How do you go camping in New York?

Hipcamp staff
A scenic view of New York

To go camping in New York, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your camping location: New York offers a wide variety of camping options, including state parks, national forests, and private campgrounds. Browse through the available options on Hipcamp or other camping websites to find the perfect spot for your trip.
  2. Make a reservation (if required): Some campgrounds require reservations, while others are first-come, first-served. Get in touch for specific reservation information. For state parks, you can make reservations through Reserve America.
  3. Prepare your camping gear: Gather all necessary camping equipment, such as a tent, sleeping bags, cooking gear, food, water, and appropriate clothing for the weather.
  4. Check the rules and regulations: Familiarize yourself with the specific campground's rules and regulations, including quiet hours, pet policies, and fire restrictions.
  5. Arrive at your campsite: Once you reach your camping destination, set up your tent and campsite according to the campground's guidelines.
  6. Practice Leave No Trace principles: Be respectful of the environment and other campers by following Leave No Trace principles, such as packing out all trash, minimizing campfire impact, and respecting wildlife.
  7. Enjoy your camping experience: Explore the surrounding area, participate in outdoor activities, and make lasting memories with friends and family.

Remember to always follow safety guidelines and be prepared for changing weather conditions. Happy camping!

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