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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
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Magical Woods-Munising, MI
Rick: I have stayed here it's a gorgeous piece of property . Secluded by woods, and Nature. It has water, el...
Direct book $35/night
Gateway Campground
Barry: Gateway Campground is a campground under development. Located one mile from Miners Castle Road and...
Direct book $45/night
Gateway to Pictured Rocks
Rebecca: Hiker Hostel a rustic and inexpensive option in two Outfitter Quality tents one 12 x 12 with 4 cots...
Request book $30/night
Dome in the Woods
Scott: The geodesic dome is about a 2 minute hike from the entry driveway. This property is the beginning of...
Request book $100/night
Kawbawgam Lake Private Camping
Judy: Pitch your tent anywhere on my land. Your options will be down near the fire pit, up near my wooded...
Request book $35/night
Little Bass Lake Campground
Anthony: Great for swimming
First come, first serve
Cabin by private lake
Craig: Small cabin by private lake. Owner's home is out of sight and sound 1/4 mile away.   Enjoy 2500 feet...
Request book $75/night
Bay Furnace Campground
On the south shore of Lake Superior, Bay Furnace Campground is situated amidst an array of waterfalls...
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Island Lake Campground
Wanna woods it up without the noise? Island Lake Campground is the perfect getaway for your camper,...
First come, first serve
Colwell Lake Campground
Whether you’re ridin’ solo or rolling with up to twenty of your best buds, Colwell Lake Campground has...
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Cookson Lake Dispersed Campsite
Looking for that island getaway at 1/10th the price? Cookson Lake Dispersed Campsite features two...
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Ewing Point Dispersed Campsite
Wade in the water at Ewing Point Dispersed Campsite, where the lake is perfect for squishing your toes...
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Juniper Flats Group Campsite
You’re going to fall to your knees when you see the beauty of Juniper Flats Group Campsite. From...
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Murray Bay Group Campsite
Wanna impress the family? Murray Bay Group Campsite is the sure fire answer. Watch how fast their jaws...
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Big Island Lake Wilderness
Henry David Thoreau would be proud to camp at Big Island Lake Wilderness. This campsite is all about...
First come, first serve
Petes Lake Campground
Where can you swim on a beach, hike a 9 mile trail touring gorgeous lakes and enjoy every water...
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AuTrain Lake Campground
If you are looking for a spot to blow off some steam and clear your head while also having a great...
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McKeever Cabin
McKeever Cabin is a perfect backwoods getaway in any season. In summer, boat right on up to the dock...
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Widewaters Campground
Cascade down the rabbit hole folks! Widewaters Campground is every water lover’s dream. Welcome to a...
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Indian River Campground
The Indian River Campground is a sweet spot for canoeists and peace enthusiasts. The campground is the...
First come, first serve