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Bighorn National Forest

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Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

Who knew the Rocky Mountains had a sister? Well she exists in the form of the Bighorn Mountains, and you are definitely going to want to pay her a visit. At the Bighorn National Forest you’ll find Read more...
Who knew the Rocky Mountains had a sister? Well she exists in the form of the Bighorn Mountains, and you are definitely going to want to pay her a visit. At the Bighorn National Forest you’ll find alpine lakes, glacial valleys, rugged mountains and a whopping 1,500 miles of trails ripe for exploring. The endless green rolling hills and alpine meadows will leave you drooling. Loads of camping options make it easy to find a homebase for any activity you can imagine. Next time you are on a roadtrip to Yellowstone or Mt. Rushmore, spend some time in this lesser known wonderland, where you can get a serious nature fix without all the traffic, camera flashes, and tour buses of it’s crowded neighbors.
Cross Creek Campground
If you’re into re-wilding, we highly recommend a wilderness jaunt to the Cross Creek Campground....
Public campground
Ranger Creek Recreation Area
In the Bighorn Mountains, you’re bound to see an abundance of wildlife no matter where you decide to...
Public campground
Ranger Creek Campground
Less than 20 miles from Big Horn, Wyoming, Ranger Creek campground brings you a forested landscape and...
Public campground
East Fork Campground
The Bighorn Mountains contain some of the most impressive wilderness in the region, boasting a number...
Public campground
Shell Creek Campground
Asya: Quiet small campground
Public campground
Medicine Lodge Lake Campground
We’re not sure if Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman operated out of a lodge in Wyoming, but it sure feels like...
Public campground
Lower Paintrock Lake Campground
There’s nothing “lower” about Lower Paintrock Lake Campground. In Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest,...
Public campground
Little Goose Campground
Isn’t it ironic: finding solitude in the wilderness is getting harder and harder these days. Bighorn...
Public campground
Dead Swede Campground
Jim: mid summer best
Public campground
Tie Flume Campground
The Bighorn National Forest is a secluded oasis for outdoor adventurers, with countless opportunities...
Public campground
Owen Creek Campground
Located on the big and beautiful Bighorn Scenic Byway, Owen Creek Campground treats its patrons to...
Public campground
Sibley Lake Campground
If you’re planning on getting high this weekend, why not head to the Bighorns? At 7,900 feet above sea...
Public campground
Prune Creek Campground
If your camping checklist includes wilderness, lakes, wild rivers, great fishing, and epic hiking, the...
Public campground
Pine Island Group Campground
As you drive into the campsite at Pine Island Group Area in Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest, you’ll...
Public campground
North Tongue Campground
Wyoming, you never disappoint, especially at the North Tongue Campground. The campground is perched on...
Public campground
West Tensleep Lake Campground
Wow West Tensleep, did they give the campground this name because there’s so much to do, that you’d...
Public campground
Deer Park Campground
With easy roadside access, plenty of shade, biking, hiking, and OHV trails, it’s no mystery why Deer...
Public campground
Hunter Campground
Wicked cool variety in landscape and weather make the Cloud Peak and Rock Creek Wilderness Areas...
Public campground
Island Park Campground
Island Park Campground isn't really on an island, but with plenty of space between sites and fishing...
Public campground
Sitting Bull Campground
Sitting Bull Campground invites you to kick back on the treelined edge of an expansive mountain...
Public campground
Circle Park Campground
Michelle: 2 moose walked through our campsite in the evening, which is a common occurrence according to the park...
Public campground
Willow Park Group Campground
It gets chilly up in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, and huddling close to other warm bodies fends...
Public campground
Middle Fork Campground
Albert: Excellent campsites situated right along the creek. The campground is in a wooded steep canyon so shad...
Public campground
Boulder Park Campground
The beating heart of north-central Wyoming, the Bighorn Mountain range is commonly referred to as the...
Public campground
Tie Hack Campground
Clouds above you, the Tie Hack Campground waits for you to discover its hiking, fishing, and scenic...
Public campground
South Fork Campground
Stretching along the South Fork of Clear Creek, South Fork Campground is nestled in a dense grove of...
Public campground
Sheep Mountain Lookout
Now here’s a unique lodging option courtesy of the Bighorn National Forest. The Sheep Mountain Fire...
Public campground
Pole Creek Cabin
Looking for a four-season getaway that is perfect for cross-country ski trips, snowmobile vacations,...
Public campground
Leigh Creek Campground
For a grand outdoor experience, nestled among pines, stay at Leigh Creek Campground. Located at the...
Public campground
Bald Mountain Campground
Bald Mountain Campground is a treasure chest brimming with jewels of nature! Not only are there...
Public campground
Porcupine Campground
Snuggled into the folds of a lodgepole pine and aspen forest, Porcupine Campground comes pretty close...
Public campground
Lost Cabin Campground
Meandering up a hillside amongst a thick grove of Lodgepole pines, settle into Lost Cabin Campground...
Public campground
Muddy Guard Cabin
There is nothing more romantic than a cabin getaway in the wilderness, just you and that lucky...
Public campground
Doyle Campground
So you wanna explore the awesome scenery in and around the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area, but don’t wanna...
Public campground
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Circle J Retreat Camp Tipi
Ryan: I spent a few nights at Circle J on my way out to Yellowstone. So glad I did! Tim and Sandy are so swe...
Direct book$50/night
Circle J Bunk Houses
Circle J
Circle J: Circle J Retreat Camp is 200 acres of forest, hiking trails, dashing waters, and the retreat of Ten...
Direct book$50/night
Homestead Simply!
Franzelle: Bring your own wall tent, tipi, something else. You choose the location. Big views of the Big Horn...
Direct book$30/night
Bookworm Farms
Kathleen: Twenty open acres in the middle of nowhere. Main road is thirty minutes away.
Direct book$10/night
Crazy Woman Canyon Camp
Morgan: This is not your typical campsite. It is pure western magic. Mikel is a fantastic host. She excels at ...
Request book$39/night
Big Quiet Cowboy Camping
Emmett: Camping was good. The shower was fun. Rod was a kind host and breakfast was good. I would highly recom...
Direct book$40/night
Camp at Rangeland
Ellen: Visit the Majestic Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming . We offer wall tents with wood stoves and cots, cook...
Request book$150/night
Black Canyon Campground
Come one, come all…but only if you’re coming by boat. Black Canyon Campground is a cozy spot along the...
Public campground
Tongue River Campground
The only things more abundant than campsites at Tongue River are bass and walleye. Spending the night...
Public campground
Creekside Ranch and Cowcamp
Karen: Creekside cabins give you a taste of the Old West just 12 miles from Sheridan and about 22 from...
Direct book$100/night
Trail Creek Campground
Get your primitive camping kicks at Trail Creek Campground. The campsites here are pretty small, but...
Public campground
Horseshoe Bend Campground
Jennifer: This area is very hot and dry so be prepared to stay hydrated while staying here. We used rocks to hol...
Public campground
Medicine Creek Campground
Spectacular sunsets are par for the course at Medicine Creek Campground. But to get there, you’ll have...
Public campground
Afterbay Campground
Afterbay Campground is certainly not at afterthought! Here you’ll find shaded sites for RVs and tents...
Public campground
Indian Gulch Canyon Ranch,
Agnes: Less than two hours from the north entrance of Yellowstone National park. Beartooth Highway is just 70...
Direct book$10/night
Painter Outpost Tent Site
Ryan : Make Painter Outpost your access to Yellowstone National Park. Within walking distance to the pristine...
Request book$25/night
Sage Creek Campground
Should you find yourself in the Pryor Mountains, you'll surely become familiar with Sage Creek...
Public campground
Cow Creek Campground And Picnic Area
For a place to pitch your tent or unpack your picnic, find yourself at Cow Creek Campground. It's got...
Public campground
Blacks Pond Campground
They say that great things come in small packages, and Blacks Pond Campground offers a perfect pair of...
Public campground
Creek & Cottonwoods RV Camping
David: Karen was very friendly and worked hard to get everyone situated and satisfied. You won't be coming he...
Request book$99/night