An amazing retreat into nature, Kirby Cove boasts the best view of the Golden Gate bridge. The best part? It's only a 20-30 minute drive from San Francisco.

This campground is a walk-in that may be tough to reserve, but it's worth looking into if you’re looking to camp while in the city. Deer will wander through and raccoons might try to steal some snacks, so make good use of the lockers. Kirby Cove=cool camping.

Protip: There is sometimes a rope swing set up down by the beach.

Campsite area
Tent sites
4 sites
Up to 10 guests per site
Up to 6 vehicles
No wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Picnic table available


Offered near the campground.


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Natural features you'll find at Kirby Cove Campground.

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15 Reviews

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Hipcamper Nate
Nate R.
recommends this listing.
May 18th, 2021

A beautiful place to get away from the city, right in our own backyard

Hipcamper jennifer
Jennifer E.
didn't provide a recommendation.
March 9th, 2019

This is a very unique location. Believe every word about the raccoons - they are aggressive. When we were there they ripped into a tent with a little girl eating a granola bar so if you got little ones, be watchful. There's also coyotes that yap at night - didn't see them in camp but just know they're around.
That said, it's beautiful. We were there on a non-foggy night and there were fog horns not super bad. Also bring a wagon - someone mentioned wheelbarrows on-site, but we didn't see them. You can rent one a sports basement - with the few dollars. The winds can really kick-up and shift making campfires interesting.
We passed the entrance to the road the first time through. If you use Waze or Google maps they do mark the right place

Hipcamper cassidy
Cassidy D.
recommends this listing.
February 19th, 2019

The best parking for Kirby cove is immediately off of the 101, before driving up the road into the Marin headlands. There is a one mile trail up the road, directly next to this parking. This will save you from the pain of the car parked with it's hazards on that follows the stream of tourists taking photos next to the Golden Gate Bridge

Hipcamper Nick
Nick L.
recommends this listing.
December 18th, 2018

Once you park in the campground parking you will have to walk a ways to the campsite, there are wheel barrows to aid in this, and hay to lay on the ground for your tent and the wet foggy grass. RACCOONS WILL DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT HERE. They even ripped into my tent while I was asleep inside. The area is amazing, had deer walk through camp, all in view of the Golden Gate and city, but the raccoons are a major buzz kill. They have no boundary. Also the fog horn from the bridge will keep you up if there is fog. Bring ear plugs. Site has pit toilets, picnic tables, bear box, and fire ring.

Hipcamper El
El F.
recommends this listing.
August 8th, 2018

I came here several times as a kid and it was magical. I highly recommend for families with younger children as a first time camping trip as it’s close to home and city conveniences.

Hipcamper Thuy
Thuy T.
didn't provide a recommendation.
April 14th, 2018

How to make reservation at Kirk Cove Campground ? I’ve tried so many many times but all the sites had been fully booked before the time we’re allowed to make the booking (10am of the day 3 months in advance). I don’t understand how they can do it. Anyone can explain me why ?

Hipcamper Lizanne
Lizanne R.
recommends this listing.
May 18th, 2017

Use the food boxes as the raccoons are aggressive.

Hipcamper Karen
Karen A.
recommends this listing.
May 14th, 2017

Whales can be spotted off the coast in May, keep an eye out!

Hipcamper Kristal
Kristal B.
didn't provide a recommendation.
March 8th, 2017

You gotta be lucky to get a spot but it is so worth it. I had two broken ankles when I had my reservation for 1 night but I still made it out anyway. We were lucky enough to be there on a night without the blaring fog horn, but its the Bay Area, and it gets foggy sometimes so be prepared with noise canceling head wear. A WONDERFUL SCENIC VIEW from the beach!

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United States
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37.827° N, 122.49° W
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Tent Only: 4 Sites
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