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Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Lake Mead
Lake Mead
Lake Mead
Lake Mead

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is so much more than your typical spring break hangout. Sure, boating, waterskiing and brews are pretty much a national pastime on these waters, but what’s better Read more...
Lake Mead National Recreation Area is so much more than your typical spring break hangout. Sure, boating, waterskiing and brews are pretty much a national pastime on these waters, but what’s better (and with less of a hangover) are the stunning coves, Black Canyon rafting adventures, and the quiet shores of eastern Lake Mead. Hike high above the water for rarely seen views, petroglyphs, big horn sheep and the stunning Mojave desert—all are sure to make any backpacking trip or quick jaunt epic. Camp shoreside beneath towering buttes or deep in the desert underneath the starry skies. A trip to Lake Mead will turn into the trip of a lifetime.
Temple Bar Campground
Kristin: Gorgeous lake, better with a house boat.
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