Some say fire damaged, we say character. Tom Lucas Trail Camp is primitive as they come with only a couple hike-in sites and no restrooms. Stream water is available nearby, but must be treated first. However, be sure to bring some as well because depending on rainfall, the stream may or may not be flowin’. Solely for the use of backpackers, the views are supplied on the hike in. You’ll have a deeper appreciation for nature when you’re through. Cherish your solitude, but should you hear them coyotes howl, make like part of the pack and howl along with ‘em.

Campsite area
Tent sites
2 sites
Up to 8 guests per site
No wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Picnic table available
No potable water
No showers


Offered near the campground.


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Natural features you'll find at Tom Lucas Trail Camp.

River, stream, or...
Swimming hole
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Hipcamper Aaron
Aaron H.
didn't provide a recommendation.
December 3rd, 2015

Hi there, I just came back from camping at Tom Lucas Trail Camp. It was very difficult to find the camp site, the trail gets trickier as you get closer to it. Follow the stacked rocks(see photo). The whole camp site has been over grown by plants. I couldn't see the picnic tables from photos by previous campers and I only knew it was the campsite because I found two fire rings underneath some plants. I also found a stone/rock memorial for someone that dated back to 1967. It's sad that it's been overgrown by the wild, it really is a beautiful area to camp with a running creek close by. I would recommend this if you're looking for a challenging adventure and primitive camping in solitude. Also, be aware of the parking/gate situation there.

Angeles National Forest
United States
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34.331° N, 118.243° W
Unknown price
Tent Only - Hike In: 2 Sites
(Up to 8 people per site)