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Los Padres National Forest
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Songdog Double Fire
Colin: Songdog Ranch is an incredible oasis of seemingly untouched beauty and vast natural allure. It was eve...
Direct book $50/night
Dakota Tipi Village - 12 ft.
Rhea: Dakota Tipi Village Camp is situated between the picturesque mountains leading out of Ojai, and the in...
Direct book $58/night
Rideout Hideout Carrizo Plain
Clint: The Rideout Hideout campsite had open space and peaceful views that stretched for miles. The golden pl...
Direct book $30/night
Songdog West Campsites
Abraham: This place is a gem. I'm almost afraid to rate it so well because I don't want it to get crowded, but ...
Direct book $30/night
Sacred Frog Farm
Mikaela: Sadie & her family at Rancho Palomino were incredible! She was so welcoming & warm, and her daughter g...
Direct book $145/night
Songdog East Campsites
Kinga: LOVED this spot so much I double dipped. Stayed at Songdog West last weekend and this weekend brought ...
Direct book $40/night
Rustic Cottage
Ezekiel: We loved our stay at Jennifer P.’s Land, the cottage is so cozy and clean. Jennifer was kind enough to...
Request book $100/night
Pope's Hut
Pope's Hut
100% – 8 Responses
Grace: Had a great time here! It was even more of a glamping experience than I expected- they have a kitchen ...
Direct book $100/night
The Bunkhouse
The Bunkhouse
93% – 50 Responses
Christine: This place was wonderful. It's on a working cattle ranch..antje and web are the owners of the ranch.. ...
Direct book $75/night
Songdog Glampout
Collette: Songdog Glampout is THE best spot to go if you are looking to see millions of stars and feel like you ...
Request book $150/night
My Town Ranch Camping
Steph: SZ Ranch is INCREDABLE! This place is owned by Steve Zaritsky and he is the best of people. His ranch ...
Direct book $100/night
Gable Hut
Gable Hut
100% – 19 Responses
Hannah: What an amazing set up. The concept is very cool, and a unique special place has been created. I wish ...
Direct book $100/night
Gypsy Hut
Gypsy Hut
100% – 4 Responses
Cas: We loved everything about our stay in the Gypsy Hut. The design of the Gypsy Hut, Shelter Circle and C...
Direct book $100/night
Dakota Tipi Village - 18 ft.
Sandra: Pretty fun trip even though we only stayed for one night. Thomas was very sweet, and we love his dogs....
Direct book $78/night
Rancho Rubalcava
Alex: My boyfriend and I hoped for a last-minute adventure into the mountains, and Rancho Rubalcalva was fan...
Direct book $35/night
Dakota Tipi Village - 22 ft.
Alexander: We had an incredible New Year’s Eve at the Tipis! We were welcomed by Marie and her pack of 5 Australi...
Direct book $98/night
Speakeasy Lodge
Jeff: Quite possibly the best family camping trip ever. The location is really quite perfect for large group...
Request book $300/night
Blue Sky Dispersed Camping
Adish: Blue Sky Camp is the perfect spot to getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. It was a la...
Direct book $25/night
Stagecoach Stop
Ricky: Stagecoach Stop was great! Liz and Brad, our hosts, were so welcoming and the space was beautiful. The...
Request book $65/night
Luxury Yurt & Panoramic View
Andy: If you love driving the California coast and amazing panoramic views, this is the place for you. T...
Request book $375/night