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The best camping near Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Discover the most magical spots to pitch your tent or park your rig on your next Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument adventure.

Play paleontologist for the day at this massive, day-use fossil deposit.

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Top-rated campgrounds near Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument


Rustic Creek Ranch

32 sites 路 RVs, Tents160 acres 路 Bailey, CO
The 160 acre ranch was homesteaded by my grandfather over 100 years ago. He was an engineer. The plan was to use this property as summer grazing for his cattle. The cows were wintered at the other ranch about 10 miles away, which was homesteaded by my great grandfather. Because my grandfather could survey, he made sure the property lines zigzaged up the valley so the small creek was in the middle to provide water for the animals. He chose well. It is a beautiful, quiet place with elk, deer and wild turkeys. There are tons of wild flowers in the summer. Columbines, the Colorado state flower, wild roses, paintbrushes and lots of wild chokecherries. With nice views of nearby mountains, open pastures, evergreen forests and aspen groves, it looks like it did 100 years ago. Plus, there are a couple of ponds for your dogs to cool off in. Since the first cattle, the ranch has also been home to goats, chickens, horses, and now alpacas and llamas. And of course the Great Pyrenees ranch dogs. I had a house built a few years ago and live on the property full time. The ranch is surrounded by Pike National Forest with the Colorado Trail connecting the property in a number of places. Some of the highest ranked mountain bike trails are nearby. There are lots of places on and off the property to hike, mountain bike and ride your horse. On a clear night you can see thousands of stars and hear coyotes howl. For a drone video of the ranch check out: YouTube's Midsummer 2020 Flyover. Elevation 8,000 feet, Average Summer Temperatures: Days 60-80 f, Nights 45-60 f, Sunshine Average 73-80%, Colorado Trail Segment 3, USGS Maps: Windy Peak & Green Mountain quadrangles. This is the official info. Basically, the weather is usually similar to the Denver area - just 10 degrees cooler. About 8 miles away is the small town of Bailey. It has just about everything you might need: small grocery store, gas, laundry, art gallery, a dollar store, hardware store, camping and sports equipment, brew pub, winery, a few restaurants, potable water station and more.
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Armstrong Highlands

5 sites 路 RVs, Tents10 acres 路 Woodland Park, CO
Nestled at a breathtaking elevation of 8500 ft above sea level, just a stone's throw away from the picturesque town of Woodland Park, CO, our property offers unparalleled views of majestic Pikes Peak. Situated on 10 sprawling acres along Hwy 67, our charming retreat boasts rolling pastures, serene Aspen groves, and enchanting pine forests. With easy access to local amenities and activities, guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape while enjoying the convenience of nearby attractions. Whether you're traveling with an RV, pitching a tent, or seeking a unique accommodation experience, we have ample space to accommodate your needs. As dedicated pet lovers ourselves, we welcome furry companions of all kinds, including horses, dogs, and cats. Our pet-friendly facilities, complete with stables and kennels, ensure that every member of your family can enjoy a comfortable stay. We kindly ask that all pets be well-socialized and under control during their visit, and we appreciate responsible pet ownership, including the proper disposal of pet waste. For those with special requests or specific accommodation needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. As flexible hosts, we are committed to ensuring that your stay with us is tailored to your preferences and requirements. Experience the beauty of Woodland Park and Pikes Peak from our idyllic retreat, where nature's wonders await at every turn. Join us for a memorable stay filled with tranquility, adventure, and the warm hospitality that defines our property.
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Twisted Sisters Farm

3 sites 路 RVs, Tents60 acres 路 Florissant, CO
I bought this land to move from HoustonLearn more about this land:I widened the gate and moved my mailbox for easier access. Butane fire rings allowed on private property during a fire ban . Camp anywhere on 60 acres. In one direction there are rolling meadow. Another rocky outcropping. Look to the south and you鈥檒l see the BLM land that shares my fence line. If you want access to town you鈥檙e there. You choose how you want to feel. In the woods, in the forest, on huge rocks, flat land or turn around and see CR 1 ( 1/4 mile driveway). Forty five minutes west of Colorado Springs, ten miles to Divide for grocers. One half mile to ice, gas, pizza etc. 聽It is first come first serve with the sites. 聽Two that are near trees for聽large RVs. 聽One up higher works for pull thru trailers. 聽Plenty of room in the pasture. 聽I just got my first negative review referring to it being dry prairie land. 聽Some聽 pictures are from late last summer.. 聽We haven鈥檛 had enough rain yet for it to green up. 聽Also聽it can be windy.
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Glen Isle Resort

20 sites 路 RVs, Tents101 acres 路 Bailey, CO
(If you book with us, please don鈥檛 follow your GPS if it tries to make you turn at the Coney Island hot dog stand. Glen Isle is .5 miles past the hot dog stand.) Due to the ongoing issues with forest fires in our area and insurance issues at this time, we will no longer have open wood-burning fires. Propane fires are permitted if you have a portable campfire ring, please feel free to bring your own. We do have a couple available for rent onsite. For your safety and ours: absolutely no check in/arrival after dark sets in; Around 5:15pm during winter months. 7:30pm summer There are many reasons why you would want to camp at Glen Isle Resort! Glen Isle is located in Bailey, Colorado which is the perfect vacation spot for friends, family, reunions, or a private get away. Glen Isle was originally built for an escape from hectic Denver. Once you cross the bridge into the resort, you鈥檒l understand why it has served as a peaceful getaway for over a century. The Platte River welcomes you and divides the property from Highway 285. If you love to fish, you have a mile of the river to use at your disposal. If hiking is your forte and you desire to explore nature, Glen Isle is surrounded by the National Forest, Lost Creek Wilderness, Payne Gulch Trailhead, the Colorado Trail and many private acres for you to explore. You will find history narrates the Native American鈥檚 story where Glen Isle was once used as an Indian encampment, and numerous trees still stand today that were culturally modified to mark sacred treasures. If you seek tranquility, you will find hummingbirds and chipmunks always seeking an audience to entertain. Starting June 1st, we will offer evening activities, and campers are welcome to come to the lodge, shop in our gift shop. We also have snacks for purchase, and popcorn for our guests to enjoy. (Glorious Glen Isle was unoccupied for six years. We are in the process of renovating hundred year old cabins, and the 8,000 square foot lodge. Our camping areas have a river setting, glorious valley views, and a private setting surrounded by the National Forest. However, there is renovation and construction going on around some areas of the property. Additionally, as you can see from the map and read in a few reviews, we are just on the other side of the beautiful Platte River from Highway 285. About 75% of our guests are not bothered by the busyness of the this highway but others can be more sensitive to the noise. We want Glen-Isle campers to enjoy their experience as much as possible, so if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to ask. Our goal is to share the property with others, and to have the "happiest" campers in Colorado!) Glen Isle Resort was opened in 1901, by five original investors. In 1923, the property was bought by the Baldwin's and in the 1940's it was given to the Baldwin's granddaughter, Barbara and her husband Gordon Tripp. The Tripp family owned and operated the resort until Barbara's death in November 2012. Mary Ruth grew up coming to Glen Isle Resort as a child in the 1970's. Her favorite memories are the chuckwagon dinners, horseback riding, evening dances, movie nights, and the endless activities that never grew old. Mary Ruth grew up, married Greg, and they started bringing their five boys to Glen Isle Resort. Mary Ruth and Greg were both professionals in education, and visited Glen Isle in the summer of 2016 after an Adele concert. They found their beloved Glen Isle was being sold. After much consideration, they found the idea of not pursuing a dream to be more terrifying than looking back and wondering "why" they didn't...so they began the magical journey to purchase, restore, and bring historical Glen Isle back to life.
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Fisherman's Cabin

1 site 路 Lodging4 acres 路 Bailey, CO
Cozy, small, one room cabin and an outhouse with a sink, solar bag shower, and composting toilet. Propane heat and single burner for heating up some coffee or a snack. Large beautiful deck with fire-pit and grill and peaceful river sounds. forest views sits on 4 acres. Park right next to the cabin with a 4x4/AWD or 50ft away with any vehicle. The Fisherman鈥檚 Cabin, hosted by Huts and Hills, has a wild and unique history. Originally it was built by two professors from Berkeley College as an annual mountain campsite. They used to make the pilgrimage every year from California to Colorado to come relax in the wonderful forest of the Lost Acres National Park. At the turn of the century, the Denver Wheel Club used to have their headquarters right next to the river just down Insmont Dr. and hosted a big bike race every year. This was before there was even a road to the mountains, and the only real public access to these lands were via the train from Denver! Today the Fisherman's Cabin is just a hop, skip and a jump outside downtown Bailey, Colorado and close to many mountain passes like Guanella and Kenosha. There are local hiking, fishing, hunting, biking, and animal watching activities waiting to be experienced. Sleeps 2 plus invite up to 6 friends for camping and goodtimes! Please see the Fisherman's cabin site description for more information! * PROPANE FIRE PIT ONLY, NO FIRES ALLOWED聽 *聽THERE IS NO RUNNING WATER but there is a provided water bag for the sink / shower and at this time of year you must bring your own water! *聽THERE IS NO聽ELECTRICITY
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Standiford Goat and Equine Ranch

7 sites 路 RVs51 acres 路 Larkspur, CO
Our family-owned noncommercial ranch/campground is nestled against the Raspberry Butte hillside and near the Front Range Mountains on the West side of Highway I-25. It is 51 acres of rolling hills, Ponderosa Pine, and Douglas Fir Trees. Our property extends halfway up Raspberry Butte therefore there are lots of large rocks on our property. It is a working ranch with several horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, and dogs. WE ARE EXPECTING BABY GOATS AND A FOAL IN APRIL 2024. It is our goal to constantly work towards improving our property. There is an enclosure with Nigerian Dwarf goats, chickens, ducks, and two donkeys. You can enter the enclosure by appointment only. Our eight-stall barn is where we feed our horses and raise our baby goats, chicks, and foals. We offer our hip campers an opportunity to learn how to care for our animals; horseback rides in a round pen; and a dump station. Just sign up at the time you book your stay under EXTRAS. Thirty acres of our property are fenced for the horses and located directly behind the campsites. In addition, we have lots of wildlife including but not limited to: Deer, Elk, Coyotes, Bobcats, Wild Turkeys, Mountain Lions, Snakes, and Bears. We are approximately 2 miles from the town of Larkspur between Spruce Mountain Road and Perry Park Road. (Please note Google Maps will try and send you to a location on Perry Park Road which is incorrect. Please refer to the map located on this website.) Due to our remote location, we have spotty Wifi. Typically ATT, Starlink, and TMobile work best. Verizon reception can be located at certain spots around our ranch. There are three restaurants located in the town of Larkspur including pizza, Mexican food, and a pub. There is also a large park with lots of kids' play equipment. During the summer there are concerts at the park on the weekends. We are approximately 2 miles from the Colorado Renaissance Festival located in Larkspur. The Renaissance Festival typically runs between June and July. We are 10 miles from the town of Palmer Lake which has fishing, kayaking, and several restaurants. Spruce Mountain hiking trails are 2-3 miles away. We are approximately 40 miles north of Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Seven Falls, and Manitou Springs. We are approximately 40 miles south of Denver and all of its attractions. Campers will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability when camping with us. The following is a copy of the Waiver: WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY IN CONSIDERATION OF the risk of injury that exists while participating in CAMPING (hereinafter the 鈥淎ctivity) and IN CONSIDERATION OF my desire to participate in said activity and being given the right to participate in same: I HEREBY, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, or personal representatives, (thereinafter collectively, 鈥淩eleasor鈥, 鈥淚鈥, or 鈥渕e鈥, which terms shall also include: Releasor鈥檚 parents or guardian if Releasor is under 18 years of age), knowingly and voluntarily enter into this WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY and hereby waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action of any kind arising out of my participation in the Activity; and I HEREBY, release and forever discharge Clint and Teresa Standiford (Standiford Ranch LLC) located at 1225 Fox Farm Road, Larkspur, Colorado 80118, their affiliates, managers, members, agents, attorneys, staff, volunteers, heirs, representatives, predecessors, successors, and assigns (collectively 鈥淩eleasees鈥), from any physical or psychological injury that I may suffer as a direct result of my participation in the aforementioned Activity. I AM VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING IN THE AFOREMENTIONED ACTIVITY AND I AM PARTICIPATING IN THE ACTIVITY AT MY OWN RISK. I AM AWARE OF THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH PARTICIPATING IN THIS ACTIVITY, WHICH MAY INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO PHYSICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL INJURY, PAIN, SUFFERING, ILLNESS, DISFIGUREMENT, TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT DISABILITY (INCLUDING PARALYSES), ECONOMIC OR EMPTIONAL LOSS, AND DEATH. I UNDERSTAND THAT THESE INJURIES OR OUTCOMES MAY ARISE FROM MY OWN OR OTHERS' NEGLIGENCE, CONDITIONS RELATED TO TRAVEL TO AND FROM THE ACTIVITY, OR FROM CONDITIONS AT THE ACTIVITY LOCATION(S) NONETHELESS, I ASSUME ALL RELATED RISKS, BOTH KNOWN AND UNKNOWN TO ME, OR MY PARTICIPATION IN THIS ACTIVITY. I FURTHER AGREE to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Releasees against any and all claims, suits, or actions of any kind whatsoever for liability, damages, compensation or otherwise brought by me or anyone on my behalf including attorney鈥檚 fees and any related costs. I FURTHERMORE ACKNOWLEDGE that Releasees are not responsible for errors, omissions, acts or failures to act of any party or entity conducting a specific event or activity on behalf of Releasees. If I should require medical care or treatment, I authorize Clint and Teresa Standiford to provide all emergency medical care deemed necessary, including but not limited to, first aid, CPR, the use of AEDs, emergency medical transport, and sharing of medical information with medical personnel. I further agree to assume all costs involved in my medical treatment and agree to indemnify and save. and hold harmless the Releasees and each of them from any loss, liability, damage, or cost including bodily injury or death. I HAVE READ THIS RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS, UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS BY SIGNING IT, AND HAVE SIGNED IT FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY WITHOUT ANY INDUCEMENT, ASSURANCE OR GUARANTEE BEING MADE TO ME AND INTEND MY SIGNATURE TO BE A COMPLETE AND UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE OF ALL LIABILITY TO THE GREATEST ALLOWED BY LAW. Signature:_____________________________________________________Date:_______________
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Lake George Gulch

2 sites 路 Lodging40 acres 路 Florissant, CO
Come have free range on wide open 40 Acres! TWO CABINS AVAILABLE! ASK! Loft sleeping areas, gas cooktops, and sinks. These cabins are OFF-GRID and run entirely on solar energy. Waterless toilets.Walking distance to Spinney Mountain Reservoir and a short drive to trophy fishing at Antero, and Eleven mile, as well as the "Dream Stream". We have many available primitive tent sites and RV sites that are private or go ahead and make your own site if you find the perfect spot. Feel free to bring your machines as we have direct access to National Forests and BLM land.
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5 sites 路 RVs, Tents85 acres 路 Guffey, CO
85 acres of ranch land with mixed Aspen and Pine Forest. Campsites are separated along a small creek. Each campsite has a fire pit and FREE firewood provided. Excellent shade and 8500 feet of elevation to help keep you cool during warm months. Endless miles for gravel biking. Close to Eleven mile, Pike National Forest, Cripple creek, and Florissant Fossil Beds. Please make sure you note the gate code in the arrival instructions upon booking a campsite. I hope you have a great stay.
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Little Scraggy Camp

20 sites 路 Lodging, RVs, Tents95 acres 路 Pine, CO
We are closed for the Winter. We look forward to welcoming you in 2024 - with bookings starting mid-May! The Little Scraggy Camp is located on 95 acres of an historic 160-acre ranch that was homesteaded by our family in the 1890鈥檚, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. This totally off-grid ranch is surrounded by Pike National Forest, yet has easy access from a paved road. We offer several accommodations and glamping sites, as well as sites for moderate sized RVs, travel trailers, tents, and hammocks. Additionally, we have sites for small groups (up to 14 people) and large groups (35-200 people). Potable drinking water is available from onsite 270-gallon water tanks. Portable toilets are only a short walk away from sites. Friendly dogs are welcome to enjoy your campsite off leash, but please clean up after your dog. If your pet has any aggressive tendencies, it must be leashed. Recently added is a 4 hole disc golf putting course for you to practice your shots or try your hand, with 4 sets of discs provided. We also have a cornhole toss game at both the glamping/rv camp area and tent/rv area. We are an ideal basecamp for the casual or dedicated trail enthusiast. The ranch itself has several trails and easy trail loops to explore within and just outside of the ranch鈥檚 fence lines, with direct access to the 9.5-mile Little Scraggy Trail and Segment #3 of the Colorado Trail. Just 3.5 miles away is the Little Scraggy Trailhead, where you will find easy access for biking, hiking, or horseback riding on the many other trails of the Buffalo Creek area. Additionally, we have an extensive network of hiking and horse trails that avoid conflicts with mountain bikers. You might prefer rock climbing Little Scraggy or fishing the gold-medal waters of the South Platte River canyon below Cheesman Dam and the waters near Deckers. For a day trip, Wellington Lake is only 30 minutes away for no-wake water sports. Many people enjoy kayaking on the North Fork of the South Platte downstream from nearby Buffalo Creek. This is a working ranch where we raise and train horses and ponies. Our particular interest is in carriage driving, and we offer driving experiences upon request. Our site called Mountain Horse Camp, provides 3 individual porta-panel horse corrals. There is limited cell service.
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Monument Creek Glamping

10 sites 路 Lodging7 acres 路 Monument, CO
Welcome to Monument Glamping! Nestled between Denver and Colorado Springs, we're thrilled to be your hosts on this enchanting glamping journey. Chris & Wendy Jeub here, and since 2019, we've been sharing our slice of paradise with fellow adventurers like you. Having cherished this land for decades, we're dedicated to curating an unforgettable glamping experience that speaks to your heart's desire. Your personal haven awaits, complete with a convenient private parking spot just steps away from your haven. And there's more! Our expansive property boasts a year-round flowing creek, a symphony of nature's music to soothe your soul. Embark on your glamping odyssey with a choice of 8 unique units. Whether you're seeking the pinnacle of luxury or a rustic escape off the grid, we've got you covered. Allow us to introduce you to our offerings: Big Red - A cozy tiny home equipped with all the amenities, including a deck with a bubbling hot tub and stunning vistas. The Classic - A container home that marries modern convenience with natural splendor, complete with a hot tub deck. Sunshine - Discover paradise within a safari tent, featuring a private back room with a hot tub and grill for your indulgence. Stargazer - Immerse yourself in nature's beauty within a safari tent, featuring a hot tub beneath a canopy of scrub oak. Shady Pine - Unplug and unwind in a safari tent, complete with off-grid privacy, a hot tub, and a grill in your very own yard. Butterfly - Embrace simplicity and serenity in an off-grid safari tent, with its own camp toilet and the soothing Silver Water Tub. Braveheart - Find solace beside the creek in a bell tent or yurt, your off-grid hideaway featuring a camp toilet and creekside porch. Beauty - Delight in the tranquility of a bell tent or yurt, your secluded sanctuary with an off-grid camp toilet and creekside porch. While our family resides uphill in the main house, our presence is just a message away. Need assistance? We're here for you, whether it's a helping hand on-site or recommendations for an unforgettable local adventure. Feel free to request wine tastings, guided hikes, or insights into the hidden gems of our beloved region. Your comfort and privacy are our top priorities. We'll always respect your space, ensuring that your sanctuary remains undisturbed throughout your stay. Drop us a line anytime with your questions or concerns 鈥 communication is key, and we're all ears. So, dear Hipcampers, get ready to write your chapter of Monument Glamping's story. Nature's embrace and luxurious comforts await, and we can't wait to be a part of your extraordinary journey.
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Flathat Ranch Ltd

5 sites 路 Lodging, RVs54 acres 路 Divide, CO
HUNTERS WELCOME! WELCOME TO FLATHAT RANCH in Divide, CO. We are located on 54 beautiful acres with Pike National Forest approximately 300 feet off the end of our driveway and Mueller State Park right across the road. There are so many great activities, places to explore and adventures to be had in the surrounding area. Roughly half of the property is wooded and hilly with some trails to hike through the woods. The other half is rolling grassy meadows that we use to graze our horses and cows. There is an original, caved in homestead site on the property and we have set up some vintage patio furniture in the meadow in front of the homestead, which is a great place for happy hour or to watch the sunset! Our menagerie of animals is always changing, but we currently have 4 dogs, 5 horses, a mule, 1 goat, 6 ducks and some barn cats, and a small herd of miniature cows. You are welcome to visit with them, but we do not allow guests into any of the corrals or pastures with the animals and we do not offer any horseback riding. You are welcome to bring a pet with you, but please know that you are responsible for keeping your pet safe around all of the other animals and livestock that live onsite. !!!!!!!HUNTERS WELCOME!!!!! If you harvest an animal during your stay you are welcome to hang it in our shop for the remainder of your stay. You are not allowed to harvest an animal on our private land, but we have great access to public lands in units 59 and 581.
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Sky Above The Sky

4 sites 路 RVs, Tents40 acres 路 Florissant, CO
馃殣 Rocky Mountains RV Camping Experience 馃彅锔 馃尣 Four Season Paradise 馃尣 RV, Van, Bus, Car, Tent Camping: Dive into a magical world where snow-capped views of Pikes Peak reign supreme. Nestled amidst the Rockies, our 39-acre secluded mountain haven promises an authentic wilderness experience. Despite the deep forest embrace, we're conveniently located less than an hour from Colorado Springs, ensuring you get the best of both solitude and city amenities. Our campsites are positioned a mere two miles off a county road and proudly neighbors the famed Florissant Fossil Beds, a designated National Monument Area. Gaze around and get lost in the majestic panoramas of the Sangre De Cristo Mtns, the Continental Divide, and the iconic Pikes Peak. The landscape is a harmonious blend of alpine timber and picturesque mountain meadows. Adventurers can explore miles of land and trails within a mostly fenced perimeter. Wildlife enthusiasts, rejoice! Mule deer, turkey, and elk frequently grace our grounds, making for some exceptional photo opportunities. Mountain meadows covered in grasses, flowers and wild herbs. Cattle do roam areas of the neighboring land that is shared so be mindful to always lock the gate behind you. Anglers can embark on a gold medal fishing experience just 30 minutes away, Lake George, Eleven Mile, Royal Gorge, Arkansas River to name a few. Plus, the expanses of the National Forest and BLM lands are within arm's reach, just minutes away. And when the allure of the town calls, the charming mountain settlement of Woodland Park is a short 25-minute drive. For those seeking a hint of historical opulence, Cripple Creek is only 25 minutes away, and the urban buzz of Colorado Springs is a 45-minute journey. 馃専 Key Features: Hiking Adventures: Discover trails for all expertise levels and bask in the natural wonders of the Rockies. World-Class Fishing 馃帲: Pristine mountain streams beckon both seasoned and budding anglers. Casino & Gambling 馃幇: Nearby casinos offer an adrenaline-charged diversion. Wolf & Wildlife Center 馃惡: Witness wolves up-close and partake in conservation dialogues. Authentic Farms & Ranches 馃悇: Engage in hands-on farm experiences and sustainable agriculture talks. And More... From mountain biking to local small towns, there's something for every traveler. Pet-friendly spaces. Reserve Now! Spaces are limited in this Colorado paradise. Book today for a memory-laden mountain sojourn.
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The best camping near Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument guide



Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument is the site of one of the world's largest fossil deposits, with some 1,700 fossilized species, from insects to sequoia trees. The Visitor Center alone makes a visit worthwhile, with a large display of ancient fossils, a short film on the park, and a bookstore. Just behind the Visitor Center is an outdoor exhibit with petrified tree stumps and two short interpretive trails. An additional 15 miles of hiking trails are available for visitors in search of something more active. Camping is not available at the monument, but there are plenty of state parks with campgrounds, as well as private campsites, in the immediate vicinity.

When to go

The park is open year-round (except on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day), for day-use only. The best time to visit is in late spring or early fall, when the temperatures are warm and pleasant, but not too hot. Summer is also a great option, with a full schedule of ranger-led programs. 聽Just be prepared for crowds, especially on weekends. Note that 聽winters can be cold here, and sub-freezing temperatures for days on end are common.

Know before you go

  • Gas, groceries, and other supplies are available in the nearby town of Florissant, just a few minutes鈥 drive north of the monument.
  • Astronomy fans take note: the park hosts monthly stargazing programs in partnership with the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society.
  • Pets (except for service dogs) are not allowed in the park, except in the exercise area and in the parking lot.

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Experience celestial beauty while camping near the聽Garden of the Gods. With the orange glow of towering sandstone formations, it offers a heavenly escape for campers yearning for unforgettable views and soul-stirring sunsets.

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