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Pat Bayle State Forest
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Tall Pines Wilderness Yurt
Ted and Barbara
Ted And Barbara: Tall Pines yurt is nestled in Minnesota's north woods, overlooking remote small BWCA (wilderness)...
Request book $118/night
Original Log Cabins
Derek: Come experience the Northwoods and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness the way they did in the past...
Direct book $180/night
Long Haul Homestead Tiny House!
Steven: See the Rules section for a video tour of the tiny house!  This listing is for camping in our...
Direct book $25/night
Long Haul Homestead A-Frame
Steven: This listing is for staying in our A-Frame (3 season) semi-permanent large canvas tent.   This is...
Direct book $15/night
Off-grid Wilderness Homestead
Steven: This listing is for tent camping. We are a working off-grid Permaculture homestead.   We own 60 acres...
Direct book $8/night
Cascade River Campground
Angella: One of my favorite state parks. Great hiking trails and nice sites.
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Judge C. R. Magney Campground
Patrick: Don't stop at Upper Falls. Keep going to Devil's Kettle, it's one of the coolest spots in MN.
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Sawbill Lake Campground
Kjersti: A great first time Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) trip would be to stay at Sawbill and ...
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Temperance River Campground
Anglers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, what are you waiting for?! Come on down to...
First come, first serve
Flour Lake Campground
Ahh, the sweet absence of sound. Flour Lake is one quiet body of water, and its campground will allow...
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Baker Lake Rustic Campground
Does the idea of supplying your own drinking water during your next foray into the Minnesota...
First come, first serve
East Bearskin Lake Campground
Marie: Mosquitoes are plentiful
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Toohey Lake Rustic Campground
This small campground is perfect for campers looking for a good ‘ol fashioned rustic camping...
First come, first serve
White Pine Lake Rustic Campground
Angella: Very nice private, large sites. The lake is a short walk from the sites, and so is the outhouse. The l...
First come, first serve
Whitefish Lake Rustic Campgd & Timber-Frear Area
Whitefish Lake Rustic Campground will make a nature poet out of any unassuming backcountry camper....
First come, first serve
Windy Lake Rustic Campground
Do you want a remote campsite, but without all of the hassle that’s sometimes involved with getting to...
First come, first serve
Wilson Lake Rustic Campground
Minnesota’s stunning Superior National Forest is calling for you… and Wilson Lake’s rustic campground...
First come, first serve
Silver Island Lake Rustic Campground
This big lake has right primitive campsites for campers to enjoy. And, unlike many of the other lakes...
First come, first serve
North Shore ATV Camping
Cole: Place your tent in an area like no other! In a valley surrounded by ridges and have the natural air...
Direct book $20/night
Backpack Campsites
Fill your backpack to the brim and get to hiking—the campsites at Manitou State Park are only...
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