shorelines of East Fork Black River, Horse Springs Group Ramada/Campground is an...
Public campground
Horse Springs Campground
A generally accessible campground, Horse Springs Campground is newly renovated with vault toilets and...
Public campground
Raccoon Campground
Just like the curious fauna which the campground adopted its moniker from, Raccoon Campground is an...
Public campground
Deer Creek Campground
Totted as being the most primitive of all the campgrounds hugging Black River, Deer Creek Campground...
Public campground
Aspen Campground - East Fork Black River
Seemingly appearing from the hardwoods and dense vegetation inundating Black River, Aspen Campground...
Public campground
Diamond Rock Campground
“Cut and clarity,” two of the three hallmark characteristics of any worthy diamond. And, we must say,...
Public campground
Hannagan Campground
Deep breaths, deep breaths. No really though—deep breaths. Hannagan Campground is 9,200-feet above sea...
Public campground
Alpine Divide Campground
Comely situated on the foothills of Escudilla Mountain, Alpine Divide Campground is avalanched by the...
Public campground
Honeymoon Campground
Screw the cruise, camping’s more worthwhile, anyway—and cheaper too. Honeymoon Campground is situated...
Public campground
KP Cienega Campground
KP Cienega Campground is 9,000-feet above sea level. And, situated alongside the area’s like-named...
Public campground
Strayhorse Campground
Six-miles below the Mogollon Rim rests Strayhorse Campground, a large modern campground shaded by the...
Public campground
Luna Lake Group Campground
Come one, come all—just up to twenty or fifty, that is. Dotted with two double sites and one group...
Public campground
Luna Lake Campground
Luna Lake Campground offers campers wide open spaces and lush meadows beside a gorgeous lake...
Public campground
Upper Blue Campground
If you’re looking for a camping spot that should be on everyone’s bucket list, try off the beaten path...
Public campground
Blue Crossing Campground
Blue Crossing Campground sure isn’t a gloomy outdoor area; it’s far from that. Nestled 6,200-feet...
Public campground
Upper Juan Miller Campground
Another scarcely used campground in the area, Upper Juan Miller Campground’s seclusion is further...
Public campground
Lower Juan Miller Campground
Secluded among the shading, enigmatic pines and birch, Lower Juan Campground is a scarcely used string...
Public campground
Coal Creek Campground
Coal Creek Campground is filtered by towering pines, swept by the foliage carpeting the nearby...
Public campground
Black Jack Campground
This is a must-see, must-do campground—and we’re not bluffing. Situated over 6,000-feet above...
Public campground
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Chevelon Canyon Haze Retreat
Josh: Pick one of several sites for your ultimate camping experience. 420, Horse and Pet friendly and fresh...
Direct book$30/night
Double Cut Ranch.. A true Gem
Laura: At  an elevation of 6500 ft with views that go on for miles. You will be away from the distractions...
Direct book$25/night
Arizona Mountain Vineyard
James: Camp in our beautiful vineyard in the small mountain town of Young, Arizona. Our town is completely...
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Poppi's Pearl
Penelope: Pitch your tent on our 7. 5 acres with ponderosa trees, or camp out in your camper. We are...
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Starcamp 120
Chauncey: A great escape, a fun drive in, and a pleasant feeling when arriving. The ground is soft, and the tree...
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Big Spin Ranch Petrified Forest
Rory: Beautiful dispersed camping on 18 acres of raw land overlooking the Painted Desert. Quiet, peaceful,...
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10 Lots no Zoning Apache County
Casey: Arizona Dreaming in the desert. right off the hwy surrounded by national park and reservations this is...
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14 Lots no Zoning Apache County
Casey: No Zoning– RV, Vans, Trailers, cabins, mobiles, Yurts etc… allowed. dirt road near parks and indian...
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Tiny Town Arizona
Steve: Tiny Town Arizona is a 100-acre sustainable retreat space overlooking the White Mountains 20 miles...
Direct book$40/night
Christopher Creek Campground
Erica: This is a super sweet little campground tucked in next to the highway. It has two large loops of camps...
Public campground
Verde Goats, Cheese and Arts
Nicky: Richard and the other folks living at Camp Verde are so incredibly kind. The animals are wonderful. If...
Request book$20/night
Basic Off Grid Camping
Dj: This is a 160ac Horse Ranch.  We would like to share it with the people who enjoy old time living. We...
Request book$200/night
Upper Canyon Creek Campground
Shaded by huge pines and fir trees, Upper Canyon Creek Campground is a breath of cool, fresh air....
Public campground
Airplane Flat Campground
If you land on Airplane Flat Campground for the night, you’ll find yourself in good company with...
Public campground
Valentine Ridge Campground
Valentine Ridge Campground is one of many gems found along the cool, peaceful Canyon Creek. Fishers...
Public campground
Colcord Ridge Campground
Colcord Ridge Campground is 7,600 feet up, so you can expect ponderosa pines, superb trout fishing,...
Public campground
Sedona Oasis
Jim: Enjoy camping on 5. 6 acres in the heart of wine country, just a short drive outside of Sedona, so...
Direct book$50/night
Sharp Creek Campground
Danica: I stayed here for one night in July 2017 with a group of friends from my Yoga Teacher Training Program...
Public campground
Sharp Creek Group Campground
Invitation time! Send ‘em out soon cause you can’t miss out on snagging Sharp Creek Group Campground....
Public campground
Haigler Canyon Campground
Solveig: The specs for this campground (above) indicate pets aren't allowed, but I didn't see any signs to that...
Public campground