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Strawberry Reservoir
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The best camping near Strawberry Reservoir, Utah.

Uinta Basecamp
Corey : Less than one hour from Salt Lake City and only 25 minutes from the world class ski resort town of Par...
Request book$42/night
Homesteading Fun!
Sarah: We have a 1/2 acre in the heart of Provo, Utah. The lot is long and narrow and our house sits next to...
Direct book$15/night
Lost Horse Ranch - Sioux Tipi
Edward: This is a fabulous Sioux tipi that I personally lived in for 15 months as I built my ranch house.  ...
Direct book$31/night
Peaceful retreat
Vincent: Pitch you tent in our cedar forest. Or bring your camper or trailer for a great and peaceful night...
Request book$15/night
Deer Creek Campground

Deer Creek Campground

100% Recommend – 5 Responses
Take your pick: Chokecherry or Great Horned Owl. Or if you’re with a group, go for Wallsburg. All...
Public campground
Mount Timpanogos Campground
David: great winter camping spot good for scouts snow caving dec * early jan.
Public campground
Wasatch Mountain Campground
Waaaaaasssaaaaaa!—atch. Okay, now that we got that out of our system, picture this: gorgeous Heber...
Public campground
Rock Cliff Campground
Rock Cliff draws a certain kind of crowd—the tent-only-camping-river-bank-loving-wildlife-’splorin’...
Public campground
Little Deer Creek campground
David: not very good site for large groups over 400. get's really cold in the winter sub zero temps
Public campground
Scofield Campground
Planning your next family reunion or bachelor(ette) party? Scofield State Park offers a site that...
Public campground
Jordanelle Campground

Jordanelle Campground

67% Recommend – 3 Responses
Whether you’re kickin’ it for the day or rolling through the night, The Hailstone Recreation Area and...
Public campground
Aspen Campground
Aside from the beautiful views and plentiful wildflowers, there’s a ton to choose from here at Aspen...
Public campground
Avintaquin Campground
Nicely suited for tent campers, Avintaquin Campground is located atop scenic Indian Canyon—a rustic...
Public campground
Hades Campground
Hades Campground is home to numerous sparkling lakes that provide backcountry fishing opportunities so...
Public campground
Iron Mine Campground
Approximately everything that you’re looking for, Iron Mine Campground offers brook, brown, and...
Public campground
Upper Stillwater Campground
Grab your parasol because Upper Stillwater Campground skimps a bit on the shade. At an elevation of...
Public campground
Rock Creek Group Campground
Take a shady hike around the aspen-lined paths at the gorgeous Rock Creek Group Campground, then rev...
Public campground
Hope Campground
Michelle: We stayed on site 008 for 2 nights on Father's Day '15. The campground is beautiful. The drive up the ...
Public campground
Rock Canyon Campground
A true gem for all the hardcore outdoor enthusiasts out there, Rock Canyon Campground is an isolated...
Public campground
Timpooneke Campground
Do you like to get intimate with Mother Nature via your own two feet? Then head over to Timpooneke...
Public campground