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Top-rated campgrounds near Ponca State Park


Blue Tin Ranch

3 sites 路 RVs, Tents10 acres 路 Burbank, SD
Hello and welcome to the peaceful countryside! Proud to be named HipCamp's 2022 Top 10 Properties! We are a luxury hunting lodge here in South East South Dakota and love offering people the chance to camp, park, and explore our property! We are fifth generation farmers and are so proud of our farm and of South Dakota. Ask us about guides for the way out west to the Black Hills. We have 10 acres to share and are excited to host you! On property you can find, corn crib swings, a winding enchanted path to a gazebo perfect for sunsets, a gravity wagon basketball game, a romantic lit pavillion, a balcony overlooking both Iowa and Nebraska, and fields of corn and beans! Bathrooms can be found centrally on the property, we have 2 womens, 2 mens and one family/ handicap accessible. Now with Shower AND WIFI!
/ night

Green Hills Tiny Houses

4 sites 路 Lodging80 acres 路 Martinsburg, NE
Discover the simple beauty and tranquility of Living Tiny while surrounded by soft, green hills. Sip a cup of coffee while gazing at greenery from the living room or back deck. Lounge in a hammock, meditate or write, explore the 80-acre property, or relax on the back deck by the outdoor fire pit. Enjoy a breath-taking view of the stars from the outdoor hot tub. Come in after enjoying nature and relax with a glass of wine in an elegant, modern tiny house. A perfect, peaceful get-away. Go to www.greenhillstinyhouses.com for videos of the building process and more details about upcoming projects! The entire footprint of this home is 12x32 (not including decks)--but for a tiny house, it actually is quite spacious! Huge windows with beautiful views of the Nebraska countryside, fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, in-ceiling speakers, wifi, a Smart Projector w/ a 67" screen & a 32" Smart TV equipped with Netflix/Amazon Prime/DisneyPlus, large back deck, front deck, 3'x5' shower, washer/dryer, indoor fireplace (turned off during summer months), outdoor propane fire pit, oak floors, reclaimed barn wood accents throughout. All on a spacious property of rolling hills and spectacular views. Beds: One king bed, one queen bed, and one double bed (these are all in different loft spaces). The loft with the queen bed in the back of the house is private. There is also a couch on the ground floor that can be turned into a twin bed for mobility-challenged guests. **The sub-ceilings (i.e. ceilings underneath each loft) are 6'4" tall. Just FYI! ***Single-night bookings are available Sunday-Thursday! If you'd prefer this option, just message me and we will arrange it! ** My tiny house has a wide-open feel first because of the landscape (rolling hills and NE plains), and next because of all the windows that let that nature in. I designed and built this house myself, and wanted two things in order to give it an open, bright ambiance: High ceilings and big windows. I wanted to look at nature all the time, and tried to "bring the outside in". It turned out exactly how I wanted! This house is one of those "Not-so-tiny" tinies. Once inside, it feels bigger than you'd think, but it's still technically only 342 sq feet on the bottom level. Since I was custom building it for myself, I had to include a few luxuries and wish-items! My favorite features are: the heated floor throughout the bathroom and bedroom, the fire place, the big back deck/carport, in-ceiling speakers throughout the house, the electric fireplace by the master bed, the hardwood oak living room/kitchen floor, the reflective ceiling tiles (create an illusion of space and 'bigness'), the look of the storage stairs, the off-grid water system, the barn wood that I incorporated throughout the house, and the huge picture window in the living room. My desire for everyone who stays in my home is first, that you feel valued and valuable, and second, that you feel and enjoy the peace that I feel in this space. Please be aware that like most tiny housers, I have a composting toilet鈥攊t鈥檚 environmentally friendly, saves a ton of water, and I love it! (I also built it!). But please be conscious of this fact before you book, and know to expect it. I know this type of thing isn鈥檛 for everyone, though most people seem to adapt just fine. If you are unsure about it, just ask. More about the space: This tiny house is on a vast 80-acre property! My friends John and Audrey live on the property about 400 feet north in a farmhouse on the other side of the grove of trees, and I live on the property in the neighboring teeny tiny house! We are building a tiny house community! We all love Jesus, and have a passion for seeing Him heal and restore people. The entire tiny house is yours! For food: You have access to all kitchenware, myriad spices, anything in the pantry, cupboards or fridge, coffee/coffee maker, etc. Some breakfast foods are provided in the fridge and pantry--various flavors of bagels and cream cheese, breakfast sausage, bacon, oatmeal, pancake mix, and coffee. There are also various condiments in the fridge. We also have an "In-(Tiny) House" Coffee Shop (equipped Enjoy a relaxed, lavish morning sipping a rich latte or cappuccino, made with the Breville Espresso Maker. Milk (for lattes is also available. Ground and whole beans are provided (dark and medium roasts). The grocery store and local pizza joint are an 8-minute drive east, there's a yummy burger dive (Bob's Bar) 9 minutes south, and a large variety of restaurants is a 30-minute drive East. If you're staying for three days or more, and enjoy cooking new meals at home (like I do!), I can also arrange to have Blue Apron deliver meals for you to make. More details about that below. You'll also have access to the entire property: 80 acres! Feel free to go exploring--except the space with the cows. Don't do that. But overall, just let loose and be free! Hike the big hill by my house; the view is truly unparalleled. Or you may just prefer to sit on the back deck and take in the lovely views from there, or walk the trail circling two acres of the property. You may see other people around the property, as the tiny house about 100 feet north of mine is also rented on Airbnb (this is included in a few pictures). Also, I live in the teeny tiny house 150 feet away from the Big Tiny House. Both other tiny houses are screened from view with privacy fence sections. Additionally, Audrey lives with her family in the house behind the grove of trees (about 400 feet north) and will be around at all times to answer any questions you might have. During the late Fall and Winter months, this will be a peaceful oasis; there won't be people working outside much--too cold! During the temperate months of the year, this is a working farm, so expect us to be investing in and improving the land and property during the day; we may be working on the garden or food forest or the pond. Let us know if you鈥檇 like to get your hands dirty by helping John with some permaculture work (he does this on the weekends and in the late afternoon/early evening on week days)--or just relax! 1.5 miles from my tiny house is Powder Creek Lake--which is great for fishing or kayaking/canoeing. And I do have a canoe on the property for your use! You will need to have a vehicle with a hitch (1 7/8鈥 ball ) to transport the canoe on my utility trailer to and from the lake. But just let me know in advance and I will get it set up for you! Also, I don鈥檛 know if you can ice-fish on it in the winter; I would assume so! If you prefer a real wood fire, free to use the fire-pit across the yard from my house! Chairs and wine glass holders are provided. Transportation to the property: It鈥檚 a good idea to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, as the 4-mile-long gravel road out to my place can get tricky to drive on if it鈥檚 raining or during the winter if it snows and plows have not come through yet. If it snows, I do have someone come out and plow my driveway; yet, once in the past when the snow was extremely deep and city plows hadn鈥檛 yet come through to clear the main road, my plow guy couldn鈥檛 make it out to my property with his bobcat until the next day. This only happened once in the last three years. But just be aware that there is a chance of being snowed in during your stay, and be okay with that before you book in the winter time! Having said that, if you have a 4-wheel-drive, high clearance vehicle (I.e. a truck or SUV), you shouldn鈥檛 have any problems. I have a Jeep Cherokee and it has been perfect in the snow! **There is another lone Tiny House about 1/4 mile north of Big Gray that is under construction. It is gray, white, cedar, and has blue doors. Do not turn there; that tiny house a new project, and not ready for visitors. If you keep going for another 1/4 mile, you'll see Big Gray Tiny House, where you'll stay! If there's any confusion, please call :) -There may or may not be other people renting out the tiny houses 100 feet North and 150 feet South of the house. -During the summer months there may be some activity going on! Generally not loud, but there may be people about, tending to the garden, etc. -A deep-cleaning of the entire tiny house is done between each and every guest stay. That means: -Fresh, clean linens are always used -The furniture (chairs/couch/lounging area) is sanitized and cleaned -All touched surfaces throughout the house are cleaned (every surface but the walls) -Audrey and her husband John have three small boys. In the winter months you will not see them (unless requested!) and in the summer they will mostly be playing by their house on another part of the property where you may see them from time to time, especially if John is working in the gardens. They like to "help" him. -If you are staying for at least three days, I do have a subscription to a fresh meal delivery service called Blue Apron so you can cook your own dinner without needing to shop or bring groceries beforehand. If requested, I would be happy to order a few fresh food delivery meals for you to cook and enjoy during your stay. Blue Apron offers two meals for two people for $53, three for around $70 (plus up-charges for substitutions and additions), and four meals for $85. Blue Apron also offers meals for 4 people for an additional cost. We can schedule the meals to be delivered on almost any day you'd like--just not Sunday or Monday. I personally have really enjoyed trying new recipes and discovering delicious new meals! It's also wonderful not to have to go grocery shopping. If you book a few weeks in advance and would like to try this option, let me know. I will send you the meal options for that week and we will work out the order details! Winter ONLY: During the winter months in order to avoid freezing water lines, there is a chance the tiny house may use its off-grid water system, which includes a water container inside the couch and a small water pump to get the water to all the house water pipes. The pump is not excessively noisy, but does make some noise, and it comes on whenever you turn on a faucet; so just be aware of that before you book. It wasn't used or needed these last few years, but just know that there's a chance it could be needed. Our property is so peaceful! Away from the city, away from the stress. You can see the stars at night and listen to the birds chirp in the morning. I also have two very friendly cats who would love a little pet if you have a second. And we have cows, of course! There is a lot of farm land and hills surrounding us, and some beautiful gardens next to the tiny house. Walking the trails through the trees is a must! It is beautiful. Such a tranquil, remote setting, but only an 8-minute drive into town, where you'll find a few restaurants, a grocery store, gas stations, and all the basics you'll need. I highly recommend visiting Ponca State Park and hiking the trails there. It is beautiful! I've also seen people biking along the roads in the park. We are far out into the countryside, so if you like off-roading or want to bring your snowmobile or snowshoes in the winter, it is perfect for those types of activities. I also have a canoe you can take to the nearby lake (it's on a small trailer, if you have a hitch and 1 3/4 ball to pull it), and lawn games in the summer (a corn hole set, bocce ball, and various other games). About my community: We are a few friends living in community together on the Food for Rest property outside of Ponca, NE. This Tiny House is about 150 feet east of another tiny house (I call it my "Teeny Tiny Cabin") that I'm currently living in. It is also about 100 feet south of another cabin (which is rented out on Airbnb by my friends). Strategically-placed sections of privacy fence effectively screen the other tiny houses from view. The land owners live in the original farmhouse on the property (about 400 feet north of the Tiny House, through the tree grove). If I am not on the property, my co-host Audrey is there most of the time and can answer any questions you have. John and Audrey are amazing people, and I hope you are as blessed by them as I have been! My tiny house is secluded in the middle of the Nebraska countryside, about 8 minutes from the nearest town and 20ish minutes from the nearest "big" town. There is no public transport out here, so you will need your own transportation. We have a good little walking path that circles the property--maybe .3 miles long. You can also hike to the top of the hill east of my house to see a beautiful landscape of rolling hills. Driving: During seasons when it is very wet, it is a good idea to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle to traverse the 4 miles of gravel road leading to my house. The road tends to become quite muddy and can be tricky to drive in, so 4-wheel drive is best if there is a massive amount of snow melting, or after days of heavy rains. Additionally, snow is usually cleared out by the city fairly quickly after snow falls, but occasionally they have waited a day or so to do so. This can make it difficult to drive in the meantime in a vehicle without medium to high ground clearance (I have a Jeep Cherokee, which works great). Before your stay, I will be in communication with you about potential weather issues and give details about the terrain then if you or I have concerns. Nearby: The town of Ponca is an 8-minute drive East of my house, and there you will find a grocery store, a few pizza places, a gym, post-office, pharmacy, doctor's office, etc. If you want a larger town, South Sioux City, NE and Sioux City, IA are a 30-minute drive East. Normal cities--population of about 120,000--so lots of shopping, eating places, etc, in that area. Vermillion is another medium-sized town that is about 20 minutes West of us. It is a university town (USD), and has some cool places to check out as well. I have specifics and details about different places nearby which you will find in the Tiny House Manual when you arrive at the tiny house. On-site Activities: Lawn games: I have: Corn hole, Bocce ball, Giant Jenga, a Soccer and Football, Big Dice (for Yard Yahtzee and 19 other dice games), Croquet, and Kube. Bonfires: The fire-pit across from my house is for your exclusive use and enjoyment! Chairs, side tables, and wine glass holders are provided. Fire pit on the Deck: Don't want to get your clothes all smokey? Relax out on the large back deck with a glass of wine in front of the (propane fueled) fire pit! Lay in the hammock and star-gaze, and just enjoy the sounds of nature around you. Hot Tub: Enjoy an incredible sunset from the bliss of a steaming hot tub! If it's a clear night, wait until the stars emerge, and marvel at the most stunning display of stars you will ever see! There are bound to be a few shooting stars in the mix too, so watch for those. Hiking: Hike along the trail circling the property, or go off the trails and hike the hills on your own! Grill: Make a juicy steak and crisp veggies on the grill! a large grill is provided for your use! Picnics: Use the outdoor picnic table/benches, or grab a blanket and find one of countless spots on the ground! Picnicking whilst taking in the panoramic views on the top of the huge hill would be a memorable highlight! Bird and animal-watching: We have many varieties of birds and animals on the property, and many make their homes on the CRP property adjacent to the house. Off-roading: Bring your ATV for the property and low-maintenance roads (there are plenty!). Nature-gazing in comfort: Enjoy the sweeping views of hills and nature from inside the house, without fighting mosquitoes or sweltering or frigid weather! This was a main goal of mine when designing this house--so enjoy! Snow activities: Bring your snowmobile, snowboard, cross-country skis or snowshoes during the winter! The Surrounding Area/Off-site Activities: The town of Ponca is an 8-minute drive East of my house, and there you will find a grocery store, a few pizza places, a gym, post-office, pharmacy, doctor's office, etc. If you want a larger town, Sioux City, IA is a 30-minute drive East. Vermilion is another medium-sized town that is about 20 minutes West of us. I have specifics and details about different places nearby which you will find in the Tiny House Manual (Guidebook Section) when you arrive at the tiny house. Ponca State Park: Ponca State Park is only a 10-minute drive away, and I highly recommend visiting! It has some fantastic hiking the trails! Beautiful, regardless of the time of year! Off-roading: We are far out into the countryside, so you're welcome to bring your ATV's and ride around! Dirt-bikes or mountain bikes are also fine here. Canoe/fishing: 1.5 miles from my tiny house is Powder Creek Lake--which is great for fishing or kayaking/canoeing. And I do have a canoe on the property for your use! You will need to have a vehicle with a hitch (1 7/8鈥 ball ) to transport the canoe on my utility trailer to and from the lake. But just let me know in advance and I will get it set up for you! Also, I don鈥檛 know if you can ice-fish on it in the winter; I would assume so! Ice-fishing: I've never had someone do it, but it's worth a try! Set up your station on Powder Creek Lake!
/ night

Food For RestTiny House

4 sites 路 LodgingPonca, NE
We are Audrey and John Dutton. Our tiny house is on land that has been in the family for over 100 years. The big house is called the Heidy House because it was homesteaded by my husbands great great grandparents Eli Lincoln Heidy. Our passion is to heal the land and people. Bringing the two back to restoration through our Creator.
/ night

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If your heart lies atop wooded bluffs and along pristine river waters, Ponca State Park is your gateway to the finest gems Mother Nature has to offer! At the mouth of the Missouri National Recreational River you鈥檒l find yourself in front of endless forest hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Take in the serene vistas of scenic bluffs and the untouched shores of the river. Spring and summer means wildflowers galore, catfish to be caught, and plenty of chill time at the pool. Ample campsites and cabins are up for grabs year round, and quiet winter walks will reveal nesting bald eagles and the gentle 鈥渨oo-woo鈥 of the owls. Pop into the town of Ponca for a round of golf, or some good old Nebraska charm. A weekend or a day at Ponca State Park is never wasted, but a day lived to its absolute fullest!

When to go

The ideal time to visit Ponca State Park is during the spring and fall when the weather is mild and the natural scenery is at its peak. Summer months offer a full array of activities but can be quite warm, while winter provides a quiet, frosty landscape, perfect for those seeking solitude amid the park's winter beauty.

Know before you go

  • Check the park's calendar for any seasonal closures or special events that might affect your visit.
  • Wear appropriate attire for hiking and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated during your adventures.
  • Be mindful of the park's wildlife; observe from a distance and do not feed the animals.
  • Review boating safety regulations if you plan to enjoy water activities.
  • Remember to purchase a permit if you're planning on fishing or hunting within the park's designated areas.

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