With 220 sites, Elkmont is the largest campground in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, set at 2,150 feet in elevation in a serene forest of maple and poplar trees. It’s centrally located near the Sugarland Visitor Center and the town of Gatlinburg, making it especially family-friendly. Come autumn, the tree leaves erupt into a vibrant array of yellows, oranges, and browns. The Little River and Jakes Creek weave right through the campground, providing campers with fishing and swimming holes, while tent and RV sites feature picnic tables, fire rings, and restroom access. No Elkmont campsites come with individual hookups.

Tips for Snagging a Campsite Reservation

  • All 220 campsites in Elkmont Campground can be reserved six months in advance online or by calling (877) 444-6777.
  • This campground regularly fills up during summer break and in October, peak fall foliage season.
  • If Elkmont is full, there may still be sites available at Cosby Campground. Or, you can book a Hipcamp near Gatlinburg and make easy day trips into this section of the park.
  • When to Go

    Elkmont Campground is closed for winter, usually from November to May. You can call the park rangers at (865) 436-1200 for current season information. There are generally two busy seasons when campsites book out far in advance: summer break and October, when the fall foliage color transformation peaks. Because of its elevation, Elkmont requires that campers bring rain- and cold-weather gear year-round. Summer visitors should also bring mosquito protection. Spring visitors are typically treated to flowing waterfalls—drive west on Little River Gorge Road from Elkmont and you’ll pass numerous waterfall sites and falls trailheads, including Mannis Branch Falls, The Sinks, and Meigs Falls.

    Campsite area
    Tent or RV sites
    210 sites
    Up to 6 guests per site
    Up to 6 vehicles
    No wheelchair access
    No campfires
    No toilet
    No pets
    No potable water
    No picnic table


    Offered near the campground.


    Many nearby Smoky Mountain ski resorts, like Ober Mountain in Gatlinburg, offer downhill mountain biking in summer.


    Go fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout on the Little River right at the campground.


    The Jakes Creek Trail, Little River Trail, and Elkmont Nature Trail all start within walking distance of Elkmont Campground. Th...Read more

    Wildlife watching

    You may spot elk, deer, or black bears in the Elkmont Campground vicinity. The nearby Sugarland Visitor Center is a great place...Read more

    Horseback riding


    Natural features you'll find at Elkmont Campground.

    Swimming hole
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    37 Reviews

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    Hipcamper Woody and Renae
    Woody And Renae D.
    didn't provide a recommendation.
    February 7th, 2022

    Solid Campground experience. Beautiful setting and So-So bathrooms (no shorwer). If you do not camp alot, just remember that there are many sites here sharing your space and people's pets and kids (and maybe a late night motorist) may create quite alot of noise pollution. Also note that the park requires you to use "their" wood (kiln dried) -- while I agree with the reason why -- it can become expensive if you like a roaring campfire experience.

    Hipcamper Jacque
    Jacque S.
    recommends this listing.
    October 7th, 2018

    Reservations fill up fast.

    Hipcamper Chris
    Chris S.
    didn't provide a recommendation.
    March 12th, 2018

    Fires were allowed when we were there in October of 2017. I think it depends on drought conditions in the area of the time you are visiting.

    Hipcamper Sharon
    Sharon K.
    recommends this listing.
    August 1st, 2017

    Lovely river side camping. Great nature

    Hipcamper Elle M.
    recommends this listing.
    July 10th, 2019
    Hipcamper Brittany B.
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    July 24th, 2019
    Hipcamper Natasha G.
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    July 20th, 2018
    Hipcamper Jamie C.
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    August 9th, 2018
    Hipcamper Dan N.
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    August 31st, 2018
    Hipcamper Sandra C.
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    September 11th, 2018
    Hipcamper Ryan F.
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    September 15th, 2018
    Hipcamper Meagan C.
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    September 23rd, 2018
    Hipcamper Sunny B.
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    October 17th, 2018
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    November 6th, 2018
    Hipcamper Jonathan A.
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    April 18th, 2018
    Hipcamper Jeff S.
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    April 5th, 2018
    Hipcamper Lindsay B.
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    April 1st, 2018
    Hipcamper Luke M.
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    March 28th, 2018
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    March 12th, 2018
    Hipcamper Stephen C.
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    March 12th, 2018
    Hipcamper Joshua G.
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    February 24th, 2018
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    February 12th, 2018
    Hipcamper Turner M.
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    February 12th, 2018
    Hipcamper Alisha M.
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    February 4th, 2018
    Hipcamper Tonya K.
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    October 27th, 2017
    Hipcamper Rick R.
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    September 30th, 2017
    Hipcamper Justin S.
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    September 20th, 2017
    Hipcamper Lorri M.
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    September 16th, 2017
    Hipcamper Stephanie Jo F.
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    September 6th, 2017
    Hipcamper Mp D.
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    August 29th, 2017
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    August 26th, 2017
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    June 19th, 2017
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    June 2nd, 2017
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    May 19th, 2017
    Hipcamper Atlee S.
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    April 29th, 2017
    Hipcamper Patrick W.
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    March 14th, 2017
    Hipcamper Brittany  B.
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    February 24th, 2017
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    United States
    Phone Number
    865-430-5560 FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 1-877-444-6777
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    35.658° N, 83.582° W
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    Tent Only - Hike In: 22 Sites
    (Up to 6 people per site)
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    Tent / RV / Trailer: 171 Sites
    (Up to 6 people per site)
    Unknown price
    Tent / Van: 17 Sites
    (Up to 6 people per site)