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Ochoco National Forest
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Big Sky Ranch Tents & RVs
Mark: Come pitch your tent anywhere you would like to camp on my 11 acre hill top property with killer...
Direct book $25/night
Guyon Springs Cabin
Andrew: This site was a great area to stay for the night while in eastern Oregon. Surrounded by canyons and ro...
Request book $50/night
Bucking Horse Ranch
Robert: Come hike and enjoy the beautiful views of cougar mountain! *This month*: Lunar Eclipse on January...
Request book $25/night
Wall Tent in Ravine
Kerri: We have just installed a wall tent in a pleasant little spot on our property. We have not installed...
Request book $20/night
Crooked River Rustic
Bonita: Set up tent steps away from the Crooked River. The area for setting up tents is about a 1/4 acre space...
Direct book $40/night
Wiabel Ranch Eclipse
Joseph: Welcome to the lazy j ranch where we are hosting an eclipse camp out. Bring your trailer, motor home...
Direct book $300/night
The Ranch at Smith Rock
Nicole: Linda's property is great for a quick trip to Smith Rock when you are looking for a reservable campsit...
Direct book $35/night
Labor Day Campsites-Madras, OR
William: Super helpful and friendly. Llamas, kittens and lots of room for dogs and kids. Quick trip to town but...
Direct book $20/night
Home Farm Foods Camping
Trey: What an amazing experience. Home Farm Foods cooked delicious organic meals, had an enjoyable hosted sp...
Direct book $135/night
Smith Rock Base Camp
Juliana: Though the name of this camp site isn't too accurate, it's still a nice place to be. Located incredibl...
Direct book $40/night
Shaniko Ranch Campsite
Juliana: Wide open spaces, big ponds, wetland birds singing at sunset, and such incredible colors. Catching thi...
Request book $100/night
Panacea at the Canyon
Octave: Our stay at Panacea at the Canyon was nothing short of dreamy. It was a prefect occasion to get away f...
Direct book $425/night
Camping Near Smith Rock SP
Eli: Be aware that shade is not abundant. I recommend planning a tarp shade structure or an easy-up if you ...
Direct book $20/night
Camp On a Buffalo and Yak Ranch
Andrew: This location was perfect for spot to stay near Bend, OR. The host, Alan, was extremely helpful and in...
Direct book $49/night
Rustic Oasis Camping
Juliana: Such a cool spot to camp! Manmade pond and a sauna that Kelly, our really gracious host, built on the ...
Direct book $75/night
4:20 Friendly Camp
4:20 Friendly Camp
60% – 5 Responses
Jordan : Seriously such a great experience. Tyler was a great host! I would recommend to any friend.
Direct book $40/night
Cascade Mountain Views
Bruno: Great atmosphere, nice beer and bonfire!
Request book $125/night
Land of Sage & Molten Lava
Danielle: Pitch your tent or drive your RV onto 10 acres of open land in the alfalfa region of Deschutes County....
Direct book $100/night
LifeSource Horse Ranch
Gina: Camp at the enchanted LifeSource Horse Ranch on Crooked River Ranch, Terrebonne, OR 97760; Crooked...
Direct book $35/night
Hip and Cool Garden Camping
Ruth: Pitch your tent and hike or bike the BLM for views of the surrounding mountains.   15 minutes to town...
Request book $160/night

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