Danielle G.

Hipcamper since July 2017
Bellingham washington
Intro: I am a union pipe welder who likes to work hard.. and adventure/play hard. I love the outdoors. When I am not working I am camping/hiking/roadtripping. My pup sitka and I love traveling and meeting new people

Past trips

Valleyhi Camp

in Valleyhi Hideaway, Washington
Danielle G.
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July 7th, 2018

Raymond and his wife were amazing hosts! Everything wasn’t perfect and more than I expected. You’ll be soothed to sleep with the sound of the river. I loved the fire pit right next to the campsite. It’s truly a peaceful place. It was also nice to camp.. but have a option to take a shower. Can’t wait to come back! Thanks for having sitka and I.

Valleyhi CampView of the river from the sitethe beautiful lights they have around the property Sitka enjoying the firepit
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