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Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park, California

Honestly, there is so much natural beauty and so much to see at this park, it’s hard to fathom where to begin. Sweeping canyons with sunset-red rock carve through the landscape; tranquil lakes lie, Read more...
Honestly, there is so much natural beauty and so much to see at this park, it’s hard to fathom where to begin. Sweeping canyons with sunset-red rock carve through the landscape; tranquil lakes lie, still and quiet, in the shadow of great, craggy peaks; towering expanses of pine give way suddenly to peaceful meadows, spotted with babbling streams and waterfalls. Eight hundred miles of trails wind up and down with the landscape, bringing something new with every turn. There is an overwhelming presence of truly being in the wild here, where you could walk for miles and miles and never see another person. With this, of course, comes endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. Hikers and equestrians can follow whichever path calls to them, the courageous can try their hand at whitewater kayaking, anglers can fly-fish in one of the many sparkling waterways, and nearly a mile of caves brings to life an ancient and haunting world below your feet. Even if you stand completely still, you can take in the rich array of wildlife that call this park home during the day, and gaze up at the galaxy as the stars soar around you, unfettered by the light and noise of human bustle. Breathtakingly beautiful, this is definitely a park you don’t want to miss.
Sentinel Campground
This campground has a lovely spot in the canyon along the South Fork of the Kings River, meaning you...
Public campground
Sheep Creek Campground
William Ray
William Ray: Sheep's Creek is THE spot to camp in King's Canyon. One can fall asleep to the sound of rushing w...
Public campground
Moraine Campground
Moraine Campground is also located on the Middle Fork of the Kings River, and at 120 sites, it is one...
Public campground
Canyon View Campground
Alex: It's KCNP - what else needs to be said!?
Public campground
Sunset Campground
Jeremy: We showed up on a Friday morning in July without a reservation and had our pick of about 4 sites that ...
Public campground
Azalea Campground
Jocelyn: Azalea is one of the easiest to access from the main entrance to Sequoia / Kings Canyon! We loved this...
Public campground
Crystal Springs Campground
This spot is located about 4 miles into the park from the entrance near Grant Grove, close to Azalea...
Public campground
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The Ranch House

The Ranch House

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Manel: Artist's Retreat is a jewel in the Sierra Foothills. It is located on the way to Kings Canyon Nationa...
Direct book$150/night


100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Mike: This place is great -- a beautiful piece of oak woodland situated at the mouth of two amazing National...
Direct book$75/night
Redwood Ranch
Nicole: This is a little piece of paradise that seems too good to be true. Swimming holes, healing cool waters...
Request book$875/night
Old Yosemite Base Camp

Old Yosemite Base Camp

92% Recommend – 108 Responses
Lesha: Nice site, off in the woods with beautiful views, fire pit with cooking grill over the top, plenty of ...
Direct book$66/night
Sycamore Arch

Sycamore Arch

98% Recommend – 23 Responses
Manel: River Ridge Ranch is a special treat. This is a spot you enjoy whether you are an experienced camper ...
Request book$45/night
Lodgepole Campground

Lodgepole Campground

99% Recommend – 45 Responses
Peter: Lodgepole is one of the best campgrounds in Sequoia National Park. Much more favorable summer temperat...
Public campground
Quercus Cabin

Quercus Cabin

88% Recommend – 4 Responses
Michaela: My boyfriend and I came to this site to celebrate our anniversary. Little did we know, this campsite i...
Direct book$50/night
Sweetheart Starlit Heated Tent
N: Need some alone time? Near Sequoia National Park, The Starlight Ranch allows you to bask in the sun...
Direct book$79/night
Kings Canyon/Sequoia Bungalow
Fred: Our japanese inspired bungalow is set amongst our private five acre property that overlooks the Kings...
Request book$90/night
Lone Pine Campground

Lone Pine Campground

98% Recommend – 21 Responses
Clara: The Alabama Hills/Lone Pine are a great location to view the Leonid Meteor Showers in mid November.
Public campground
Dinkey Creek Campground
Jeff: Pay showers are available just outside of the camp at the general store.Wasps (AKA meat bees) can be a...
Public campground
Kings canyon- Sequoia camp
John: Fred and his lady created something pretty special here! Awesome hosts and perfect spot to get in and ...
Request book$75/night
Mt. Whitney Trailhead Campground
Alyx: This walk-in backpackers campground is the perfect spot to acclimatize and stage your Whitney summit. ...
Public campground
Hume Lake Campground
Jennifer: We stayed here on a Saturday, it was a very pretty campsite. However, the spots fill up quickly so I r...
Public campground
Cozy Cabin in Shaver Lake
Jamie: Shaver Lake is the perfect place to vacation. Located at 5,500 ft elevation an hour NE of Fresno. The...
Direct book$195/night
Coyote View Tent Camping
Nic: Coyote View campsite is located at the back of the property and is a slightly raised plateau that prov...
Request book$55/night
Potwisha Campground

Potwisha Campground

100% Recommend – 10 Responses
Clara: I was a Sequoia newbie when my small dog and I arrived in the park after dark in the . We camped one n...
Public campground
Hidden Camp

Hidden Camp

92% Recommend – 6 Responses
Lisse: River Ridge Ranch is amazing, we can't wait to come back! The campsite has a thick layer of soft soil ...
Direct book$45/night
Onion Valley Campground
Nathan: Definitely not recommended for RVs or Trailers...not only because the road to the campground is an ext...
Public campground
Dorst Creek Campground
Kristen: Arrived late afternoon on a Friday in mid-August. Even with the forest fire relocated reservations we ...
Public campground