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Lake Havasu State Park
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Trinity Acres
Trinity Acres
100% – 2 Responses
Sara: Trinity Acres is a peaceful sanctuary in the desert. Located about an hour from Kingman and historic R...
Direct book $18/night
Cool Springs Camping Route 66
Ray: Tent camping at its best. Fire rings, local hiking and rock hunting of all kinds.   Local wildlife and...
Direct book $20/night
Yaqui Offgrid Camp and Cottages
Tammy : Yaqui offers 20 campsites ($10 per nite campsite only) 3 are cottages ($50 per nite currently under...
Direct book $10/night
Orange Rock Village
Maurice: Pitch your tent on our 2. 35 acre lot You can watch the beautiful Nightly sky Lots of stars at night...
Direct book $25/night
Amazing Sunsets
Kristin: You'll be welcomed to Amazing Sunsets with a "moo" from the dozen or so cows roaming the area with the...
Direct book $20/night
Mountain View Open Land
Martin: Come park right on the property. Pitch your tent, break out your grill or dig a fire pit. Plenty of...
Direct book $25/night
Buckskin Mountain Campground
An eighteen mile trek that runs through the Parker and Headwater Dam, Buckskin Mountain Campground is...
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Cattail Cove Campground
Cattail Campground is provides as much endless entertainment as a cat finds chasing its tail! Much of...
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River Island Campground
Situated alongside the banks of the Colorado River sits River Island Campground. And, inundated by a...
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Overlookgarden at the Wash
Melanie: Desert Ambiance:  long sunrises and sunset; just beautiful desert gardens (going into fall now but...
Request book $40/night
RV Dry Camp w/ Tour & Tasting
Sara: A distillery tour, craft distillery tasting, a comfortable patio and a train car in the process of res...
Request book $10/night
Big Bend of the Colorado Campground
Stay at Big Bend of the Colorado Campground, near the shores of the Colorado River. The river is cool...
First come, first serve
Fort Rock Farms
Ryan: What a gem! Our first time using hipcamp- on a trip from Las Vegas to ABQ on busy memorial weekend an...
Direct book $29/night
Edge Of The Wilderness
Will: What an epic location. We arrived early afternoon to Edge of The Wilderness. It was a nice, brisk day ...
Direct book $50/night
Alamo Lake Campground
If you’re looking for some epic camping in the Copper State, head on over to Alamo Lake Campground....
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Purple Mountain Majesty Camp
Carol Ann
Carol Ann: More like "Hostile" Camping for Overnighters.  Enroute to Grand Canyon West Rim/Skywalk & Lakes.  ...
Request book $15/night
Doberman Mountain
Jon: Enjoy the Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree National Park. Explore the "Old Dale mining district" and the...
Direct book $20/night
Hole-in-the-Wall Campground
Laura: Pets are allowed!
First come, first serve
Valhalla It's Like Heaven
Brandon: Tent camped at this location with my wife and kids. It is a truly amazing spot. There are 360 degree v...
Direct book $12/night
Sami: Pitch a tent or bring your trailer or rv. Campsite located on a private beach with a dock and boat...
Request book $25/night