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Lake Mohave
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The best camping near Lake Mohave, Arizona.

Amazing Sunsets
Kristin: You'll be welcomed to Amazing Sunsets with a "moo" from the dozen or so cows roaming the area with the...
Direct book$20/night
Mountain View Open Land
Martin: Come park right on the property. Pitch your tent, break out your grill or dig a fire pit. Plenty of...
Direct book$25/night
Cool Springs Camping Route 66
Ray: Tent camping at its best. Fire rings, local hiking and rock hunting of all kinds.   Local wildlife and...
Direct book$20/night
Overlookgarden at the Wash
Melanie: Desert Ambience long Sunrise /Sunsets just beautiful desert gardens(going into fall now but even in...
Request book$40/night
Yaqui offgrid camp and cottages
Tammy : Yaqui offers 20 campsites ($10 per nite campsite only) 3 are cottages ($50 per nite) each camp comes...
Direct book$10/night
Temple Bar Campground
Kristin: Gorgeous lake, better with a house boat.
Public campground
Big Bend of the Colorado Campground
Stay at Big Bend of the Colorado Campground, near the shores of the Colorado River. The river is cool...
Public campground