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Witness the splendor of nature in this secluded plain.

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Top-rated campgrounds near Carrizo Plain National Monument


Blue Sky Center

31 sites 路 Lodging, RVs, Tents267 acres 路 New Cuyama, CA
1948- On January 1, 1948 a wildcatter named George Hadley, who had been oil prospecting in the valley for 10 years, made the first oil strike in the Cuyama Valley. Richfield Oil Company soon moved in and extracted nearly 300 million barrels of oil in just a few short years. To accommodate an exploding workforce in the early 1950s, the company built the town of New Cuyama, its infrastructure, public buildings, the Cuyama airstrip (L88) and all the industrial structures that are now home to Blue Sky. Richfield Oil Company, later merging with Atlantic Oil Company forming the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company (ARCO), created high-paying jobs, a safe and prosperous community, and developed schools, churches, and recreational areas for the employee-residents.1973- With dwindling production in the area and new discoveries in Alaska, Atlantic-Richfield Oil Company put the town of New Cuyama and its associated infrastructure up for sale. Word of an entire town for sale made its way to entrepreneur, Russell O鈥橯uinn of the Foundation for Airborne Relief (FAR) and Mildred Dotson, a wealthy widow from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The two worked together to acquire the townsite and adjacent land. O鈥橯uinn, an aviator, inventor, and test pilot, aspired to use the New Cuyama airstrip and facilities as a base for humanitarian relief and a non-profit trade school. Though not fully realized, FAR鈥檚 primary vision included utilizing converted military aircraft to airlift food and medical supplies to developing countries and global disaster areas. Dotson had loftier goals. Her plans included an 18-hole fly-in golf course, expansion of the Buckhorn Restaurant and Motel, and a 40- to 50-acre lake for amphibious landing and water sports. 1986- Another visionary, Harry Kislevitz, inventor of the popular design tool Colorforms庐 and founder of Future City/Villages International, sought to develop the site as a 鈥淐ity of Friendship,鈥 an all-electric village of 5,000 earthen homes. The dwellings were to be designed by Nader Khalili, an Iranian-born architect who specialized in earthen structures, worked with NASA on prototypes for lunar homes and received an award from the United Nations for his work towards the development of low cost, sustainable structures for human shelter in impoverished and disaster prone environments. One 628-sq-ft Khalili prototype remains on the property today ("the Cantina"). Khalili went on to form the California Institute for Earth Art and Architecture, Cal-Earth, in Hesperia, CA.1993- Recognizing the transformative potential of clean, solar power and the attractiveness of a rural destination, entrepreneur Mike Nolan worked to develop the Solar Skypark and Big Sky Guest Ranch with Santa Barbara Architect, Barry Berkus. The Sky Park included plans for sixty-five fly-in residences on one-acre lots powered completely from clean, solar energy. The Big Sky Guest Ranch was intended to function as a clubhouse for Skypark residents complete with an equestrian center, a small subsistence farm, pool and plenty of enriching recreational activities. 2012- At the end of 2011, the Zannon Family Foundation made a long-term investment in acquiring the New Cuyama Airport property with the vision of rehabilitating the site to be a low-cost resource for programs and organizations working to advance sustainable living practices and technologies. Plans began soon after towards developing a framework and organization to develop the space and coordinate with prospective programs and institutions. In 2014 Blue Sky聽Sustainable Living聽Center ("Blue Sky聽Center") received 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status, endeavoring to reclaim this property for the public good.聽Today, Blue Sky聽Center provides unduplicated services and technical assistance to support small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as聽the local food system, with core work focused on聽community research and advocacy led by Cuyamans. Learn more on our website and consider supporting our community work with your donation or by hosting your next special event here!
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Cuyama Badlands

26 sites 路 Lodging, RVs, Tents164 acres 路 Cuyama, CA
If you've ever wondered what it might be like to camp on the moon, this is it. Completely removed from civilization and surrounded by a barren nature that is alive with the subtle presence of the universe. Seasonally, Spring wildflowers burst across the landscape. Cave paintings of Chumash Indians remind us of those who lived before us. This is where the deer and the antelope play. Our Carrizo Camp is surrounded by the Carrizo Plains National Monument. This is truly a get away from it all camping. That's it. You, the coyotes and your own private moon. Our Songdog Camps are sparsely scattered atop a 200 foot mesa that looks west over a valley offering stunning desert sunsets. Our Ranch House and Glampsites are available on occasion. This is our home but we love to share our life in the outback. We believe it will give you a better appreciation of life's simpler side. This land was sparsely populated by the Chumash Indian and is evident by the numerous cave painting that remain here in the Caliente mountain. In the era of the California Missions, this land was a part of the Spanish land grants. Currently the property is privately owned and is adjacent to large sections of publicly held lands.
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Carrizo National

17 sites 路 Lodging, RVs, Tents2 acres 路 Mc Kittrick, CA
Enjoy the wonders of Carrizo National Park. Home to the largest Soda Lake with 360 degree views and the super bloom that attracts thousands of people every Spring. Reconnect with nature and escape the noise and pollution of the city. The majestic hills frame a perfect view of the sky so you can experience sunsets, sunrises, full moons, eclipses and starry nights like never before. You may see local wildlife such as mountain lions and elk in the surrounding hills, rabbits and tarantulas in the fields or even hear foxes and coyotes howling in the distance. Driving Instructions: Head toward the middle of 7 Mile Road until you see a Green outhouse building on the south side. Coordinates: 35掳17'04.6"N 119掳54'13.7"W聽 Don't forget to walk on the soda lake! It's a short drive just south of the property. There is cell service on the property for most carriers.聽 Please be extra cautious with your campfires. Your Feedback is appreciated and is used to improve future experiences for guests. Thank you!
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Freedog Farms @ Cactus Flower Ranch

32 sites 路 Lodging, RVs, Tents43 acres 路 Buellton, CA
When you camp with us it鈥檚 a full experience including a tour (upon availability 99% of the time), welcome drink and access to our common area which offers BBQ, wash sink, cold dunk tubs and shady lounge area under our pepper trees (see photos.) That said鈥 Our base site rental fee is $75 for the first person which includes the propane tank and propane fire pit rental. We charge an additional $50 per person after the base site fee. Children under 15 are FREE. We love sharing our property with friends, family, HipCampers and dogs. Our property consists of: 43 rugged/hilly/mountainous acre with numerous flat plateaus and fantastic views. Each plateau has several great spots to car/van/truck camp, pitch a tent or park small trailers and small RVs. Larger RVs/Trailers fit on the front side of our property. SUMMER/FALL: Expect the landscape and views to be golden brown (not green and lush like in a lot of the photos posted which were taken this past winter/spring.) Thank you for your interest in camping with us! We look forward to your potential booking request. We have been doing this for a while now and we absolutely love it. We鈥檝e learned a lot along the way so the following information, I know it鈥檚 a lot of info, please read in its entirety so that you get the most out of your stay with us. We chose to offer sites on a PER PERSON PRICING bases rather than a flat rate for each site. This way solo campers have affordable pricing and access to our camp. When you camp with us it鈥檚 a full experience including a tour (upon availability 99% of the time), welcome drink and access to our common area which offers BBQ, wash sink, cold dunk tubs and shady lounge area under our pepper trees (see photos.) That said鈥 Our base site rental fee is $75 for the first person which includes the propane tank and propane fire pit rental. We charge an additional $50 per person after the base site fee. Children under 15 are FREE. Our property consists of 43 rugged/hilly/mountainous acres with numerous flat plateaus and fantastic views to pitch a tent or park small trailers and small RVs. Larger RVs/Trailers fit on the front side of our property. SUMMER/FALL: Expect the landscape and views to be golden brown (not green and lush like in a lot of the photos posted which were taken this past winter/spring.) PICKING YOUR CAMPSITE: When we are not sold out we place campers at campsites on a first-come-first-serve basis upon arrival. If we are sold out we will pre-pick your campsite based on where we feel each of our campers will be happiest given their individual camp set up, i.e. Tent, Van, Trailer, RV, and size of the group. All of our sites are spread out with plenty of space for social distancing. DRY CAMPING: All of our sites are DRY camping (no water/electricity.) We provide a picnic table and one umbrella and a propane fire pit with a propane tank. Please bring additional shade structures if you think you鈥檒l need more shade. Our best sites, with little-to-no traffic noise, (and the best views) are on our back property. Best suited for tents, camper vans, trucks, and SMALL trailers or SMALL RVs. There is a semi-steep hill up to our upper property if you're towing a trailer you will need a powerful vehicle to make it up the hill. Sites on our lower property by the common area are easily accessible with views up the hills/mountains but come with some highway noise. We imagine it sounds like waves crashing and call it the "steel river." For your private camp area, please bring your own drinking water, water to wash dishes and if think you'll need: chairs, camp tables, umbrellas or shade structures, trash bags/cans (throw your trash in the dumpster out side our entry gate when you leave. Plan on being fully self-sufficient. Otherwise, feel free to use the common area BBQ, Sink, tables and chairs at the barn until 10 pm. MOST DOGS WELCOMED... WE PROHIBIT UN-neutered aggressive breed dogs. DOGS ARE FREE TO RUN UNLEASHED ALL OVER OUR LAND. The front of our property is all. Fenced. The back property just has barbed wire. ABOUT OUR DOGS: We have one female dog and three male dogs (one of the three is UN-NEUTERED) a 10-year-old yellow lab (Titan-Dan.) A 14-year-old American Dingo (Reno.) 5-year-old Great Pyrenees (Bandit.) And then there is Cannoli a 7-year-old female Great Pyrenees who adopted us we saw her come through the bushes from the neighbors property across the highway鈥 She ran across the highway and jumped the medium and ran up to our gate, she hasn鈥檛 left since鈥 COMMON USE AREA: Inside and near the barn include tables, chairs, hammocks, wood fire pit, outdoor propane BBQ and stove, wash sink and outdoor mineral shower, and mineral cold plunge tubs. FIRE SAFETY and PROPANE FIREPITS: We have 鈥渧ery safe鈥 propane firepits and fire extinguishers at every site. Under the right conditions, we will light a real wood fire at the common area by the barn. Feel free to join us in the early evening until 10pm. PORTA-POTTIES: We have porta-potties next to the Barn, the Garden, Running Dog Flats, and the Art Studio. They are pumped clean every Thursday and are generally very lightly used. If you don鈥檛 want to use the porta-potties we recommend/encourage you to bring your own camp toilet, bags, and absorbent. WILDLIFE: Our dogs do a great job of fending off the resident bobcat and coyotes on the front portion of our property and by the barn, if they are barking in the night there's a reason. If you end up camping on the front portion of our property and think their barking will affect your sleep, bring earplugs ;-). Drinking-WATER, Dish Washing Water and Shade: All of our sites are dry camping i.e. there is no potable water available. Please bring all your own drinking/dishwashing water. We have a picnic table and 1 umbrella at all the sites. Please bring additional shade i.e. easy up or other shade structures if you think you'll need it. Cold Mineral Dunks and Hot Outdoor Mineral Shower: We have huge aluminum cowboy cold dunk tubs available at what we lovingly/jokingly refer to as our very own 鈥淐actus Flower Beach,鈥 which is not a real beach鈥 It feels like a beach because we鈥檝e decked it out with lounge chairs, a daybed cabana, 150K pounds of sand and tiki-hut umbrellas. It鈥檚 fun to hang out there when it鈥檚 hot under the shade of the pepper trees. NOTE: The Outdoor Shower screening is a tad see-through. If you are shy, wear a bathing suit. Please limit showers to 3-5 minutes max. Mineral Water Definition: Water from a mineral spring or well (i.e. our well) that contains various minerals, such as salts and sulfur compounds. TRASH: Please pack all your trash out to the large trash bin located at the entrance to our property. Please take your recycling with you. ELECTRICITY and Wi-Fi: We have charging stations in the barn for your computers, phones, etc. Password: HowdyDoody (Accessible in and near the barn common area.) COMMISSARY: We have farm fresh eggs and meats from the pork palace across the street, and other swag i.e Hats for sale in the barn. FEED THE CHICKENS AND GOATS: Please feel free to feed the goats and chickens your vegetable scraps and or bring them a treat they love full heads of cabbage, lettuce, cantaloupe and watermelon. CHILDREN: For safety, children must be always accompanied by an adult! OUR RECOMMENDATIONS for THINGS TO DO WHILE YOU VISIT THE AREA: WINE TASTING We are in the heart of the wine country with a tasting room less than one mile away and/or a few short miles into the bst wine tasting rooms and wineries in Buellton, Solvang, Santa Ynez. Google search some of our favorite: Babcock Winery, Brick Barn, Dierber-Starlane, Folded Hills winery (which is on mile south of us.) BEACHES, HIKING and the brand new ZIP-LINE and ROPES Adventure Course! 15% off Zip-line and Ropes Adventure Course. If your into adventure and not afraid of heights this is a must do while your in our area its a short 5 miles from our camp ground鈥 (If you have a pet with you you can leave your pet in our kennel while you do this adventure.) Google search High Line Adventure in Bulletin and use 15% off code: FREEDOGFARMS15 Book on line open: Thursday - Sunday HIKES: You can hike all over our property (stay within our boundaries i.e. fence lines) , 1. Nojoqui Falls (1.5 miles south of our ranch) 2. Gaviota Wind Caves (6 miles south of our ranch) BEACHES: We are 5-6 minutes from the beach and Gaviota coast line. 1. Gaviota State Beach (6 miles south of our ranch) 2.Tajiguas Beach (15 miles south of our ranch) 3. Jalama Beach County Park (30-minute beautiful windy drive, but well worth it especially if you want to get one of the worlds best burgers at the campground store) RESTAURANTS/DINING: 1. Industrial Eats, Buellton 2. Ramen Kotori, Solvang 3. La Tequila Mexican Restaurant, Buellton (NOTE: They don鈥檛 actually serve tequila but the food is GREAT!) 4. Ginos Pizza, Buellton (they will deliver to our gate) 6. Hitching Post, Buellton 7. Trattoria Grappolo, 2 locations: Santa Ynez and Solvang 8. HOOK鈥檇 Bar and Grill at Lake Cachuma (20 minutes to the lake) FARM STANDS: 1. Folded Hills Winery and Farm Stand (farm animals to visit as well) (1 mile south of our ranch) 2. The Blueberry Farm (Seasonal Pick your own blueberries stand closes end of September-ish) (1 mile south of our ranch) FUN for KIDS and ADULTS: 1. Ostrich Land USA, Buellton (Feed the Ostriches and Emus) 2. Mendenhall's Museum of Gasoline Pumps & Petroliana, Buelton We look forward to hosting you. Sincerely, Sierra and Darin.
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Twisselman Ranch

15 sites 路 Lodging, Tents200 acres 路 Santa Margarita , CA
Twisselman ranch is a 6 generation working cattle ranch that has been in the family since the 1800鈥檚. We all enjoy this wonderful place and hope to share our experiences with others. Voted BEST HIPCAMP Glamping in the United States to visit in 2021 & 2022!! Come Glamping & experience our Rual Retreat here at Twisselman Ranch. We are located about 1 hour east of Paso Robles California a short drive off highway 58 and about 1.5 hours west of Bakersfield. Carrisa Plains is known for its beautiful display of wild flowers in the spring time, incredible sunny days, and spectacular wildlife viewing. The ranch is also located a short 29 min drive from the Carrizo Plain National Monument and Las Padres National Forest. Tule elk, prog horn antelope, and valley quail are just some of the animals you may encounter on our ranch. The pond is full of fish (bass, blue gill & sun perch) so don鈥檛 forget your fishing poles (catch & release). -We have beautiful 2 stall hot water showers, and three stall restroom including handicap stall. **Cleaned & Sanitized DAILY Our communal kitchen has : a large gas bbq grill, 3 smaller gas grills as well as gas burners & sink. **Cleaned & Sanitized DAILY. There are several counter high prepping tables around the kitchen (please clean up your cooking essentials & food after each meal as everyone shares this space). Campfires - We are an ember free site year round due to wildfire risks & insurance purposes. We do however have propane fire pit rentals for $20 per night. - great for roasting s鈥檓ores & the ambience of camping. Please do not cook any meals on them. All cooking is to be done in the communal kitchen area. The summer days can get pretty toasty and the winter nights can get very chilly so check the weather before your stay and plan accordingly. Don鈥檛 forget your swim suits as we have soaking troughs for you to cool off in. -Also please note we are located an hour from the nearest town, no stores or gas stations. Please come fully equipped with your own utensils, cooking essentials, food and beverages. We sell ICE!! $5 per 5lb bag. We are off grid, there is no electricity, all lights are battery or solar powered. You may want a flashlight or headlamp for walking around at night. We have wildflower honey available for sale straight off the ranch. If your interested in purchasing during your stay please visit Twisselman Ranch . Com be sure to specify in comment at check out that your a guest. Cellular Service - Verizon is the only dependable steady service out here as we have a Verizon tower on the ranch. All other service is spotty if existent at all. We are a self check-in site. Upon arrival show yourself to the site following welcome note directions. Check in is anytime after 3pm, but no later than 9pm unless arranged with us (a $20 late fee will apply after 9pm). Check out is 11am on the day of departure. Instagram @temblormountainpacktrain #temblormountainpacktrain #camptheranch #twisselmanranch
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Harmony's Glamping

10 sites 路 Lodging, Tents90 acres 路 Mission Canyon, CA
Nestled along a spring fed creek in the beautiful mountains of Santa Barbara. Immerse yourself in the great outdoors while staying cozy in a Yurt, Teepee, or one of our Geo Domes. Each is secluded with a hot shower, propane fire pit, camp kitchen and a comfortable queen bed. Wake up to the sound of the birds chirping and the creek rippling. Hike to our very own 30' ft waterfall where you can take a dip, lay out and catch some sunshine. The trail is rugged so be ready to boulder and use your hands in some places. Our wood burning hot tub is freshly filled every time, and right along the creek for a natural hot/cold plunge experience. We also offer morning yoga, and relaxing massages for a fully rejuvenating experience. Enjoy some nearby experiences all within 30 minutes: -Cold Springs Tavern, historical stagecoach stop, live music and delicious BBQ -Wine Tasting in Solvang or on Stearns Wharf -State Street, Downtown Shopping and Restaurants -Beaches, LedBetter, East Beach, Butterfly, Hendry's Beach (Dog Friendly) -Painted Cave, a cave full of Indian paintings -Hikes, SaddleRock, Lizards Mouth, Hot Springs Please note that a high clearance vehicle is recommended! This is a mountainous bumpy dirt road with steep sharp corners. A regular car can make it, just be warned you may bottom out a couple times. We do have a Jeep Wrangler available for rent on site. ($80 a day) You can add it onto your booking under extras. We are not liable for any damage to you or your vehicle when entering our property, so do so at your own risk. Please feel free to reach out with any further questions. Text or Call: 805-698-8623 IG:@harmonys_glamping
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SLO Country Camp

2 sites 路 RVs, Tents10 acres 路 San Luis Obispo, CA
SLO Country Camp was once a part of the Serpa Ranch, one of the early ranches of the Central Coast. It鈥檚 remained a beautiful rural pocket in the Edna Valley area of San Luis Obispo. It鈥檚 quiet and peaceful, enjoy your morning coffee listening to all the birds waking up. There鈥檚 a private creek not far away that draws deer and wildlife. Just saw 3 deer run through out property 2 days ago. Owls, red tail hawks, eagles, squirrels and jack rabbits we see frequently. And you can listen to the coyotes howling at night. We鈥檙e surrounded by rolling coastal hills, vineyards, horses, cattle and also land apportioned to the Land Conservancy. Walk down our road and then left up to the top of the hill for a panoramic view of the entire area with the city San Luis Obispo at a distance. Our two sites are flat on decomposed granite pads. Both have excellent views and easy access to our common areas: wash/kitchen prep, and cold-water outdoor shower. Site 1 is best for trailers but Site 2 is adequate. Firewood is available for purchase at camp for those wanting to use the fire pit, or you can bring your own. The San Luis Obispo, Central Coast has so much to see and do! Hiking trails abound, my favorites are Bob Jones trail to walk or bike to Avila Beach, Johnson Ranch and Irish Hills for hiking hills, the Ridge trail for a view over Shell and Avila beaches, and the Harmony Trail to walk grassy cliffs by the ocean. Montano de Oro is only 15 minutes away with rocky ocean cliff trails that lead down to the coastline. We are 5 minutes from the beginning of the Edna Valley winery trail with 30 wineries or more I鈥檝e lost count. Tasting and relaxing in great atmospheres. My favorites are Biddle Ranch, Talley, Mailene, Chamisal, Bailyanna... but there are so many more. We鈥檙e 10 minutes from downtown San Luis Obispo, 10鈥12 minutes to Avila or Pismo beaches. Morro Bay is 25 minutes. And we鈥檙e just 5 minutes off the 101 for easy access to traveling. The Central Coast has almost everything for fun, adventure and food. Surfing, biking, hiking, ocean kayaking, paddle boarding, golf, wine and beer culture, ranch lands, shopping and restaurants and we鈥檙e close to it all.
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Cuyama Oaks Ranch

8 sites 路 Lodging, RVs, Tents82 acres 路 CA
Hello! Our names are Ricky and Nathan. We own and operate an 80 acre ranch that is great for family's, kids, romantic getaways, and LGBTQIA+ safe. We cannot wait to host you and your group! We're excited to share our property with those who appreciate nature and what seclusion in the mountains has to offer. Located deep in the Cuyama Valley, close to wine country, and booming local vineyards (1.25 hrs past Ojai and 45 minutes past Santa Maria) our ranch promises the getaway experience you've been looking for. The Ranch is 80 acres with majestic mountain views and vast canyons for hiking and trail access. During the spring and summer months imagine sitting in your own personal cowboy pooltub looking up at the stars. Smell the sage and wildflowers in the air while you sip wine. Surrounded by the Los Padres Mountains and located deep within the hidden valley of enchantment, this ranch gives the visitor the high-desert glamping/camping experience of their dreams. For the hikers and explorers out there, the ranch offers trails and within 30 min in every direction there are local trails. . There is a designated area for tent camping and for RV's, Trailers, Vans, and tiny homes (no electric yet for RVs). We also offer glamping sites and all inclusive yurts. The ranch is completely private and secluded, off HWY 166. We welcome all animals, big and small. We are farm! We have pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys and more!
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Heritage - Carrizo Plains

1 site 路 RV2 acres 路 Mc Kittrick, CA
Looking for a place to get away from the stresses of the city and enjoy some peace and tranquility? Look no further than the Heritage Campsite. For the past four years, this has been our go-to spot for camping and creating great memories with our family and pets. Located just a few miles from the Carrizo Plain National Monument and Soda Lake, this 2.5-acre lot is one of California's best-kept secrets. With only a few hours' drive from Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo, it offers visitors a rare opportunity to be alone with nature and experience the beauty of the outdoors. Learn more about this land: The Heritage Campsite is RV, travel trailer, and van-friendly, and generators are allowed at your discretion. And with no other visitors on the property, you'll have the entire lot to yourself. One of the most amazing things about this campsite is the clear and beautiful night sky. With no city lights to interfere, you'll be able to see the stars like never before. And if you're lucky, you may even hear the coyotes howling in the distance. During the spring, the valley comes alive with lush, colorful flowers that blanket the mountains in blue, green, purple, and yellow. It's a sight that you'll never forget and a reminder of the beauty of nature. So why wait? Book your stay at the Heritage Campsite today and experience the magic of this hidden gem. It's like going back in time to the pioneering days or the native American passage travels. It's the perfect place to relax, unwind, and create new memories that will last a lifetime.
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Lisa S.鈥檚 Land

4 sites 路 Lodging, RVs1 acre 路 Solvang, CA
This is Glamping at its best! We have two cabins that have kitchens with mini frig, microwaves and sinks. Complimentary coffee and tea as well. Very comfortable queen beds. Each cabin has a living room and table area along with gas fireplaces inside and A/C. Outdoor courtyard area with firepit, picnic tables and string lights to enjoy the days or evenings.聽Each cabin sleeps two but both can be rented to sleep four. Both cabins are historic to the area.聽聽All of this is in the center of the Santa Ynez valley close to Los Olivos , Santa Ynez and Solvang.Wine tasting, bike riding and hiking. Great restaurants and wineries within walking distance.
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-G Ranch

1 site 路 RV, Tent116 acres 路 New Cuyama, CA
The Cuyama Valley separates the Caliente Mountain Range from the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Tucked away in the northern foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range of the Los Padres National Forest is Cottonwood Canyon of the Cuyama Valley, located in northern Santa Barbara County. Cottonwood Canyon is known for its spectacular high desert landscapes offering open ranges, rolling hills, chaparral with oak woodlands, riparian and juniper-sage terrain, and seasonal wildflowers. Cottonwood Canyon is also home to our secluded 116-acre ranch. The flora and fauna are plentiful, the mountainous views are indescribable, and the night skies are unforgettable! Perfect for unplugging, wildlife watching, photography, meditation, and much more! Our ranch has miles of hiking, mountain biking and horseback trails and is just two short miles from the Los Padres National Forest. This is the true essence of wilderness meets country, and we can鈥檛 wait to share it with you! Even though we are in the middle of nowhere, we are conveniently located near many recreational sites. Just to name a few, about 20 miles east is Alison Canyon Park; About 30 miles east off highway 33 is OHV recreation area, Ballinger Canyon; About 35 miles east off Hudson Ranch Road is the Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; About 60 miles north off Soda Lake Road is the Carrizo Plain National Monument; About 12 miles west is the Chimineas Ranch Ecological Reserve; and, about 60 miles east off highway 166 is Wind Wolves Preserve. Get a peaceful night鈥檚 sleep with full bellies! Here at -G Ranch, it鈥檚 important to us that you get the most pleasant stay that you deserve. Bring your own food to grill on our communal BBQ or possibly let us cook for you! Contact us before your stay and we can discuss food details.Learn more about this land:Come spend the night under the stars at our Grant Line camp site and event center. The Grant Line campsite is situated right next to an original 1840鈥檚 Spanish Land Grant boundary line, which is intersected by Forest Route 11N01. The grant has since been divided, but large pieces of land still remain, mostly inhabited by mountainous wildlife, ground squirrels, rabbits, coyotes and cattle. This area is also rich in Chumash history. Million-dollar views of the Caliente Mountain Range await you for evening sunsets and the Sierra Madre Mountain Range await you for your morning coffee enjoyment. Don't miss the brilliance of the famous Cottonwood Canyon Wildflowers with your front row seat. For your comfort, there is a 16x20 rustic-style shade structure (which has also been used for a dance floor!), water spigot, fire pit, small BBQ, and an outhouse. We have oak firewood available for purchase and a larger BBQ capable of cooking for 200+ guests available for rent, if needed. This site also provides plenty of parking for multiple RV鈥檚 and can accommodate larger groups.
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Rancho Del Sol

4 sites 路 Lodging20 acres 路 Santa Margarita, CA
馃寗 Discover Serenity at Santa Margarita Rancho del Sol 馃寗 Nestled atop a majestic ridge in the picturesque countryside just outside Santa Margarita, California, lies the enchanting Rancho del Sol. A hidden gem where panoramic views dance to the horizon, offering a breathtaking tableau of nature's finest. 馃専 Sprawling Views to Feed the Soul 馃専 At every hour, the landscape tells a different story. From the first shimmer of dawn, where the sun kisses the rolling hills, to the twilight's glow setting valleys ablaze; every glance is a moment of serenity. Here, eagles soar against the backdrop of cerulean skies, while the whispers of the wind play a melody only nature knows. 馃尦 Find Your Peace 馃尦 This isn鈥檛 just a stay; it鈥檚 a retreat. A journey back to nature, back to quiet, back to yourself. Every corner of our wild ranch offers moments of reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Wander through the meandering trails, breathe in the fresh country air, or simply lounge with a book and let time slip away. 馃實 World-Renowned Destinations at Your Doorstep 馃實 While the allure of solitude might beckon, the world outside is waiting to be explored. Rancho del Sol is your gateway to some of California's most coveted attractions. Wine enthusiasts can savor the world-class vineyards nearby, while adventurers can explore the mesmerizing coastlines, historic towns, and verdant parks just a short drive away. 鉁 Tranquil Experience Awaits 鉁 Only a select few get to experience the magic of Rancho del Sol. Reserve your spot and let the horizon broaden your perspective, the silence speak to your soul, and the beauty of untouched nature captivate your heart. Dive into peace and make memories at Rancho del Sol.
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Whether you want to stargaze, be wowed by nature, or seek serenity, Carrizo Plain National Monument is a worthy addition to your camping itinerary any time of year. The Carrizo Plain is a popular California destination to witness some of the most dramatic wildflower-painted landscapes in spring, but it鈥檚 not its only draw. Traverse across the remote plain for bird watching, biking, and hiking, or take a scenic drive through the fields with its backdrop of mountain ridges, remnants of abandoned ranching structures, and unique wildlife. The Carrizo Plain also offers the opportunity to see a section of the earth-moving San Andreas fault and Native American pictographs found on Painted Rock.

Tips for snagging a campsite

  1. There are two semi-primitive campsites at Carrizo Plain National Monument. The Selby and KCL campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. There are 12 campsites at KCL, including two that are ADA-compliant, and 13 sites at Selby.
  3. Both campgrounds accommodate small RVs and trailers.
  4. Dispersed car camping also is allowed in designated areas around the monument.

When to go

Fall and spring provide the best weather for enjoying Carrizo Plain National Monument. Springtime draws the biggest crowds as many visitors flock to see the stunning flower-carpeted hillsides. Summertime at the monument can get hot during the day鈥攖hink 100掳F and above hot鈥攕o it鈥檚 best to avoid extraneous activities at that time of year. During winter, Soda Lake, the largest remaining natural alkali wetland in Southern California, offers a refuge for migratory birds.

Know before you go

  • Carrizo Plain National Monument is rugged and secluded, so expect a bumpy ride and few services. Pack enough water and food, and start your adventure on a full gas tank.
  • Check the weather before you visit, as rain may cause many roads to become impassable.
  • Carrizo Plain National Monument welcomes dogs, but they must remain leashed or caged, including at trailheads and camping areas.
  • Cell reception is spotty across the plain, so 颅颅download or print copies of maps and informational materials.聽
  • Campsites include picnic tables, fire pits, horse corrals, and wheelchair-accessible vault toilets. Electricity and drinking water are not available.聽
  • Access to Painted Rock is restricted to prevent vandalism. Reservations for guided or self-guided tours can be made through recreation.gov.

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