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Old Bluegrass Campground in Missouri

Host Trudi Dufresne says:

40 years ago, bluegrass lovers started a successful music festival campground on this property.  Smack dab in the middle of Missouri. They called it "Bluegrass Pickin Time" and this is considered the home of Bluegrass. The queen of Bluegrass, Mona Jones, and her husband, Bill, had a vision and created the longest running festival this side of the Mississippi! Seasons and tides changed ownership of this land but the beauty has only grown. Our family fell in love with the trees and gently rolling hills on this Ozark prairie and are excited to find out the unique history of this place. We decided to start a new journey and stop full time Rv roaming. We parked our RV and moved into this tiny 1950's  home to become campground owners. We ask for patience as we renovate and upgrade the buildings this year. There is plenty of space to roam and breathe clean air and get away from it all. To keep in the spirit of the original owners (and to keep things interestingly fun) we plan to host special bluegrass events and we are restoring the original stage to become a living museum in honor of those who first played here and who made a huge impact on Bluegrass music! We are also building a nice cottage garden filled with roses and flowers for people to walk the path and sit and enjoy them.

Posted on: April 15, 2018 15:45
Zip code: 65459
Number of listings to be photographed: 2

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