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Best Camping in Illinois

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Starved Rock Campground

1. Starved Rock Campground

Drink in the beauty of 18 epic canyons that were formed by ancient glacial meltwater and stream erosion when you crash at Starved Rock Campground....

Jason: Starved Rock is a great place to hike but the campground is nearly always crowded and loud... not to mention expensive. Great...
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Illinois Beach Campground

2. Illinois Beach Campground

Calling all beach bums: pop a squat at this campground for some prime (and extremellly limited) Illinois beach real estate. The large campground...

David: Has alcohol-free zones if you'd like to avoid the possibility of late night tom-foolery that may be associated with alcoholic...
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Rock Cut Campground

3. Rock Cut Campground

Rock Cut Campground provides several overnight camping options including Class A and B premium sites. There is also equestrian camping restricted...

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Castle Rock Campground

4. Castle Rock Campground

With primitive sites only accessible by boat or canoe, a stay at Castle Rock Campground takes a little bit of work and planning. This could be...

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Lowden Campground

5. Lowden Campground

Basketball, volleyball and baseball facilities are just one small bonus of staying at Lowden Campground. The larger, more compelling reasons to...

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Garden of the Gods Campground

6. Garden of the Gods Campground

This Garden of the Gods is right here in Illinois—no need to travel to Colorado!—but you'll be equally-awed by the wild rock formations that fill...

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Washington County Campground

7. Washington County Campground

Got a hankering for a bit of outdoor relaxation? Whether you want to kick it lakeside or get out on the water for some boating or fishing, you will...

Anderson Lake Campground

8. Anderson Lake Campground

Lakeside living is a way of life at this campground. Wake up to the sound of water lapping against the shore at your campsite, which sits on the...

Illini Campground

9. Illini Campground

A something for everyone kinda place, Illini Campground brings tha Illinoise with some awesome views of the Illinois River. Youth groups can...

Potawatomi Campground

10. Potawatomi Campground

Follow your canoe’s nose or your hiking boots to the sweet shores of Potawatomi Campground. It's got brand-spanking rustic, reservable cabins—plus...

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Lake Glendale Campground

11. Lake Glendale Campground

Lake Glendale is smack-dab in the middle of the Shawnee National Forest, which means all of its plentiful amenities are equally-accessible. The...

Jenn: Wonderful campground with bathrooms and free showers for guests. A quick walk to the Lake with amazing sunsets! It was...
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Chippewa Campground

12. Chippewa Campground

Early inhabitants of Kankakee State Park—the Illini, Miami, Kickapoo, & Mascouten tribes, and later, the Potawatomi, Ottawa and Chippewa...

Alexandra: Chippewa Campground is where my friends and I would all spend our summer nights camping in high school. While the campgrounds...
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Pounds Hollow Campground

13. Pounds Hollow Campground

Pounds Hollow Lake was completed in the 1940's as part of the Civilian Conservation Corps' sweeping land improvement projects. This place has been...

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Bell Smith Springs Campground

14. Bell Smith Springs Campground

Bell Smith Springs 'rocks'! Known for its plethora of wacky rock formations and hidden springs and streams, it's the cliffs, canyons, and plants...

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Backpack Campground

15. Backpack Campground

For those of you who like to pack light, Backpack Campground is your best featherweight option. Strung alongside the area’s cooking grills, working...

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Rock Island Campground

16. Rock Island Campground

Solitude, it's what's for dinner (among delicious camp food, of course). A real, honest-to-goodness escape from the modern world. Enjoy hike-in,...

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Hickory Point Campground

17. Hickory Point Campground

How does prime access to Sangchris Lake sound? Thought so. From Hickory Point Campground, you can easily slide your fancy new boat into the glassy...

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Shabbona Lake Campground

18. Shabbona Lake Campground

Chicago’s busy city bustle got your head spinning? Get out for some fresh air at Shabona Lake Campground. With hard-to-beat access to the pristine...

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Canyon Ridge Campground

19. Canyon Ridge Campground

Many moons ago, the Apple River traveled through limestone canyons and created giant cliffs towering above the crystal clear waters. When you stand...

Jason: I don't think the place marker on this map is correct as the campground at Apple River Canyon is inside the park. Nevertheless,...
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Chief Keokuk Campground

20. Chief Keokuk Campground

With year-round camping and warm and cold-weather seasonal activities, you can camp the beans out of this place! Chief Keokuk Campground at...

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Pine Hills Campground

21. Pine Hills Campground

We ain't bluffin'—the 150-foot tall limestone bluffs in Pine Hills Recreation Area were written about by Lewis and Clark on their way westward....

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Jackson Falls Campground

22. Jackson Falls Campground

Jackson Falls is one of the premier technical climbing destinations in Illinois, but even if you don't like hanging off the side of giant rocks,...

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Dam West Campground

23. Dam West Campground

If you're hoping to do it all, Dam West Recreation Area offers the most amenities of all the campgrounds on Carlyle Lake, hands down. Stay in one...

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Giant City Campground

24. Giant City Campground

A curb-check off Shiloh Road, Red Cedar Campground is dotted with both primitive and modern campsites. And, like many of the other campsites in the...

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Honeysuckle Hollow Campground

25. Honeysuckle Hollow Campground

Just east of Turner Lake, Honeysuckle Hollow Campground has Class-A premium sites that fare well even for those with discriminating tastes. This is...

Elva: We love this place for a quick overnight camp. Just camped here last weekend and it has always been a great option to get out...
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Fox Den Campground

26. Fox Den Campground

Fox Den is a loop located in the Chain O'Lakes State Park. These sites are standard by definition, but the land they sit on ain’t no mediocre....

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Cave-In-Rock Campground

27. Cave-In-Rock Campground

With Class A sites that many visitors agree are well cared for, Cave-In-Rock Campground is a welcome contrast to the cave you will have likely...

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Equestrian Campground

28. Equestrian Campground

Don’t forget man’s best—err, second best friend. Your horse, of course! At the Equestrian Campground at Kankakee State Park, kick back and enjoy a...

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Gebhard Woods Campground

29. Gebhard Woods Campground

Littered with a gunshell-heavy history that’s strung together by knotted fishing line, Gebhard State Park Campground was purchased for a mere...

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Turkey Ridge Campground

30. Turkey Ridge Campground

Craving that serene outdoor experience? Come on down to Turkey Ridge Campground. This Class C camp is walk-in, which will give you a little extra...

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