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Ponderosa State Park
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Bugaboo Bungalow
Ben: Come stay and play at our 30 foot yurt nestled in the West Mountains of Idaho.    Just minutes from...
Request book $115/night
Relaxing Mountain Ranch Get Away
Raini: Rejuvenate while sipping pressed coffee on the deck of a cozy wall tent, overlooking the creek in our...
Direct book $75/night
French Creek Campground
Named for a bubbling brook on the grounds, Boise National Forest’s French Creek Campground is perfect...
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Lake Cascade Campground
Kate: Fun family campground. Great swimming area.
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Amanita Campground
After a hike up No Business Mountain, you can cool off in the sprawling beauty of Lake Cascade at...
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Penny Springs Campground
With just a handful of sites, Penny Springs Campground is perfect for a remote camping experience....
First come, first serve
Rainbow Point Campground
One of the only campgrounds in the area with a boat ramp, you can expect Rainbow Point Campground at...
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Upper Payette Lake Campground
Camp on the shores of Upper Payette Lake, at the Upper Payette Lake Campground! Most sites enjoy some...
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Cold Springs Campground
If you’re planning to find yourself in the Lost Valley Reservoir, you should check out the Cold...
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Grouse Campground
Try not to get confused. Grouse Campground is located on the shores of Goose Lake so make sure you...
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Hazard Lake Campground
Proclaim yourself "Duke of Hazard" Campground as you set up camp on the shores of Hazard Lake, high in...
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Lake Fork Guard Station Rental Cabin
Camping has never been so comfortable. Lake Fork Guard Station Rental Cabin gives you a weekend...
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Cabin Creek Campground
Strap that mountain bike onto the back of your Subaru/(insert outdoors-y car here). Cabin Creek...
First come, first serve
Buckhorn Bar Campground
Get blissed out in Idaho’s wilderness at Buckhorn Bar Campground. Nestled in the totally picturesque...
First come, first serve
Camp Creek Campground
Up for some primitive camping? Pitch your tent at one of the secluded first-come, first-served sites...
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Four Mile Campground
Into just about everything outdoorsy? Experience it all at Four Mile Campground in Idaho’s super...
First come, first serve
Ponderosa Campground
Kate: Amazingly beautiful area!
First come, first serve
Poverty Flat Campground
Let Poverty Flat Campground surprise you with its abundance of natural goodness. Campsites are shaded...
First come, first serve
Burgdorf Campground
If you’re looking for a prime camping spot in Payette National Forest to use as a base for hiking...
First come, first serve
Chinook Campground
Imagine pitching your tent in a forested oasis surrounded by tons of hiking, fishing, kayaking,...
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