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Targhee National Forest

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Targhee National Forest, Wyoming

You’ll want to allow yourself plenty of time to take advantage of all that Targhee National Forest has to offer. On several million acres, waterfalls cascade down volcanic cliffs, and crystal clear Read more...
You’ll want to allow yourself plenty of time to take advantage of all that Targhee National Forest has to offer. On several million acres, waterfalls cascade down volcanic cliffs, and crystal clear pools provide some of the best cutthroat trout fishing in the world. Rafters and tubers frolic in the shadows of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, and the smell of campfires makes you feel like an Oregon Trailer. Ancient rock formations sprout wildflowers, providing a scenic spot to boulder or rock climb, and Big Spring & Palisades Reservoir boasts over 70 miles of shoreline to bask in the sun after a long day of hiking. Two of the trails here access the high-altitute Alaska Basin, as well as trails in Grand Teton National Park. You’ll also be right next to the city of Idaho Falls, perfect for stocking up on the essentials before a full day of exploring grizzly bear habitats and karst limestone formations, all under the watchful eye of the snow-peaked Tetons!
Pole Bridge Campground
Pole Bridge Campground is an undeveloped site just waiting for your imagination to take over. It’s...
Public campground
Warm River Cabin
Peace out, boyscout. Head off to Warm River Cabin, and all signs of the grid can soon be a foggy...
Public campground
Grandview Campground
Voted one of eight “Perfect Campgrounds for Secret Spot Hunters” by Sunset Magazine, Grandview...
Public campground
Riverside Campground
Camp among wildflowers, forest animals, and the shade of pines and aspens at Riverside Campground....
Public campground
Riverside Park Campground
Riverside Park Campground sits on the banks of the South Fork of the Snake River, partially shaded by...
Public campground
Warm River Campground
Oh man, this is one sweet spot in Targhee National Forest. Warm River Campground is home to more...
Public campground
Box Canyon Campground
Laid out on the canyon rim above Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, Box Canyon Campground is shaded by...
Public campground
Buffalo Campground
Just 26 miles south of West Yellowstone on the Buffalo River is Buffalo Campground. It’s located in an...
Public campground
Buttermilk Campground
Just 30 miles south of West Yellowstone, Buttermilk Campground is better than biscuits. We’re not...
Public campground
Bishop Mountain Cabin
Lokking for a cozy cabin amidst lush woods? Bishop Mountain Cabin is situated at the summit of the...
Public campground
West End Campground
West End Campground is a lightly used camp on the edge of Island Park Reservoir. You’ll be on some of...
Public campground
McCrea Bridge Campground
Located on the backwaters of the beautiful Island Park Reservoir, McCrea Bridge Campground is known...
Public campground
Cave Falls Campground
Just two miles in from the Bechler Ranger Station, this campground offers a peaceful taste of Targhee....
Public campground
Big Springs Group Area
Planning your next big group outdoor adventure? Read on! The Big Springs Campground Group Site, open...
Public campground
Big Springs Campground
The wide range of outdoor activities accessible from the Big Spring Campground draws a variety of...
Public campground
Upper Coffeepot Campground
Camp alongside some rad river views among groves of pines and aspens at Upper Coffeepot Campground....
Public campground
Flatrock Campground
Craving some shade? Make the trek to Flatrock and set up camp under the these trees. When you’re ready...
Public campground
Squirrel Meadows Guard Station
Davy Crockett may not have made it to Idaho, but if he had, Squirrel Meadows Cabin would’ve been home...
Public campground
Reunion Flat Campground
Nestled beside Teton Creek in the middle of beautiful Teton Canyon, Reunion Flat accommodates all...
Public campground
Steel Creek Group Campground
Steel Creek talks a big game. It also talks a small game. Not catching on to our razor-sharp puns?...
Public campground
Al Taylor Cabin
Come for the chestnuts, stay for the sweeping views, lush douglas firs, and endless nights of grilled...
Public campground
Teton Canyon Campground
Samantha: Be Bear Aware! One of the most beautiful campgrounds I have ever been to. Very peaceful, but yeah bear...
Public campground
Table Rock Campground
Table Rock Campground is a large campground nestled into a small, scenic canyon. The campground is in...
Public campground
Stoddard Creek Campground
Feeling up for some prime camping in Targhee National Forest? Stoddard Creek Campground has got all...
Public campground
Pine Creek Campground
Just four miles from Victor, the town that dubs itself “A Town to Come Home To,” is Pine Creek...
Public campground
Mike Harris Campground
Mike Harris Campground sits along scenic Teton Pass near Trail Creek. The campground is shaded by a...
Public campground
Trail Creek Campground
You guessed it, trails and creeks are the main attraction of this campground. The water’s perfect for...
Public campground
Falls Campground
Nestled in Swan Valley next to Snake River, Falls Campground is a scenic gem boasting everything from...
Public campground
Palisades Creek Campground
This campground sits in Palisades Creek Canyon along the banks of the creek in an open area with...
Public campground
Calamity Campground
Calamity Campground sounds like it could be crazy and chaotic, but you've truly got your choice...
Public campground
Big Elk Group Campground
Tune your radio to Mother Nature AM, where the bird chirps and trickling water will be music to your...
Public campground
Big Elk Campground
With plenty of backcountry trails to explore, Big Elk Campground is the perfect place to get a little...
Public campground
Palisades Reservoir
Mary: This is a beautiful place, with great views. Close to Alpine, Wy. Boating on the lake, hiking, fishing...
Public campground
Alpine Campground
Boasting three rivers nearby and a reservoir on the grounds itself, Alpine Campground is a sweet deal...
Public campground
McCoy Creek Campground
McCoy Creek Campground is great for boaters and anglers looking for a weekend getaway! Or, heck, stay...
Public campground
Blowout Campground
Prepare to blown away -- by the sheer awesomeness of Blowout Campground. This is the ideal spot for...
Public campground
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Diamond P Camping W Yellowstone
Morgan: Diamond P Ranch Camping is located conveniently just off the highway (but far enough from the road tha...
Direct book$40/night
Jenny Lake Campground

Jenny Lake Campground

100% Recommend – 23 Responses
Madelyn: This is a relatively tourist heavy campsite, but beautiful nonetheless
Public campground
Lewis Lake Campground
Britta: I really enjoyed this campsite. It is close enough to the Tetons to take a day trip over to that park ...
Public campground
Colter Bay Campground
Ellen: Jackson Lake shore is rocky, be sure to bring your shoes when you go to the beach!
Public campground
Grant Village Campground
Kt: We normally backcountry camp so Grant was my first campground. Our family stayed at Grant and Canyon ...
Public campground
Signal Mountain Campground
Andrew: was here in the summer of 2016, the showers seem to be brand new and very clean. Would recommend!
Public campground
Ashton Sunrise Cafe RV Camp
Isabel: 10 out of 10 stars! Staying next to the Ashton Sunrise Cafe was perfect for a delicious warm sunrise b...
Direct book$60/night
Ashton Sunrise Cafe Tent Camp
Christina: Tent sites with trees!Great view of the grand tetons just 30 miles away. Along side highway 20 and...
Direct book$30/night
Idaho Sand Dunes Eclipse Camp

Idaho Sand Dunes Eclipse Camp

83% Recommend – 3 Responses
Sam: The proprietor is very nice. The property is right next to the dunes. There are no facilities at all;...
Request book$50/night
Jackson Hole Tiny Home
Fireside: Modern rustic luxury in the heart of Jackson Hole. Located just minutes from Jackson Hole Mountain...
Request book$299/night
Madison Campground

Madison Campground

100% Recommend – 5 Responses
Justin: We camped here mid-August 2016 and had a blast. The rangers are pretty strict about keeping your food...
Public campground
Indian Creek Campground
Ellen: Very busy, we were there in early June and sites that became available typically filled by 8 am.
Public campground
Lizard Creek Campground
Johnathan: We loved our time at Lizard Creek CG. The host was incredibly friendly and helped answer the questions...
Public campground
Norris Hot Springs Campground
Asya: The line to get a campsite is quite long in the summer months, the day we were there they did not rele...
Public campground
Winter wonderland near skiing
David: Just 15 minutes from Grand Targhee Resort, it was a wonderful place to stay and wake up and ski in the...
Direct book$30/night
Camp surrounded by the Tetons
Gary: Just 2 miles from Driggs, Idaho at an elevation of 6,200 feet. Visitors enjoy fishing, exploring local...
Direct book$45/night
Fisherman's Paradise
Jesse: Fisherman's Paradise is a great location for those who are wanting to fish the nearby river or explore...
Request book$20/night
Ewe n Me Farm

Ewe n Me Farm

100% Recommend – 10 Responses
Laura: We had a wonderful time at Ewe n Me Farm. Carol was an amazing host who went above and beyond to make ...
Direct book$50/night
Bridge Bay Campground
Joe: Not much going on around this part of the park but it is nice and quiet.
Public campground
Tent Camping on the Ranch

Tent Camping on the Ranch

92% Recommend – 6 Responses
Dana: A big wide open field, on their cattle ranch with no shade. We stayed here for the total eclipse 8.21.17
Request book$25/night