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Week of September 24
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Gan Eden Farms
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Gan Eden Farms, FL.

The baby goat was definitely faster than Taylor but she had fun trying to catch the little guy!
Time to start the fire! 

It's lit!
Camp vibes were lovely!
Here's Maria: the Donkey.
Here's a quote from Shrek: 'Well, I have a bit of a confession to make...donkeys don't have layers.'
Casey: Headed to Disney and want to experience a little of the real Florida? This is your pl...
Netted hanging bed /Glamping
awesome little swing next to the hot tub
Netted hanging bed /Glamping
morning haze
Netted hanging bed /Glamping
Netted hanging bed /Glamping
100% 5 Responses
Jane: Trudy and Greg have an incredible property and are some of the most gracious hosts we h...
Suwannee Cove Campground
Suwannee Cove Campground
Suwannee Cove Campground
Suwannee Cove Campground
Suwannee Cove Campground
Lauren: Totally recommend! These guys have amazing plans with this once abandoned campground. G...
forest people camper
tent lodging water
forest people hammock
tent forest lodging
Lots of space to lounge on the river directly behind where you pitch your tent.
Springs/Nature Paradise
100% 18 Responses
April: Mike and Angela were amazing hosts. Super friendly and helpful. The campsite has access...
One of the many areas available to sleep. We stayed in the screened room to the back.
Easy access to the Suwannee River!
Passing the time. Also, another view of the screened in room with electricity.
Large fire pit, plenty of room for tents and hammocks.
Not quite primitive.
Suwannee River Retreat
100% 2 Responses
Dan: Where to start, where to start... Oh! On arrival! Janet (host) greeted us at the e...
Riverside relaxation
Nearby swimming
Semi-private riverside campsite
Peaceful sound of water.
Nearby spring
Cave Dive Camp
100% 1 Response
Sean: As the owner I registered with hipcamp just to see how the process works.
lodging vehicle
Hot Tub Camping
Hot Tub Camping
Hot Tub Camping
Hot Tub Camping
Trudy: Camp along side our hobby farm of animals, who are all happy to have guests. From...
5 acres of pristine woods.
The start of your journey into the woods.
Eric : Bring your own tent and gear and find your spot among the trees on 5 peaceful acres....
Come up the drive, turn right and back into the campsite.
Driving up our "street".
You've Arrived!!!!  Sign reflective in dark.
Enjoy the View
Enjoy the View
John: Do you love camping, but aren't into the crowded RV park with your neighbor 10 feet...
Fun on the Farm
Fun on the Farm
Fun on the Farm
Fun on the Farm
Fun on the Farm
Amy: There is a large field  or a forested area where you will be able to pitch a tent or we...
Cedar Canyon Lake PrimitiveZone
Cedar Canyon Lake PrimitiveZone
Cedar Canyon Lake PrimitiveZone
Cedar Canyon Lake PrimitiveZone
Cedar Canyon Lake PrimitiveZone
Michael: You will be feet away from the lake
Cedar Canyon Lake View Camping
Cedar Canyon Lake View Camping
Cedar Canyon Lake View Camping
Cedar Canyon Lake View Camping
Cedar Canyon Lake View Camping
Michael: These campsites all have a view of the lake and are spacious and semi-private. In fact,...
A view of the lake
A view of the canyon and lake
An aerial view of the lake
A walking path among many cedar trees
A mossy passage on a foot path in the hills
Michael: This property is family owned for 4 generations; it is a retired rock quarry. Forty...
North Meadow and Squirrel Grove
How our farm got it's name!
Deer in the North Meadow
Crystal Springs and Dark Rivers
Crystal Springs and Dark Rivers
Erin + Caroline
Erin + Caroline: Sandy and Erica’s camping spots are down a long dusty road with lots of old moss strewn...
Very wooded
Only 5 minutes away from our campsite
Main enterance to Suwanne River State Park
Alexander: Our secluded 5-acre property will give you the full experience of primitive camping....
Five acres of primitive campsites, natural hiking paths & trails.
Camp site from above.
Pictured is nearby Charles Springs. There are many crystal clear springs around Happy Camp.
RV's and campers welcome!
Ralph: Pitch your tent(s), motorhome, travel camper, van amongst a variety of oaks, and pine...
Awaken your inner child with this high-up-in-trees home!
Cozy cozy cozy.
lodging treehouse
Another treehouse effect.
Simply beautiful.
Casey: WHOA!!!! The Treehouse was so much better than I could have imagined!!! They had everyt...
The rain had just arrived but I had extra cover from the lovely trees while prepping dinner.
Can't get over all the green!
There was a storm rolling in that night but this pasture remained gorgeous.
Quick shot of the path, when you think you've gone to far... keep going!
Cracking my soup can open after setting up for the night!
Providence Pond
100% 1 Response
Casey: Providence Pond is one of those places that when you first arrive you're taken back by ...
Lapidary Arts Camp
Good morning Steinhatchee
Lapidary Arts Camp
shower bath tub
Lapidary Arts Camp
Lapidary Arts Camp
100% 1 Response
Lauren: One of the best experiences I've ever had! The town is really nice, welcoming, and plen...
Can handle one RV at a time.
Back yard view.
View from the barn
Spring at Rum Island!
Set up your tent here!
Patty: Pitch your tent and explore one of the most beautiful, remote, and scenic areas of old...