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Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park
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Orchard Meadow Camp
Jay: The meadow camps are situated in the nooks along the edge of the huge meadow under tall trees so you’r...
Direct book $50/night
Jedediah Smith Redwoods Campground
Beth: Easily one of my favorite sites on a cross country trip from New York to Los Angeles. The river was ve...
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Morning Meadow Camp
Andy: Otter Space was a really amazing place to stay, with Campsites, a yurt, teepee and a couple cottages. ...
Direct book $50/night
Klamath Riverview Two-story Yurt
Nikki: We had a lovely stay at this one of a kind yurt by the Klamath River. When we got there Wendy came out...
Direct book $200/night
Blue Cottage
Blue Cottage
100% – 5 Responses
Jay: These cottages are awesome! The cottages are very spacious and both have a loft area and multiple beds...
Direct book $140/night
Gold Bluffs Beach Campground
Monica: One of my absolute favorite campsites. Not mentioned here are the wild elk roaming around the campsite...
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Maple Riverview
Maple Riverview
100% – 3 Responses
Meghan: Otter Space is a fantastic place to camp. Getting there is a little difficult, since you basically dri...
Direct book $75/night
Mountain Bubble
Lihi: Hidden away at the top of a mountain, there's a magical bubble away from everything, yet close to...
Request book $35/night
Deer Meadow Camp
Lexi: Wow. From the moment we drove in we were in absolute heaven. The hosts were great and Joe showed us to...
Direct book $50/night
Elk Prairie Campground
Nicholas: There are few campsites adjacent to the fields where the Elk graze, but the most beautiful sites are t...
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Romantic River Teepee
Jay: I had an incredible stay. Otter Space is truly a hidden gem. I arrived much later than expected in the...
Direct book $95/night
Brookings Beachfront Cabin
Gary: 1 Queen in the loft providing you with privacy in the downstairs Master Queen bedroom. You have an...
Direct book $190/night
Illinois River open Tent or Van
Kate: Had a great experience here camping under the stars. A much needed time to unwind and appreciate the q...
Request book $50/night
Pepperwood Riverview
Peter: Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River...
Direct book $75/night
Harris Beach Campground
Lori: If you don't like the noise of children on a playground, avoid the camp sites that surround the playgr...
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Pumpkin Cottage
Peter: Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River...
Direct book $140/night
Lone Mountain Back-in RV Sites
Glenn: Our beautiful RV, Cabin, Camp, & Tipi Resort has so much to offer, from the beautiful scenery to...
Request book $35/night
Panther Flat Campground
Gihane: We had a lovely weekend here at Panther Flats! The campground did not have all of the organized activi...
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Sea Lion Gardens
Kate: I enjoyed my stay at Sea Lion Gardens! The land is RIGHT beside a RV park, but the trees made it feel ...
Request book $20/night
Lone Mountain Tipi Campground
Kim: We entered Lone Mountain Tipi Campground and checked in with Debbie at the office. She handed us some ...
Request book $65/night