Navajo State Park

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About Navajo State Park

Hovering just north of the Colorado and New Mexico state borders, Navajo State Park sits on the 15,000 acre Navajo Reservoir. Water–a hot commodity in these parts–is the bread and the butter of the park. Plan to see boaters (of every shape and size) cruising the waters year-round and anglers casting away at all times of the day. A word to the wise: more than 300,000 outdoor enthusiasts stop through Navajo in a given year so plan ahead. Way ahead!

Campgrounds in Navajo


1. Cabins

Aside from the hydrophilic scenery enveloping the state park, Navajo State Park’s rental cabins are just as breathtaking. You can reserve these...


2. Tiffany

This place is like Nature’s iteration of a fine piece of Tiffany Jewelry. And, wow, that sentence couldn’t be any more true. Tiffany Campground...


3. Rosa

Much like the Caracas Campground, Rosa Campground is littered with modern amenities and pristine viewing angles of the park’s lake body. And, just...

Primitive Campsites

4. Primitive Campsites

Alongside Windsurf Beach and Arboles Point are nineteen primitive, un-reservable campsites. After 10 p. m. , these campgrounds are patrolled by...


5. Carracas

The Navajo State Park’s water reservoir is an acre-upon-acre expanse of water that few lakes could trump. One such cluster of campsites, all...


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