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Jefferson National Forest

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Jefferson National Forest, Virginia

You’ll need a wheelbarrow to carry your trail mix at Jefferson National Forest, where literally thousands of miles of hiking trails can take you anywhere you want to go. Combined with its sister, Read more...
You’ll need a wheelbarrow to carry your trail mix at Jefferson National Forest, where literally thousands of miles of hiking trails can take you anywhere you want to go. Combined with its sister, Washington National Forest, the giant swath of park stretches from one end of Virginia to the other and makes up the largest area of public land on the east coast—1.8 billion acres in total! One million of which are remote and undeveloped. With the highest point in the state (Mount Rogers), 53 endangered plant & animal species, connections to the Virginia Creeper Trail to North Carolina, and portions of the Appalachian Trail running throughout, you’re not going to run out of things to do here—bring all the nuts & berries you can get your hands on.
Stony Fork Campground
Stony Fork Campground doesn’t fuss with any of your typical campground add-ons—nestled in the dense...
Public campground
Stony Fork Cabin
Looking for a super affordable alternative to sleeping on the ground in Virginia’s Jefferson National...
Public campground
Walnut Flats Campground
Located just 7 short miles south of the West Virginia border lies the Walnut Flats campground in Bland...
Public campground
Raven Cliff Recreation Area
Frolic through the fields, hike through the forests, and swim through the streams—you can do it all...
Public campground
Comers Rock Recreation Area
So you’ve hiked up Iron Mountain and now you’re 3800 feet above the sea, and guess what? You’re dead...
Public campground
Blue Springs Gap Cabin
They say Virginia is for lovers, and nowhere is this more true than at the private cabins you can rent...
Public campground
Raccoon Branch Campground
What do you get when you combine refreshing mountain streams, superb trail hiking, and unparalleled...
Public campground
Sunrise Cabin
Have you ever thought about hiking the Appalachian Trail, then realized you couldn’t go a week without...
Public campground
Hurricane Campground
Richard: Overall a good campground: clean, remote, near trails and streams and lovely Marion, VA - but the site...
Public campground
Fox Creek Horse Campground
Fox Creek Horse Campground is all about an ah-mazing location. Hop on your horse and head toward the...
Public campground
Grindstone Recreation Area
We hope you’re not scared of heights—because you’ll need your wits about you as you tackle the tough...
Public campground
Boley Fields Group Campground
It must be opposite day every day at Boley Fields Group Campground—here in the heart of Virginia’s...
Public campground
Beartree Recreation Area
Unplug for a weekend at one of Virginia’s most off-the-grid campgrounds, Beartree Recreation Area. The...
Public campground
White Rocks Campground
Marguerite: Great forest camping. Campground nestled among shady old trees. All sites are spacious; some are only...
Public campground
Caldwell Fields Group Campground
Looking to throw a memorable party, host a family reunion, or just get 50 of your closest friends...
Public campground
Steel Bridge Campground
Steel Bridge Campground is baffled by just a few gravel-paved campsites. But, what the area lacks in...
Public campground
Bark Camp Recreation Area
Y’all listen up now and head on over to Bark Camp Recreation Area in the pristine Jefferson National...
Public campground
The Pines Campground
Jeepers’ creepers, let's hit the trail in the Jefferson National Forest! A true hotspot for Jeep...
Public campground
High Knob Recreation Area
Pinned right in the heart of Appalachia, High Knob Recreation area will have nature folk grinning like...
Public campground
Cane Patch Campground
Virginia truly is for lovers; both of one another, the gentle beauty, and rugged splendor the ol’...
Public campground
Craig Creek Recreation Area
The morning dew-swept grass dances in passing breezes amongst a secondary-sunrise; a crispy, clean...
Public campground
Cave Springs Recreation Area
Prettier than a glob of butter meltin’ on a stack of pancakes, Cave Springs Recreation Area sits smack...
Public campground
North Creek Campground
We love the benefits of camping near a creek. Things like the view, the sound, and the fish, to name a...
Public campground
Cave Mountain Lake Recreation Area
If you appreciate unique character, you’ll love trekking out to Cave Mountain Recreation Area. It’s...
Public campground
Cave Mountain Lake Group Camp
Crouched in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, is Cave Mountain Lake Recreational Area. Inundated...
Public campground
Hopper Creek Group Campground
The best things in life can be shared—and camping’s no different. Hoppers Creek Group Campground...
Public campground
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Blue Feather Creek Farm
Marybeth: This property is GORGEOUS, but you should be aware that the camp site itself is accessed by live stock...
Direct book$20/night
South Fork Overlook
Erin + Caroline
Erin + Caroline: This spot was great! It's located near a really, really beautiful river that if you have the time shou...
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Creeper Trail Camping
Terah: Genesis Farm is a little slice of tranquility right on the Virginia Creeper Trail, about five minutes ...
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Iconic Appalachian Mountains
Foxtail Orchards
Foxtail Orchards: Pitch your tent in a wooded area of beautiful Thompson Valley, VA. Located in Tazewell County along...
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Elkhorn Inn & Theatre Camp
Elisse: The land is on our property, next to the Elkhorn Inn, which is on Route 52, in Landgraff, WV...
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Gauley River Wild & Woolly Primitive Campground
Ali: My boyfriend and I scheduled a very last minute stay at the Tawney Campgrounds and our trip turned out...
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Mountain Farm
Scottie: Gaea Farm is situated between two mountain ranges and spitting distance from there Appalachian Trail. ...
Request book$15/night
Wild wonderful West Virginia
Joe: Whether in a tent, trailer or cabin enjoy hiking on the Appalachian Trail, golf at the near by 18-hole...
Direct book$25/night
By the Stream in the Woods
Selena: Send me a call , text, or email for more info
Direct book$20/night
River View Camping on the New
James: Campsite with fire pit with river view near the double shoals . Tent is pitched and provided. Futon...
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Off Grid Rivers
Darlene : Beautiful! 33 GREEN ZEN wilderness acres on Wilson Creek (Grayson County), southwest Virginia. ...
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He Haw Hollow Tent Camping
Tony: This listing is for tent camping. However, if you'd like a discount and would be willing to help out...
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Russells Off Off Grid Mountain
Russell: You can glamp in our nice cabin rented on Air BnB or rough it all over the 500 acre estate; it's rough...
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Grayson Highlands Campground
Jay: Don't miss this gem - especially for bouldering.
Public campground
Whistle Pig Camping Cabin
Anne: Tucked into the woods, on the edge of pasture land alongside a babbling creek, Whistle Pig Camping...
Direct book$40/night
Barn Swallow at Healing Springs
Anne: Located in a converted barn, alongside a babbling creek, our Barn Swallow space awaits you. Furnished...
Direct book$42/night
Hungry Mother Campground
Catherine: Love the festival in June they have every year. There are so many activities from hiking, biking, swim...
Public campground
Kohler Farms-A Shire Horse...
Cole: If you're trying to meet the friendliest hosts in Nc, don't look any further. This farm is beautiful, ...
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The Yome Away from Home
Jonathan: The Yome Away from Home features a unique, seven-sided, 200 sq. ft. tent structure suitable for two....
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Epic View Music & Arts Farm
Rae: Snaggy Mountain is such a peaceful hideaway In the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains! Jared is so welcomi...
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