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Morro Bay State Park
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Camp WagMore

Camp WagMore

96% Recommend – 49 Responses
Casey: This property is a blast! Not only is it fun to pick a site amongst the oak trees, it is close to so m...
Direct book $25/night
Organic Farm in Wine Country
Colleen: We had a great time camping on Barbara's farm! The stay was very affordable, we had so much space to o...
Request book $25/night
Canyon Camping in Wine Country
Andrea: This is such a gorgeous spot in a truly unique intentional community. I highly recommend staying here ...
Request book $35/night
The Corral

The Corral

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Sean: Super fun spot! Buddy was wonderful in being in contact with us immediately and checking in occasiona...
Direct book $30/night
Dora-Rozi Retreat

Dora-Rozi Retreat

100% Recommend – 5 Responses
Landa: We were looking for a last-minute place with very little light noise to watch the Persieid meteor show...
Direct book $45/night
Rancho Rubalcava
Alex: My boyfriend and I hoped for a last-minute adventure into the mountains, and Rancho Rubalcalva was fan...
Direct book $35/night
Creekside Casita near the Ocean
Vanessa: The Creekside Casita is a dreamy getaway that comes with everything you'll need. Nestled right in the ...
Direct book $137/night
Songdog West Campsites

Songdog West Campsites

99% Recommend – 200 Responses
Abraham: This place is a gem. I'm almost afraid to rate it so well because I don't want it to get crowded, but ...
Direct book $30/night
Pianetta Ranch & Winery Camp
Tim: We had a short but sweet stay at Pianetta Ranch. Everyone we dealt with, from reservation to on-site, ...
Request book $80/night
Off the Grid Camping in Nature
Stephanie: Bring your own tent to our private property in Cambria!  We can provide bell tents upon request!If you...
Direct book $50/night
Dare 2 Dream Farms Wooded Camp
Shaugnessy: We had a great stay at Dare 2 Dream. The site is a cleared patch under a beautiful spreading oak at th...
Direct book $25/night
Pioneer Home Farms
Sheryl: Perfect location for off grid motorhomes and trailers. Beautiful countryside location is only 5 miles...
Direct book $30/night
Starry Skies

Starry Skies

67% Recommend – 3 Responses
Sylvie: This was a basic place to camp in a convenient location (close to amenities, Grocery Outlet, etc.). Al...
Request book $20/night
Songdog East Campsites

Songdog East Campsites

99% Recommend – 97 Responses
Kinga: LOVED this spot so much I double dipped. Stayed at Songdog West last weekend and this weekend brought ...
Direct book $40/night
Blue Sky Dispersed Camping

Blue Sky Dispersed Camping

88% Recommend – 43 Responses
Adish: Blue Sky Camp is the perfect spot to getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. It was a la...
Direct book $25/night
Summerset Farm Camp

Summerset Farm Camp

79% Recommend – 128 Responses
Samantha: Summerset Farms was an awesome place to stay! Dale was super easy to get in contact with and had a fir...
Direct book $50/night
Rideout Hideout Carrizo Plain
Clint: The Rideout Hideout campsite had open space and peaceful views that stretched for miles. The golden pl...
Direct book $30/night
Islay Creek Campground
Ezekiel: Bluff trail is a must if your near Islay Creek Campground, trail starts by the Bluff Trail Parking Are...
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Alternative Spot
Runbo: Pete was a great host. He was friendly and helpful and offered everything we needed. His place is ver...
Request book $35/night
Restored Vintage Camper

Restored Vintage Camper

100% Recommend – 20 Responses
Casey: Dare 2 Dream farms is an amazing property, run by even greater people! The property itself was located...
Direct book $68/night