Gaviota State Park Campground is a quirky little place to call home for a night or two. There are 40 campsites (some of which operate on a first come, first serve basis). Amenities for the campground include bathrooms, hot showers, picnic tables and barbeque pits. This is a windy area so be prepared to stake your tent into the ground (there isn’t much tree shelter here). Also, plenty of gophers will pop their heads in to say “hi”, so get ready to be social!
Campsite area
Tent or RV sites
38 sites
Up to 8 guests per site
Up to 6 vehicles
No wheelchair access
No campfires
No campfires
No campfires
No toilet
No toilet
No pets
No potable water
No picnic table


Offered near the campground.


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24 Reviews

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Hipcamper Sara
Sara D.
didn't provide a recommendation.
June 29th, 2021

This campsite is REALLY windy. I mean really, really, really windy. Not just the average wind that you would except when you are close to the beach. Like really really windy. My tent broke (that was well steaked) on the first day. It is a great lotion and the beach was awesome. The campsites are small. But, did I mention that it is windy?

Hipcamper Kris
Kris S.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
July 13th, 2017

Close to the beach, which is amazing, however the entire campground is shared and everyone is very close together. I've never camped this way, but everyone was very friendly so that was a plus. Just don't expect to be camping in nature. Bathrooms were in decent condition, it's dog friendly, and they have showers.

Hipcamper Brian
Brian R.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
April 10th, 2017

open spots right under a train bridge. beautiful beach & scenery, but no privacy and noisy.

Hipcamper Colleen
Colleen C.
didn't provide a recommendation.
November 18th, 2016

After reading some iffy reviews on Yelp, my friends and I decided to camp here anyways and we LOVED it! The beach is right next to the campsite, as well as easy access to some great hikes, including the Gaviota Hot Springs. The beach isn't too crowded and there's even a little campsite store where you can buy snacks and firewood if you run out. We didn't have trouble with the wind like people said we would, but it may have just been the weekend we were there. Regardless, we loved this campsite and would definitely go back.

Hipcamper Victoria
Victoria F.
didn't provide a recommendation.
August 21st, 2015

So I am from the Central Coast. I love this area. I love the outdoors. I was going to stay here with my then-boyfriend and his two kids, many moons ago, before they became my stepchildren. We drove into the campground. It was, to say the least, not impressive. My stepdaughter said it looked like camping in a parking lot. We did not stay. I think Refugio is better than Gaviota, and I would recommend the backcountry even more-- Los Padres National Forest. Yes, you miss the beach aspect. But you're not sleeping in a parking lot.

Hipcamper David
David Y.
didn't provide a recommendation.
August 17th, 2015

The winds can get REALLY strong in the evening and throughout the night. Try not to get the campsites that's in open area and stake your tents down.

Hipcamper Sara D.
doesn't recommend this listing.
June 29th, 2021
Hipcamper Carla R.
recommends this listing.
July 18th, 2018
Hipcamper Jeffrey H.
recommends this listing.
August 29th, 2018
Hipcamper Elizabeth D.
recommends this listing.
September 11th, 2018
Hipcamper Christina K.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
September 19th, 2018
Hipcamper Jeff S.
recommends this listing.
September 25th, 2018
Hipcamper Elizabeth R.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
June 15th, 2018
Hipcamper Jason T.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
June 12th, 2018
Hipcamper Veronica G.
recommends this listing.
May 12th, 2018
Hipcamper Bethany S.
recommends this listing.
November 16th, 2017
Hipcamper Leah S.
recommends this listing.
October 11th, 2017
Hipcamper Lizzie A.
recommends this listing.
October 1st, 2017
Hipcamper Kathy G.
recommends this listing.
September 22nd, 2017
Hipcamper Gene D.
doesn't recommend this listing.
June 26th, 2017
Hipcamper Ana H.
recommends this listing.
June 10th, 2017
Hipcamper Katie M.
recommends this listing.
May 30th, 2017
Hipcamper Spencer W.
recommends this listing.
February 24th, 2017
Hipcamper Xanthe &.
recommends this listing.
February 19th, 2017
Gaviota State Park
United States
Phone Number
(805) 968-1033
View on Google Maps
Official Website
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34.473° N, 120.228° W
Unknown price
Tent / RV / Trailer: 38 Sites
(Up to 8 people per site)