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Cascadia State Park
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40 Acres Farm w/River
Ronald: Had a great night out on Lori's property this weekend. The land and pyramid are right along the Santia...
Direct book $40/night
Sieg's Group Campsite
Andrew: This site was one of the most serene places I've visited in Oregon so far. With an incredible panorami...
Direct book $500/night
Crabtree Creek Naturist Camping
Michelle: Step out into the forest, uninhibited and free! Go for a hike, skinny dip, and listen to the creek as...
Direct book $75/night
Tipi Village Retreat
Octave: Ken and Janet welcomed us at the Tipi Village Retreat on a Friday afternoon. We spent the night in th...
Request book $150/night
Modern Industrial Glamping
George: There is so much I'd like to praise, I don't even know where to begin. It's a beautiful location on a ...
Direct book $250/night
Big Stump Gardens Tent Sites
David: We have room for 6 fully self-contained RVs or campsites for 4 people each on our private gated 5-acre...
Request book $20/night
Mt. Jefferson View RV Site on Farm
Emily: Perfect primative spot to watch the eclipse from across the pumpkin patch. We liked our private little...
Direct book $40/night
Jackie's Lil' Patch
Jackie: Pitch your tent in my back pasture, privacy, and quiet. Pine trees run down both sides. About a 5 min...
Direct book $20/night
Modern Industrial Camping
Kristina: This is a 20 acre private wilderness property. Four very secluded sites are available for camping or...
Direct book $75/night
Family Farm Camping
Lizzy: Michelle was so accommodating and sweet. The farm was easy to find and we had everything we needed. Be...
Direct book $40/night
Oregon Solar Eclipse Campground
Jason: See our website oregonsolareclipse. space for full details4 night minimum, if you are not in place by...
Request book $300/night
The Love Farm Meditation Camp
Luana and Richard
Luana And Richard: Pitch your tent in the middle of some old (guessing 100 year old) Cottonwood trees next door to bison...
Direct book $35/night
Moss & Fern Meadows
Hannah: 100 acres of dense moss covered forest hugging the Little Muddy Creek in the heart of Willamette...
Request book $20/night
River Runs Through It
Luana and Richard
Luana And Richard: Pitch your tent right next to river with access to a little rocky beach and close to the swimming...
Direct book $45/night
Sleep Among the Farm Animals
Trey: Greg the owner is super friendly and down to Earth. I was really impressed with this farms sustainabil...
Request book $18/night
Under The Ol Maple by the River
Luana and Richard
Luana And Richard: This spot is under a 100 year old Maple tree. . . . . . she loves your company.  You will hear the...
Direct book $45/night
Modern Industrial Glamping Camp
Kristina: This is a 20 acre private wilderness property. Four very secluded sites are available for camping or...
Request book $250/night
Nature All Around Camping
Jessica: Great experience! Hosts were super friendly & the property was fantastic - plenty of room, well kept, ...
Request book $135/night
Darrin & Valerie's RV Oasis
Darrin: Bring your RV and enjoy the peace of a rural setting while still being just minutes away from downtown...
Direct book $150/night
Willamette scenic drive RV camp
Justin: Inexpensive park up or campsite near the river & boat launch at Peoria on the Willamette river 9...
Request book $20/night