What’s that good looking little parcel of land on the shores of San Pablo Bay? That’s Back Ranch Meadows Campground! As you’ll soon see, this diverse campground is sprinkled among a sunny patch of land (it’s more like a hill). There are 30 campsites situated among groves of oaks, bay laurels, and madrones, which also provide a bit of shade. If you’d like a little more seclusion, make sure to check out sites 9-15). One thing to keep in mind is that all the sites here are walk-in. However, it’s a VERY short walk (grandma can definitely make it). It’s about 5 minutes total to get from your car to the campsite and you must carry your supplies. The campsite has restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and fire rings. It’s also close to a plethora of mighty fine trails. This place is so close to the city...get out’ll dig it!
Campsite area
Bring your own tents
32 sites
Up to 8 guests per site
Park at listing
No ADA access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Picnic table available


Offered near the campground.


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Natural features you'll find at Back Ranch Meadows Campground.

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The vibe at Back Ranch Meadows Campground

19 Reviews

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Hipcamper Clinton
Clinton L.
didn't provide a recommendation.
February 16th, 2015

Just camped at site 28 for the weekend. Love this campground! Super organized and facilities were taken care of. I would recommend the sites closer to the parking lot for a great view of the bay (site #26, 27, 28). For a more secluded spot, #30 is farther away from the crowds. Overall, love the campground and we will be back again!

Back Ranch Meadows Campground
Hipcamper Hedy
Hedy K.
recommends this listing.
July 12th, 2017

You will have to park in a parking lot and carry everything to your campsite, so I recommend bringing a wagon if you have one. There are trashcans on wheels but they are in high demand during check-in/check out.

Hipcamper Allie
Allie F.
didn't provide a recommendation.
May 17th, 2015

Camped there for Thanksgiving weekend! We had a rough time with wildlife at night. China Camp is beautiful and it was great to see quails running around everywhere!

Hipcamper Cydney
Cydney H.
didn't provide a recommendation.
June 28th, 2016

Made a reservation for 005 - it was incredibly hot as there are not many trees, we did go early in the day, around 3pm the heat was unbearable. We noticed some campsites were still open so we had asked if we could move our camping gear to a site that was more shaded, the ranger was more than happy to let us switch sites. The campsite has lots of lovely critters, wild turkeys, squirrels, little salamanders. At night the raccoons will come out. There are plenty of wasp traps so there are not a lot of bees around the campsites, however, there are lots of fruit flies and very few mosquitoes. I had taken my camera with me and added more photos of the campsites. Will definitely be going again.

Back Ranch Meadows CampgroundBack Ranch Meadows CampgroundBack Ranch Meadows CampgroundBack Ranch Meadows Campground
Hipcamper Elizabeth
Elizabeth C.
didn't provide a recommendation.
July 9th, 2017 husband and I camped at site #15 this week. The pluses are water, functional trash, coin showers and bathrooms which were clean and well maintained, and the sort of gorgeousness only a oak woodland can deliver. (Arborists, please note: the site is dominated by Bay Laurel, which makes the place smell heavenly.)
HOWEVER, and this is a biggie, the food lockers, which are very old wooden boxes, do not keep any animal out. Mice were able to gain access to our food. They despoiled about a third of it, which- seeing as we backpacked in-was a big problem. The food boxes are so derelict, that soon the raccoons will be able to rip their way inside.
Bottom line: You must bring vermin-proof food storage with you.

This is the food box, at site #15, which is barely racoon proof and definitely NOT mice-proof. We lost about 1/3 of our food to mice. 
They were very cute, the mice, but still. This is the damage to the food box that allows the mice entry. The damage is too extensive to effectively block them. Inside. I lined the bottom with rocks in a vain attempt to repel raccoons and mice. This is a picture of the site #15, facing east. It's a nice site...ground is fairly level, and the bathroom, showers and water are a short distance away.
Hipcamper Alex
Alex H.
didn't provide a recommendation.
September 23rd, 2019

Camped in September. Glad we had one of the sites slightly off to the side (#26) as the center loop area was a bit of a toddler zoo. Yellowjackets were a bit annoying but otherwise no wildlife problems. Lots of mountain bikers on these trails -- we only saw one other on-foot hiker. Trail surface is a bit rocky/annoying to traverse at parts. Beautiful views of the water along the trails, also lots of tiny lizards, also turkeys and deer. Firewood available for sale at campsite on honor system.

Hipcamper Dan S.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
August 28th, 2018
Hipcamper Annelise P.
recommends this listing.
August 21st, 2018
Hipcamper David C.
recommends this listing.
July 5th, 2018
Hipcamper Nick R.
recommends this listing.
June 18th, 2018
Hipcamper Janis L.
recommends this listing.
May 10th, 2018
Hipcamper Corey J.
recommends this listing.
January 23rd, 2018
Hipcamper William J.
recommends this listing.
September 11th, 2017
Hipcamper Briana K.
recommends this listing.
September 11th, 2017
Hipcamper Emily D.
recommends this listing.
August 14th, 2017
Hipcamper Cory E.
recommends this listing.
August 9th, 2017
Hipcamper David S.
recommends this listing.
June 25th, 2017
Hipcamper Christina O.
recommends this listing.
May 23rd, 2017
Hipcamper Julian B.
recommends this listing.
December 14th, 2016
China Camp State Park
United States
Phone Number
(415) 456-0766
View on Google Maps
Official Website
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38.007° N, 122.494° W
Unknown price
Tent Only: 31 Sites
(Up to 8 people per site)
Unknown price
Tent Only - Group: 1 Site
(Up to 45 people per site)

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