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South Carlsbad State Beach
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Peaceful Hearts Gypsy Mountain
Kelsey: This camp is pure magic! Seriously, a pallet palace! Everything you've ever needed is at your finge...
Request book $22/night
Saddle Up Ranch Retreat!

Saddle Up Ranch Retreat!

87% Recommend – 77 Responses
Ingrid: Not the best time. Our site was given away we were given a different site which was just a rock. They ...
Direct book $20/night
Camping with Rescue Animals
Eithel: Our experience with Camping with Rescue Animals was nothing short of amazing. The property is easy to ...
Direct book $50/night
Peaceful Hearts Elfin Forest
Marin: Elfin Forest at Peaceful Hearts was cute and super awesome! It's in a beautiful area of Temecula fille...
Request book $35/night
Mr. Joe's Farm Camping

Mr. Joe's Farm Camping

100% Recommend – 7 Responses
Jay: Stacey and Joe were awesome hosts! Stacey took the time to give a full tour of the farm including lett...
Direct book $50/night
Farm Sanctuary in Wine Town

Farm Sanctuary in Wine Town

100% Recommend – 7 Responses
Olivia: This is such a quaint site!!! Our hosts were so kind, and gave us a tour of their farm and animals. A ...
Request book $20/night
Wine Country Camping

Wine Country Camping

99% Recommend – 35 Responses
Holli: From the moment we arrived, we were in awe of this wonderful enchanted garden tucked away in the hills...
Request book $50/night
Motion Recalibration Station :)
Stepfanie: This place is so wonderful. The hosts are so kind. This place is huge! They have many camp sites avail...
Direct book $35/night
Rose Acres Farm Eco Tent Camping
Ryan: Cool small family farm! We stayed in site #5. We walked up to the other sites which are a few minute ...
Direct book $20/night
Dome Asylum Sweet Orchard Spot
Kira: 💯 % amazing! This place is an Oasis within Ramona. My boyfriend and I showed up around noon and Dawn m...
Direct book $30/night
Hydeaway Meadow

Hydeaway Meadow

100% Recommend – 5 Responses
Ted: Hydeaway Meadow was a gorgeous spot! Lori was very helpful and so hospitable - always prompt on her re...
Direct book $125/night
Motion Recalibration Station - RV/T
Johnny: This is a great spot, and has a wonderful host! The cooking and lounging/chilling amenities on the mou...
Direct book $35/night
Fort Cross Camping

Fort Cross Camping

93% Recommend – 7 Responses
Brie: Jess and Doreen have an amazing space for camping! Its a peaceful and beautiful property with picnic t...
Request book $45/night
Shangri-La Skies

Shangri-La Skies

93% Recommend – 64 Responses
Sara: I enjoyed a night of quiet and solitude at Shangri-La. After a few days in the busy campgrounds of Jos...
Direct book $25/night
Desert Mountain Majesty

Desert Mountain Majesty

96% Recommend – 269 Responses
Ricky: Sky Camp made for the perfect Joshua Tree retreat. Just a short drive away from the national park, it ...
Direct book $50/night
Sagewinds Farm High Desert Camp
Brie: Ellen was a great host and very kind! if you love primitive mountain camping...this is your place! We ...
Direct book $35/night
Kings  Creek

Kings Creek

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Darsi: Thank you to a wonderful host in our local mountains!!! The fire pit and the full moon were spectacular!!
Request book $25/night
Lantana, Wine Country Glamping
Derek: Had a wonderful time at Temecula Wine Country Glamping with my girlfriend. Not really camping if that ...
Direct book $75/night
Desert Tower Tent Camping

Desert Tower Tent Camping

93% Recommend – 91 Responses
Drew: Such a cool spot. I highly recommend anyone to go there. Be prepared to pack your stuff in because the...
Request book $35/night
The Pioneer's Penthouse
Emily: Two of my girlfriends and I stayed in the Pioneer's Penthouse for a quick escape from the bustle of LA...
Direct book $145/night