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Lake Clark National Park & Preserve
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Artistic Afterthoughts
Janinne: $25 single Person. Extra Ppl. $10 a head!! Limited Power is provided to charge small devices....
Direct book $25/night
Beaver Creek Campsites
Jason: Take a breather at comfortable camp site on our fishing property where you will feel like part of our...
Direct book $40/night
The Shire of Homer
Robin: Pitch your tent on the bayview lawn or up in the ancient alder grove. We are an in town permaculture...
Direct book $25/night
Ocean and Mountain View
Willy: Pitch a tent or roll your teardrop up to this gently sloping property overlooking Kachemak Bay, the...
Direct book $45/night
School House Cabin
Andrew: The School House Cabin is a one-room 12'x20' cabin located three miles off the Sterling Highway, on...
Direct book $79/night
Kenai Alaska area
Wenda: Are you traveling to the Kenai Alaska area in your RV? Need an RV SPACE with FULL HOOK-UPS? Bring your...
Direct book $20/night
Volcanic Views, Fireweed Fields
Kim: Our 24 acre parcel piggybacks endless BLM forest. You'll be 1 mile from the Anchor river where you can...
Request book $20/night
Seaside Farm  Meadows
Mairiis: Pitch your tent in a corner of the historic 30 acre Seaside Farm homestead on  clover meadows with...
Direct book $15/night
Dip Netter Cabin
Jason: This is a quaint 140 SF cabin on the property that has 4 bunks for people that are just looking for a...
Direct book $100/night
Hidden Springs Forest Camp Site
Gena: Pitch your tent in our secluded little forest. You will have access to an outhouse, community fire...
Direct book $20/night
Wall Tent Alaskan Camping
Gena: After a day of hiking and exploring, spend the night in a rustic hunters' wall tent. Start a fire in...
Direct book $50/night
Alaska Wildrose Cabins
Frank: Real log cabins located in a forested view, very quiet local.
Request book $125/night
Deep Creek Beach Campground
Camping is for the birds. And also the fish. That’s certainly the case at Deep Creek Beach Campground,...
First come, first serve
Deep Creek North & South Campground
With amazing fishing, bald eagles soaring overhead, and two separate scenic overlooks, Deep Creek...
First come, first serve
Ninilchik View Campground
Camping atop a bluff is already a pretty sweet deal, and Ninilchik View Campground throws a beach into...
First come, first serve
Ninilchik Scenic Overlook
Visitors to Ninilchik Scenic Overlook can bask in the sun, wave to passing eagles, and check out the...
First come, first serve
Stariski Campground
Nathan: Yes, hidden very nice and quiet.
First come, first serve
Coho Campground
What’s better than a lazy summer’s day spent fishing? Coho Campground lets you take full advantage of...
First come, first serve
T-Rex Cabin
Andrew: The T-Rex cabin is a one room 12'x20' cabin located three miles off the Sterling Highway, on 240 acres...
Direct book $79/night
Cozy Cabin Near AmazingDestinations
Kristen: Come here to enjoy the beauty of Alaska from your own little cabin! Our clean & cozy dry cabin is...
Request book $69/night