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Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
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River Frontage on Lake Superior
Matt: Pitch a tent in our lawn on the Ontonagon River within a few feet of Lake Superior. Over 3 acres, 370...
Direct book $30/night
Robbins Pond Campground
Calling all anglers! Robbins Pond Campground is your gateway to backcountry trout fishing. We’re...
First come, first serve
Moosehead Lake Campground
It’s sure to be an 'a-moosing' time at Moosehead Lake Campground in Gogebic County. Riddled with...
First come, first serve
Sylvania (Clark Lake) Campground
The area surrounding Sylvania Campground just underwent some major improvements; newly paved camping...
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Trap Hills Campground
Backpacking in the midwest has never been finer! Trap Hills offers backcountry camping to those...
First come, first serve
Lake Gogebic Campground
There are treehuggers and there are lakehuggers. Be both at Lake Gogebic Modern Campground, where you...
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Cayuga Camping
Nick: Primitive camping with the Bad River bordering the property.   With in walking distance to a bar &...
Direct book $25/night
Big Bay Campground
Suzy: You'll need to catch the ferry (auto and passenger) from adorable little Bayfield, Wisconsin. It take...
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Bobcat Lake Campground
Nestled within the shorelines of Bobcat Lake, Bobcat Lake Campground is teeming with fantastic...
First come, first serve
Henry Lake Campground
Hidden by the vegetative bodies inf Ottawa National Forest, Henry Lake Campground offers well-equipped...
First come, first serve
Burned Dam Campground
Kate: The campground is small but the sites are all pretty secluded and quite. Gorgeous river is a drop-in p...
First come, first serve
Copper Falls Campground
Andrea: Copper Falls State Park is gorgeous and so are the campsites. I ended snagging a hike in site at the p...
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Pomeroy Lake Campground
It’s never hard to find rustic tranquility in the Ottawa Nation Forest and Pomeroy Lake Campground...
First come, first serve
Nebish Lake Campground
Welcome to Nebish Lake Campground where it’s not just OK to have your cake and eat it too, but it’s...
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Langford Lake Campground
A delightfully rustic slice of pure Michigan heaven, Langford Lake Campground is located not far from...
First come, first serve
Crystal Lake Campground
Hugging the waterfront closely, Crystal Lake Campground considerately tucks in so as not to leave...
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Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Campground
Patrick: DON'T USE AN OPEN HULLED BOAT. Kayaks are mandatory, don't attempt to canoe. Please.
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Razorback Lake Campground
Angella: This lake is great for boaters. If you have a lakeside site, you can pull your boat up to your site. G...
First come, first serve
Courtney Lake Campground
Man’s best friend may be a dog to some, but to others its a remote, flat, fish-filled lake. No, it may...
First come, first serve
East Star Lake Campground
Angella: I grew up camping here. Its a great campround for kids, and has great fishing. There is a decent hikin...
First come, first serve