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Point Mugu State Park
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Songdog West Campsites
Songdog West Campsites
99% Recommend – 203 Responses
Abraham: This place is a gem. I'm almost afraid to rate it so well because I don't want it to get crowded, but ...
Direct book $30/night
Songdog East Campsites
Songdog East Campsites
99% Recommend – 98 Responses
Kinga: LOVED this spot so much I double dipped. Stayed at Songdog West last weekend and this weekend brought ...
Direct book $40/night
360° View Camper
Joe+Kathrina: 360° views of mountains and sky? check. a little off roading adventure to get to the site? check. Ever...
Direct book $45/night
Songdog Double Fire
Songdog Double Fire
100% Recommend – 19 Responses
Colin: Songdog Ranch is an incredible oasis of seemingly untouched beauty and vast natural allure. It was eve...
Direct book $50/night
Blue Sky Dispersed Camping
Blue Sky Dispersed Camping
88% Recommend – 43 Responses
Adish: Blue Sky Camp is the perfect spot to getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. It was a la...
Direct book $25/night
Rideout Hideout Carrizo Plain
Clint: The Rideout Hideout campsite had open space and peaceful views that stretched for miles. The golden pl...
Direct book $30/night
Summerset Farm Camp
Summerset Farm Camp
79% Recommend – 129 Responses
Samantha: Summerset Farms was an awesome place to stay! Dale was super easy to get in contact with and had a fir...
Direct book $50/night
Dakota Tipi Village - 12 ft.
Rhea: Dakota Tipi Village Camp is situated between the picturesque mountains leading out of Ojai, and the in...
Direct book $58/night
The Cutest Casita on Earth
Natasha: The Cutest Casita on Earth was a hidden gem in the quintessential artist community known as Topanga. N...
Request book $250/night
Songdog Glampout
Songdog Glampout
99% Recommend – 83 Responses
Collette: Songdog Glampout is THE best spot to go if you are looking to see millions of stars and feel like you ...
Request book $150/night
Rancho Rubalcava
Alex: My boyfriend and I hoped for a last-minute adventure into the mountains, and Rancho Rubalcalva was fan...
Direct book $35/night
Big Oak Tree Lot
Stepfanie: It's a good place especially if you have an RV or van to camp inside. You're at the end of a neighborh...
Direct book $15/night
Lake Cabin in San Gabriels
Asa: This cabin was great! We got a ride down the mountain because it was too muddy to drive our car, and t...
Direct book $199/night
Canyon Campground
Canyon Campground
94% Recommend – 76 Responses
Anna: Great place to take a break - not exactly super secluded, but a short drive from LA and the tide pools...
Book externally
The Bunkhouse
The Bunkhouse
95% Recommend – 46 Responses
Christine: This place was wonderful. It's on a working cattle ranch..antje and web are the owners of the ranch.. ...
Direct book $75/night
Private Beach Farm
Private Beach Farm
98% Recommend – 120 Responses
Topher: Such a sick spot! The private point break was epic, had the water to ourselves and the waves were dope...
Request book $145/night
Malibu Creek Campground
Hipcamper: Site 36 is super spacious, and campsites 36-41 all face a lovely, open meadow.
Book externally
Stay Wild Campground
Ezekiel: One of the most unique camping experiences so far! Waking up at 6:00am to the sounds of singing apes i...
Request book $50/night
My Town Ranch Camping
My Town Ranch Camping
92% Recommend – 6 Responses
Steph: SZ Ranch is INCREDABLE! This place is owned by Steve Zaritsky and he is the best of people. His ranch ...
Direct book $100/night
MissingJackRanch Big Sky Camp
Jackson: Road is beaten but has growth for a long part that would brush heavily against the bottom of a sedan l...
Direct book $45/night