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Fields Spring State Park

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Fields Spring
Fields Spring
Fields Spring

Fields Spring State Park, Washington

Just a stone’s throw from Oregon and a hop, skip and a jump from Idaho, Fields Spring State Park lies in the Blue Mountains of far southeast Washington. Unlike the water-centric state parks of western Read more...
Just a stone’s throw from Oregon and a hop, skip and a jump from Idaho, Fields Spring State Park lies in the Blue Mountains of far southeast Washington. Unlike the water-centric state parks of western Washington, Fields Spring is densely forested with a diverse variety of native trees, wildflowers and wildlife. In the summer, you can tire yourself out on miles of hiking, biking and running trails. When winter rolls around and a thick layer of white snow blankets the region, activities switch to cross country skiing, snowshoeing and even tubing down a well-groomed hill. Whatever time of year it is, Fields Spring State Park offers plenty of activities to get you out of the house and into the wild.
Wohelo Lodge
Wohelo Lodge (Group Campground) is tucked in the Blue Mountains, and is a favorite for families and...
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Fields Spring Campground
Fields Spring Campground is located in a very remote and beautiful park. A short walk to Rattlesnake...
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Puffer Butte Lodge
Puffer Butte Lodge (Group Campground) is nestled among pine trees in the Blue Mountains. Guests will...
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