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Best Camping in Indiana

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Dunewood Campground

1. Dunewood Campground

Dunewood Campground is just south of Lake Michigan, making this your family style jam for a close drive to the lake. The perks? You avoid the fray...

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Turkey Run Campground

2. Turkey Run Campground

Turkey Run Campground is the best place to pitch your tent in all of Turkey Run State Park, and not just because it’s the only campground in the...

Julie: Turkey Run is my most favorite state park in Indiana. It is other worldly. The hiking is great & somewhat challenging. The...
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Indiana Dunes Campground

3. Indiana Dunes Campground

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

At Indiana Dunes Campground, you get the best of both worlds: forested beauty and sandy shores. With more than 2,000 acres of rugged and...

Cynthia: The BEST State Park in Indiana! The Indiana Dunes are beautiful. Some don't care for the mills nearby or the NIPSCO cooling...
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McCormicks Creek Campground

4. McCormicks Creek Campground

Need a little forested beauty fix? Head out to McCormicks Creek Campground for the perfect base camp at which to pitch your tent. From here, you...

Cynthia: Stayed there 2 weekends ago. It's Indiana's first state park & it's 100 years old! The campground is well established. The...
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Clifty Falls State Park Campground

5. Clifty Falls State Park Campground

So many falls, so little time—unless you’ve elected to stay a night or two at Clifty Falls State Campground. Tucked out of the way from the main...

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Brown County Campground

6. Brown County Campground

Take a short, zippy ride from Indy to a vast land (over 15K acres' worth!) of winding trails populated with towering polyps of black locust and...

Ashley: We have tent camped at Brown County State Park for the past two years now. One year we camped the end of June, with an average...
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Starve Hollow State Recreation Area

7. Starve Hollow State Recreation Area

With 280 acres of gorgeous scenery, Starve-Hollow Recreation Area is a dreamy southern Indiana getaway. Hikers will love the 11 miles of trails...

Julie: My husband and I recently camped at Starve Hollow with our Aliner, Amerigo, and thoroughly enjoyed it! We had a beautiful...
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Spring Mill Campground

8. Spring Mill Campground

For a taste of some good ol’ pioneer history, head on down to the Spring Mill State Park Campground. Check out the cave springs that...

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Charlestown Campground

9. Charlestown Campground

Time to get your hiking on. The campground at Charleston State Park is smack dab in the middle of all the park action, especially when it comes to...

Cynthia: This is a nice campground with excellent hiking trails. One of the newer state parks, est 1990s. It's on the Ohio River. We had...
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Hardin Ridge Campground

10. Hardin Ridge Campground

Scoot your boot down to Hardin Ridge Campground, where the shoe fits just about everyone. This savvy little camp haunt in Hoosier National Forest...

Kristin: They have some nice large sites, programming for the kids, and the lake is great if you like water sports. We enjoyed hiking...
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Yellowwood Campground

11. Yellowwood Campground

Yellowwood Campground, a centrally located campground in the woods, has a large number of sites to choose from so you can find that perfect spot...

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Summit Lake Campground

12. Summit Lake Campground

If you enjoy expansive lake views, good fishing, and other water activities, then Summit Lake State Park Campground is for you. With three boat...

Julie: Summit Lake is a fabulous place to camp and kayak. I kayaked there all summer and two of my close friends camped there several...
Chain O'Lakes Campground

13. Chain O'Lakes Campground

Snap off your tent or camper at Chain O’Lakes Campground, featuring minimal frills but tons of adventure. Play paint by numbers via boat at Chain...

Pokagon Campground

14. Pokagon Campground

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

Craving an escape from the city bustle? The quaint, rustic feel of Pokagon Campground will hit the spot. When the morning mist rolls over the...

Versailles Campground

15. Versailles Campground

This ain’t the gold, gilded palace in France—but Versailles Campground is still pretty fancy. Within easy walking distance of your campsite you’ll...

Tippecanoe River Campground

16. Tippecanoe River Campground

Tippecanoe and (insert your name here) too! Bring your own canoe or make arrangements with the local livery to explore the gorgeous Tippecanoe...

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Tipsaw Lake Campground

17. Tipsaw Lake Campground

If you have a laundry list of activities you’d like to slice a big red pen through, Tipsaw Lake Recreation Area and Campground is guaranteed to...

Mounds State Park Campground

18. Mounds State Park Campground

At Mounds State Campground, you're staying in the perfect spot to do some fishing on the beautiful waters of the White River or follow the trails...

Springs Valley Recreation Area

19. Springs Valley Recreation Area

For a weekend without all of that city life rushin' around, escape into Springs Valley Recreation Area. This retreat is a sweet spot to primitive...

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1850 Log Cabin
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20. 1850 Log Cabin

Enjoy our beautiful 1850 log cabin in the midst of our alpaca pastures. This authentic 1850's log cabin provides a comfortable retreat from your...

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Tippecanoe Riverside
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21. Tippecanoe Riverside

Paddle your own kayak or canoe to this private campsite on the riverbank of the beautiful Tippecanoe River fed by 88 lakes. Only accessible via...

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Patoka Lake Campground

22. Patoka Lake Campground

Ever wanted to check out the natural habitat of a bald eagle or freshwater jellyfish? Pakota Lake plays home to some amazing wildlife, including...

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Mississinewa Lake Campground

23. Mississinewa Lake Campground

Load up your digital camera batteries—Mississinewa Lake has such a wide variety of landscapes, you may be able to convince your FB friends you went...

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Potato Creek Campground

24. Potato Creek Campground

Tucked away in north-central Indiana, Potato Creek Campground gives you prime access to the best of the best outdoor activities. Get in a little...

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Mason Ridge Campground

25. Mason Ridge Campground

Want to try something different this vacation? How about panning for gold in Morgan-Monroe State Forest? Free permits are easy to come by and you...

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Rattlesnake Campground

27. Rattlesnake Campground

Get into the woods and become one with the trees while you get acquainted with your crash spot during your stay at Owen-Putnam State...

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Shakamak Campground

28. Shakamak Campground

Shakamak Campground doesn’t just sound awesome, it actually is awesome! From the comfort of your own tent you can explore over 400 acres of fishing...

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Harmonie State Campground

29. Harmonie State Campground

Camp at Harmonie State Campground and you’ll become one with nature…or, shall we say, in “harmonie. ” East of the Wabash River you’ll find the...

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Shades Campground

30. Shades Campground

Ain’t nothin’ shady about Shade Campground. The campground is located on the far west end of the park, which means you have an easy escape from the...

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