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Beverly Beach State Park
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Teal Creek Camp
Teal Creek Camp
99% Recommend – 62 Responses
Jack: Great Location. Sara (Land Owner) was gracious and kind. If you camp and want to bring a dog think t...
Direct book $20/night
Fern School Farm
Fern School Farm
100% Recommend – 6 Responses
Erinn: Fern School Farm is so beautiful!! Appropriately named for the historic structure just outside the ent...
Direct book $25/night
Falls City Farm
Falls City Farm
83% Recommend – 6 Responses
James : The location was great. The host was very accommodating. We really enjoyed the view of the eclipse. ...
Direct book $30/night
Winter Creek Camping
Bonnie & Steve
Bonnie & Steve : Pitch your tent and enjoy the star filled nights.   Camp in the trees or out in the open; its always...
Direct book $20/night
Best of Both: Forest & Beach...
Andrea: Private & natural location. Pitch your tent among the trees or in a pasture by the creek and...
Direct book $10/night
Phoenix Camp
Susan: Pitch a tent or your RV in the coastal mountains of Oregon. Close to Newport beach. Bring your ATVs,...
Direct book $30/night
Chuchonnyhoof Creekside Camp
Chuchonnyhoof Creekside Camp
100% Recommend – 2 Responses
Andrew: This was a good spot to pull off for the night and catch up on sleep in a secluded area. It's surround...
Direct book $35/night
Tidal Waterfront, Dock & Cabin
Sara: Our stay a the Tidal Waterfront was an exciting adventure! The property is located in a remote locati...
Request book $35/night
Camp Black Rock
Susan: Come and enjoy beautiful Oregon countryside at its finest. Whether you're road tripping through Oregon...
Direct book $50/night
Organic Farm Camp
Organic Farm Camp
100% Recommend – 12 Responses
Evan: Elizabeth is so great and the Farm was really simply amazing to stay at. If anyone is looking to fully...
Direct book $125/night
Northwest Lakeside Meadow
William: Wonderful camping area, great people here, very welcoming. Best camping experience I've ever had. Wi...
Direct book $30/night
Come on in out of the Rain
Carolina: We are a 501c3 Not for Profit that would like to offer a lovely private dorm like setting with queen...
Direct book $50/night
Modern Industrial Glamping
George: There is so much I'd like to praise, I don't even know where to begin. It's a beautiful location on a ...
Direct book $250/night
Earth Day Campout & Meteor Shower
Sophia: We will meet up when you arrive and tour the land.   Choose one of 4 campsites, or pick another space...
Direct book $5/night
40 Acres Farm w/River
40 Acres Farm w/River
100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Ronald: Had a great night out on Lori's property this weekend. The land and pyramid are right along the Santia...
Direct book $40/night
Christopher: Pitch your tent amidst the Alder trees here next to the Siuslaw River. You can drive right to your...
Direct book $10/night
Backyard camp in forest setting.
Wendy: Come stay in my country backyard. It’s the backyard of my house, but it’s surrounded by forest and is...
Direct book $18/night
Mountain Top Paradise
Mountain Top Paradise
100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Mario: AMAZING!!!! The property is unlike any property we’ve seen. Beautiful 360 degree views. So quiet, and ...
Direct book $30/night
Tadpole Manor in Deadwood Camp
Andrew: It was great getting to meet the host, Sophia, at this location. Upon arriving, we took a tour of the ...
Request book $20/night
The Short Bus
Miranda: For folks wanting access to minimal electricity and a bed out of the rain, the short bus offers views...
Request book $25/night