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Tolowa Dunes State Park

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Tolowa Dunes
Tolowa Dunes
Tolowa Dunes
Tolowa Dunes

Tolowa Dunes State Park, California

When a place is known as the spot “where the redwoods meet the sea”, you are kind of expecting something extraordinary. And, friends, the Tolowa Coast does not disappoint. Moving towards the sea, Read more...
When a place is known as the spot “where the redwoods meet the sea”, you are kind of expecting something extraordinary. And, friends, the Tolowa Coast does not disappoint. Moving towards the sea, Tolowa Dunes State Park, just south of the Oregon border, covers 5,000 acres that include some of California’s most exquisite wetlands, and encompasses ocean beach, river, open/vegetated sand dunes, wooded ridges, in addition to the wetlands. The native people who lived on the land, the Tolowa Dee-Ni, survived for thousands of years on the rich abundance of plant and wildlife, and the park is situated on their ancestral grounds. Literally hundreds of species of plants and animals call the Tolowa Dunes home, and a days hike easily takes you along wild, untouched Pacific shoreline, past the dunes that give this park its name and protect the ecologically diverse wetlands, by the largest estuarine lagoon on the west coast, and through coastal forests and meadows blooming with flowers found nowhere else in California. The Tolowa Dee-Ni referred to this land as the “Center of the Universe”, and we think, after spending some time here, you can’t help but understand why.
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