Oquaga Creek State Park

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About Oquaga Creek State Park

A short car ride from the Big Apple, Oquaga Creek State Park is the perfect spot to unwind. Find storybook forest camping, rolling hills for hikers and bikers, and even shredders in the winter! We know the camp s'mores beckon, but save your appetite for a post-Arctic Lake dip. Oquaga is an oasis so close to the city, you’ll be stoked to make repeat trips to enjoy this ultimate relaxation destination.

Campgrounds in Oquaga Creek

Oquaga Creek State Park Campground

1. Oquaga Creek State Park Campground

If you’re currently reading this in a stuffy Manhattan apartment in New York City and the sound of incessant sirens is about to send you off the...


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Oquaga Creek
June 5th, 2015
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