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Castle Crags State Park
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Sasquatch Meadows
Julian: This place is rad, enjoy the whole meadow to yourself or bring a group of friends. (Think of it like y...
Direct book $50/night
Sasquatch Meadows — Tent Only
Julian: This place is rad, enjoy the whole meadow to yourself or bring a group of friends. (Think of it like y...
Direct book $50/night
Mt. Shasta Ceremonial Site
Clayton: As other reviews have mentioned: This site does not have facilities. But for those that want to get aw...
Direct book $50/night
Fairy Garden Camp Out
Emily: Camping in Franklin's backyard was a perfect, easy pit stop on our way from SF to Oregon for the total...
Direct book $33/night
Angel Vally Camp, in Weed Ca.
Michelle: Pitch your tent in the glow of Mt. Shasta. Level field, trees, year round stream. Wild life, and...
Direct book $15/night
Upper Falls
Ben: The road is long and windy, and just when you feel like you're getting lost, you arrive at the most am...
Direct book $100/night
Blue Juniper
Lexi: The terrain is mostly sand so be sure to bring a vehicle that can drive through sand. Nice views of Mt...
Direct book $20/night
Riverfront Orchard Camp
Lisse: We loved our stay here! Although it was a long drive, the scenery was beautiful and we definitely stop...
Direct book $60/night
Rainforest Aquaponics
Michael: This site is for backpackers only! There is no road access and a mile hike is requisite to get into...
Request book $40/night
Coffee Creek Ranch Cabins
Bill: Open from April 8th - November 25th, 2017. Our secluded cabins sit below the awesome view of Billy’s...
Direct book $329/night
Mt. Shasta 360
Sydney: Despite it being in NorCal, it's very hot in the region during the summer, 3 digits - so pack properly...
Direct book $60/night
Castle Lake Campground
Just a stone’s throw below the pristine Castle Lake, lies the primitive and quaint Castle Lake...
First come, first serve
Lakeshore East Campground
For camping that isn’t really camping, check out the yurts at Lakeshore East Campground. You’ll be...
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Roadrunner Farm
Ann: The campsite at Roadrunner Farm is very ideal. It's in a beautiful large orchard with lots of trees an...
Direct book $30/night
Way away
Nic: Way Away is an off-the-beaten-path type of excursion and getting the property will be half of the adve...
Request book $42/night
The Maples
The Maples
100% – 1 Response
Paige: I loved sitting in the maple grove with my dog.
Direct book $48/night
Trinity River Campground
Cynthia: Mtn. lions, and snakes and bears, oh my. But the wilderness is stunning.
First come, first serve
Trinity River Resort
Steven: Absolutely stunning place to camp. We had a great spot right next to the river. You can hook up your R...
Request book $22/night
Quirky Cozy Camper on the Creek
Ann: Super adorable little vintage camper! It's small but mighty - it has a cute eating nook, bench/couch, ...
Direct book $45/night
Sis Q Ranch Tent Camping
Evan: Tom and Jan Ball are absolutely amazing and friendly hosts! Going to Sis Q is like going home. All the...
Request book $50/night