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Six Rivers National Forest

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Six Rivers National Forest, California

This park gets its rather self-descriptive name from the six beautiful rivers that flow through its borders, but don’t let the simplicity of the name fool you. This forest is made up of more than a Read more...
This park gets its rather self-descriptive name from the six beautiful rivers that flow through its borders, but don’t let the simplicity of the name fool you. This forest is made up of more than a million rambling acres that take you through foggy and mystical redwood landscapes and gives way to miles and miles of towering Douglas firs, glacial peaks and hidden pools, serene meadows and, of course, sunny river banks spotted with warm rocks and perfect spots for a picnic. Oh, and if the natural beauty doesn’t get you: this was the place where they first spotted Bigfoot. Yeah, the original footage that basically made everyone believe in the hairy bi-ped. That, on its own, is reason enough to check it out!
Pearch Creek Campground
Pearch Creek Campground is located in a mature Douglas fir and hardwood forest near the town of...
Public campground
Aikens Creek West Campground
Aikens Creek West Campground is near Klamath River, Aikens Creek, and Indian Creek. Swap fishing...
Public campground
E-Ne-Nuck Campground
E-Ne-Nuck Campground attracts anglers from all over for some of the best fishing in the region. The...
Public campground
Fish Lake Campground
Grab the brewskis, the hot dogs, and the power bait, and head on up to Fish Lake Campground. Fish for...
Public campground
Oak Bottom Campground
If you’re a lover of deep emerald colored swimming holes and wild rivers this is the campground to be!...
Public campground
Nordheimer Campground
Stephanie: Absolutely beautiful with great access to the Salmon River. Can get a little bit buggy
Public campground
Panther Flat Campground
Gihane: We had a lovely weekend here at Panther Flats! The campground did not have all of the organized activi...
Public campground
Dillon Creek Campground
Looking for cold mountains streams and emerald colored swimming holes? Dillon Creek Campground has got...
Public campground
Boise Creek Campground
Smothered between the bosom of Brush and Brannan Mountain’s, Boise Creek Campground is a forested...
Public campground
East Fork Campground
Sitting in a shady area near East Fork Willow Creek, East Fork Campground is a great getaway from the...
Public campground
Big Flat Campground
The Big Flat Campground is a small, quiet spot near the Hurdygurdy Creek (great name, right?). Far...
Public campground
Bear Basin Lookout and Pierson Cabin
Once you arrive at Bear Basin Lookout and the adjacent Pierson Cabin, you might need a couple minutes...
Public campground
Grassy Flat Campground
Kelly: A very kind lady at the forestry service suggested this as a campground that may have first-come avail...
Public campground
Patrick Creek Campground
You’ll find Patrick Creek Campground nestled among towering Douglas fir, at the confluence of the...
Public campground
North Fork Campground
The North Fork Campground is a semi-shaded campground on the North Fork of the Smith River. The...
Public campground
Mad River Campground
Fariss: We came and stayed one night. It's a little far from "civilization", but it's worth the quiet. It gets...
Public campground
Fir Cove Campground
How does your own private cove sound? Fir Cove Campground is close enough! Surrounded by a forest of...
Public campground
Bailey Canyon Campground
Bailey Canyon Campground is located near the banks of beautiful Ruth Lake, popular with boaters and...
Public campground
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Blue Cottage

Blue Cottage

100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Jay: These cottages are awesome! The cottages are very spacious and both have a loft area and multiple beds...
Direct book$125/night
Pumpkin Cottage
Peter: Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River...
Direct book$125/night
Orchard Meadow Camp

Orchard Meadow Camp

100% Recommend – 6 Responses
Jay: The meadow camps are situated in the nooks along the edge of the huge meadow under tall trees so you’r...
Direct book$50/night
Jedediah Smith Redwoods Campground
Beth: Easily one of my favorite sites on a cross country trip from New York to Los Angeles. The river was ve...
Public campground
Gold Bluffs Beach Campground
Monica: One of my absolute favorite campsites. Not mentioned here are the wild elk roaming around the campsite...
Public campground
Camping Platform with a View
Andrew: This location was a great stop for catching up on rest and relaxation on my way from the coast to Redd...
Direct book$23/night
Elk Prairie Campground
Nicholas: There are few campsites adjacent to the fields where the Elk graze, but the most beautiful sites are t...
Public campground
Maple Riverview

Maple Riverview

100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Meghan: Otter Space is a fantastic place to camp. Getting there is a little difficult, since you basically dri...
Direct book$75/night
Coffee Creek Ranch Cabins
Bill: Open from April 8th - November 25th, 2017. Our secluded cabins sit below the awesome view of Billy’s...
Direct book$329/night
Klamath Riverview Yurt

Klamath Riverview Yurt

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Nikki: We had a lovely stay at this one of a kind yurt by the Klamath River. When we got there Wendy came out...
Direct book$200/night
 Coastal Cabin Mini Retreat
Emily: Coastal Cabin Mini Retreat is AWESOME!!!!!!! Such an awesome spot to stop in northern California, it's...
Request book$88/night
Shabby chic cottage in the wood
Meredith: Shabby chic cottage was so cute and quaint and a lovely little place in the woods. We got there and th...
Request book$75/night
30' Yurt in the Trinity Alps
Gabriel: Staying at the Yurt in the Trinity Alps was an unforgettable experience. The Yurt sits about 50 yards ...
Direct book$195/night
The Parlor Cabin
Sacha: Humboldt Hideaway is a small off-the-grid LGBTQ queer homestead, but anyone is welcome. This 12 x 12...
Direct book$68/night
A Redwood Wilderness Chalet
Clayton: Staying at the Redwood Wilderness Chalet was a great experience! Although it takes a bit of effort to ...
Request book$200/night
Riverfront Orchard Camp

Riverfront Orchard Camp

100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Lisse: We loved our stay here! Although it was a long drive, the scenery was beautiful and we definitely stop...
Direct book$60/night
Agate Beach Campground
Alex: Don't leave without hiking down to the beach, even if it seems too foggy to enjoy, there is an incredi...
Public campground
Abalone Campground
Ivan: Great privacy for each camp site; your'e surrounded by very tall shrubs.
Public campground
Upper Falls

Upper Falls

90% Recommend – 45 Responses
Ben: The road is long and windy, and just when you feel like you're getting lost, you arrive at the most am...
Direct book$100/night
Deer Meadow Camp
Peter: Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River...
Direct book$50/night