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Best Camping in Hawaii

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Iolani Farm
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1. Iolani Farm

We have a private jungle "tentalow" site with an ocean view; 2 minutes by foot from parking and our communal bath house which has an outdoor...

Majorie: I had a nice stay there. John and Ariel are really sweet people and I think that if you are searching for a jungle immersion,...
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Kulanaokuaiki Campground

2. Kulanaokuaiki Campground

About five miles down Hulina Pali Road, Kulanaokuaiki Campground is a new campground with two wheelchair accessible sites. Daytime temps range from...

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Nämakanipaio Campground

3. Nämakanipaio Campground

Located 31. 5 miles south of Hilo on Highway 11, Nämakanipaio Campground is a large open grassy area at 4,000 feet of elevation featuring tall...

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Waipi'o Hostel Camp
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4. Waipi'o Hostel Camp

91% Recommend (11 Campers)

Waipi'o Hostel and Campsite is located in Kukuihaele less than a mile from majestic Waipiʻo Valley. In a place where horses and wild turkeys often...

Lisa: The Waipi'o Hostel was a great spot to camp! It is located a 5 minute drive from the Waipio lookout and 15 minutes from...
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Kalalau Campground

5. Kalalau Campground

Kalalau Beach in the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park is one of the best places in the whole world! That’s right folks, if you can get yourself...

Charlotte: My favourite campspot on Kauai! It's really close to Hanalei and the hike to the campsite is totally gorgeous. Only thing is...
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Camp Olowalu
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6. Camp Olowalu

Camp Olowalu is an affordable alternative to hotels while being even closer to nature. Visiting this rustic retreat is like visiting Hawaii the way...

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Waiʻānapanapa Campground

7. Waiʻānapanapa Campground

Offering wildlife viewing opportunities of the area’s both endemic and migratory seabirds, Waiʻānapanapa Campground is a favorite among the avian...

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Waiʻānapanapa Cabins

8. Waiʻānapanapa Cabins

The Waiʻānapanapa Cabins sit alongside the area’s namesake park, overlooking the crashing waves of the nearby cove. While here, you'll enjoy the...

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Kīpahulu Campground

9. Kīpahulu Campground

One of two car accessible campgrounds in the park, Kipahulu Campground sits on a grassy area just above the ocean. It’s located on the east side of...

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Polipoli Cabin

10. Polipoli Cabin

Sitting 6,200-feet above sea level, overlooking much of Kula Forest Reserve, PoliPoli Cabin is a must for those of us who can appreciate a...

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Camp Aloha
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11. Camp Aloha

Our backyard camp spot, Camp Aloha, is a 3 minute walk to the beach, restaurants and dining, family-friendly activities, great views, and...

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Pālāʻau Campground

12. Pālāʻau Campground

Steeped in history and folklore, Pālāʻau Campground is nestled alongside a phallic stone that, in its enigmatic allure, is thought to boost...

Geez: The official website states no drinking water, but a tourist site and this one states that there is. I would be careful with...
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Spirit Seeds Permaculture Camp
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13. Spirit Seeds Permaculture Camp

This beautiful location on the East Side of Hawai`i Island is in an idyllic organic sheep pasture. A Tibetan Buddhist Temple is hidden in the same...

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Ultimate Hawaiian Tent Camping
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14. Ultimate Hawaiian Tent Camping

Come enjoy island camping at it's finest! There are three sites to choose from on the property with equal access to the shared amenities. Ask me...

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Hōlua Campsite

15. Hōlua Campsite

Hōlua Campsite is a wilderness camp at 6,940 feet in the native shrubland near Koʻolau Gap. It’s accessible by hiking 3. 7 miles down the Halemauʻu...

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Miloli'i Campground

16. Miloli'i Campground

Once you’ve got the itch to make your way to Kalalau in the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park, you might as well go all the way. Meaning, wrangle...

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Polihale Campground

17. Polihale Campground

Once you make it to Polihale State Park, you may never want to leave. For one because the road to get here kinda sucks (bring a 4wd vehicle and...

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Ahupuaʻa ʻO Kahana Campground

18. Ahupuaʻa ʻO Kahana Campground

After learning about how native Hawaiians live off the land in the amazing “living park” that is Ahupua'a O Kahana State Park, you will be so full...

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Sand Island Campground

19. Sand Island Campground

An island smoothed by granules of once large rock formations, Sand Island Campground is a popular destination for the weekend camper, offering a...

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Mālaekahana Campground

20. Mālaekahana Campground

Body surfing, beautiful beaches, oh my! Mālaekahana Campground is situated just feet from the area’s well-manicured beachfront, shaded in towering...

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Hosmer Grove

21. Hosmer Grove

Set in the cooler and windier climes of Haleakala’s cloud belt, Hosmer Grove Campground is just below the 7,000 foot summit area. Camp is on a...

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Camp Maui X
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22. Camp Maui X

Maui's premier self guided rooftop tent camping experience. Passionately curated for the adventurer at heart. Hop off, pop-up and camp, anywhere!

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Hanakoa Campground

23. Hanakoa Campground

Hiking the Kalalau Trail in the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park is challenging to say the least. Thank goodness there is a camping option...

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Keaīwa Heiau Campground

24. Keaīwa Heiau Campground

Permeated by aromatic eucalyptus, echoed by the courting calls of Hawaii’s endemic song birds, Keaiwa Heiau Campground is a must for the...

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Hāpuna Shelters

25. Hāpuna Shelters

Calm seas comb the tranquil shore lines; all is quiet, bathed in situational peace of mind. Hapuan Shelters line the area’s well-kept shorelines,...

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Manukā Campsite

26. Manukā Campsite

Manuka Campsite is nestled in the area’s namesake park, secluded by introduced hardwoods and endemic fauna. And, with the area’s two-mile nature...

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Fire Rock Ranch Camp
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28. Fire Rock Ranch Camp

A 100 year old lava rock flow is the setting for this camp!A unique setting on the Big Island, this camp is a tent cabin located in the Hawaiian...

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Kalōpā State Cabins

29. Kalōpā State Cabins

Kalopa State Cabins sit within the vibrant vegetation of the Hamakua Forest Reserve, where a capacity capping eight campers will be enveloped by...

Kōkeʻe Campground

30. Kōkeʻe Campground

Leave the expensive beach resorts to the amateurs, and grab your tent for some unforgettable tropical island camping! At Koke’e State Park you can...