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Kings Canyon National Park
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The Ranch House
The Ranch House
100% – 5 Responses
Manel: Artist's Retreat is a jewel in the Sierra Foothills. It is located on the way to Kings Canyon Nationa...
Direct book $150/night
100% – 5 Responses
Mike: This place is great -- a beautiful piece of oak woodland situated at the mouth of two amazing National...
Direct book $75/night
Kings canyon- Sequoia camp
John: Fred and his lady created something pretty special here! Awesome hosts and perfect spot to get in and ...
Request book $75/night
Riverside Ranch
Loretta: I honestly could not have had a better experience at this magical camp! The grounds were absolutely ma...
Direct book $125/night
Rustic Retreat Group Campsite
Stepfanie: This is a great spot for group camping! There's soooo much space here and it's so close to Sequoia & K...
Direct book $177/night
Primitive camp Sequoia/  kings
Brian: Fred and Ai were great camp hosts! Their property was beautiful and within perfect striking distance o...
Request book $40/night
The Canopy - Sierras
Rebecca: Beautiful spot! Private, great fire pit, well worth your money! The directions were spot on. Great spo...
Direct book $16/night
Stony Creek Campground
Christopher: Located right in between Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Stony Creek Campground is actually l...
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Lodgepole Campground
Peter: Lodgepole is one of the best campgrounds in Sequoia National Park. Much more favorable summer temperat...
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Eshom Campground
Tucked in a heavily forested area, among giant sequoia and ponderosa pines lies the gorgeous Eshom...
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Sabrina Campground
Cristina: The creek that goes thru is perfect for bathing and basic hygiene even though there are no showers! V...
First come, first serve
Upper Stony Creek Campground
You don’t have to carry thousands of balloons to get UP! Just hit Upper Stony Creek Campground and...
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Buckeye Flat Campground
Jack: Hands down one of our favorite campsites we've ever been to. The Kaweah River wraps, roars, bends, and...
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Kings Canyon/Sequoia Bungalow
Fred: Our garden bungalow is set on our private five acre property that overlooks the Kings canyon park. We...
Request book $75/night
Turtle Flat Tent Platform
Andrea: I have already recommended this place to several people -- it is perfect! Lots of land to explore, a s...
Direct book $45/night
Riverside Eden
Riverside Eden
25% – 4 Responses
Stephanie: The location is a little more than a 1/2 hour from Kings Canyon. Teresa is easy to work with and accom...
Direct book $50/night
Potwisha Campground
Clara: I was a Sequoia newbie when my small dog and I arrived in the park after dark in the . We camped one n...
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Mountain Glen Campground
For such a small campground, Mountain Glen’s got some serious charm. The few walk-in sites available...
First come, first serve
North Lake Campground
If you’re dreaming of camping high in the Sierras, surrounded by countless trees and the cool breeze...
First come, first serve
Grays Meadow Campground
Hidden in the glorious backcountry of the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains rests Grays Meadows...
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