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South Fork State Recreation Area
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Ruby Mountains Sunrise
Sue: Pitch your tent on our beautiful ranch property next to lovely Lamoille Creek.   You'll enjoy a...
Direct book $40/night
Hole in the Mountain Place
Travis: Two bedroom 1 bath cabin with full kitchen accommodates up to 9 persons. Beautiful aspen grove with...
Request book $135/night
Circle J Ranch
Brett: Surrounded by mountain peaks in the Nevada mountains, 60 miles from Elko and 50 miles from Battle...
Direct book $10/night
Thomas Canyon Campground
Sue: Thomas Canyon Campground is a great developed area, with paved roads and pull-ins and lots of shade. ...
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Creekside Camping on 40 Acres
Hunter: Absolutely gorgeous sunrise. 100% recommend
Request book $25/night
South Ruby Campground
Looking for a gem in the Ruby Mountains? South Ruby Campground is sure to sparkle. Campsites are...
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Sage Bush
Sage Bush
100% – 3 Responses
Julian: We had booked a night at Sage Bush for a place to camp on a road trip out to the Salt Flats in Utah fr...
Direct book $30/night
Angel Lake Campground
I think we just found a camping miracle at Angel Lake Campground. Campsites surround a hidden alpine...
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Angel Creek Campground
Angel Creek Campground peacefully sits under a grove of golden aspens just outside of Wells. The...
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Jack Creek Campground
Jack Creek Campground sits in an open cottonwood area near the creek. This campground is popular with...
First come, first serve
Mountain Escape
Meredith: Mountain escape really is what the name says! An escape to the mountings, surrounded by so many beauti...
Request book $20/night
Wild Horse Campground
Give your wild heart what it needs, and get out into some wide open spaces. Whatever the season, the...
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Wildhorse Crossing Campground
Wildhorse Crossing Campground sits along the banks of the Owyhee (Oh-WHY-HEE) River among native brush...
First come, first serve
Big Bend Campground
Big Bend Campground sits in an aspen grove surrounded by wide open country. Sunflower Reservoir is...
First come, first serve
Martin Ranch Lower Field Tents
Jes: About 25 miles in from the 50 fwy, the drive to Martin Ranch is worth it. It’s and off the grid, famil...
Direct book $20/night
Martin Ranch  Lower Field RV
Martin Ranch
Martin Ranch: Step back in time to our Nevada Centennial Ranch, homesteaded by our family in 1887.  Our off the grid...
Direct book $40/night
Pine Creek Campground
Pine Creek Campground sits in Monitor Valley on the eastern side of Toquima Mountain Range. The...
First come, first serve
Lower Bluster Campground
Lower Bluster Campground sits among large trees near Jarbidge River. The town of Jarbidge, Nevada is...
First come, first serve
Upper Bluster Campground
Upper Bluster Campground sits on the banks of Jarbidge River, a short walk from Bonanza Creek. Yep,...
First come, first serve
Pavlak Campground
With dense tall trees and the nearby Jarbridge River, Pavlak Campground is a high-altitude campground...
First come, first serve

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