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Ochoco National Forest

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Ochoco National Forest, Oregon

At 850,000 acres, Ochoco National Forest, has got a few types of natural beauty to pull your senses up and out of wherever they might be. The forest is composed of three wilderness areas: Mill Creek Read more...
At 850,000 acres, Ochoco National Forest, has got a few types of natural beauty to pull your senses up and out of wherever they might be. The forest is composed of three wilderness areas: Mill Creek Wilderness, Bridge Creek Wilderness, and Black Canyon. The three names couldn’t be anymore telling of the diversity of land you encounter in this forest. Geological formations stand over dense pine forests, conifers, and lodgepole pines. Mountains roll in all directions and deep canyons swallow your perspective. On the diverse dry lands black bears, elk, mountain lions, wild turkeys, and mule deers roam. Down below, the smile of the North Fork Crooked River is alive and well.
Scotts Campground
Scotts Campground sits near the Bridge Creek Wilderness as well as the Big Summit Prairie, so get out...
Public campground
Deep Creek Campground
Deep Creek Campground is situated among many ponderosa pines with a beautiful view of Western larch...
Public campground
Big Spring Campground
Ponderosa pine forest, meet babbling creek. Babbling creek, meet happy camper. Happy camper, meet...
Public campground
Biggs Springs Campground
Take a sabbatical from your push notifications with Biggs Springs Campground. There are only three...
Public campground
Barnhouse Campground
Between the coyotes howling and owls whooing that you’ll hear during your summer night stay at...
Public campground
Walton Lake Campground
Serenity now! Nestled in old growth ponderosa and amongst mountain meadows, Walton Lake Campground is...
Public campground
Cottonwood Pit Campground
In the words of a YouTube-famous gnarly surfer bro, this camp is so pitted. Like seriously though....
Public campground
Cottonwood Campground
A free facility, Cottonwood Campground is located near Rock Creek and the Historic Summit Trail. There...
Public campground
Wildwood Campground
Firs here! Get your firs here! Wildwood Campground is scattered with Douglas and Grand firs in...
Public campground
Ochoco Forest Campground
Quaint best describes Ochoco Forest Campground. This small five site setup can service tent or trailer...
Public campground
Ochoco Divide Campground
Perched at 4,800 feet above sea level, Ochoco Divide Campground is immersed in a splendiferous...
Public campground
Wolf Creek Campground
Adjacent to the creek, Wolf Creek Campground has 16 campsites in a shaded ponderosa pine forest, each...
Public campground
Salters Cabin Horse Camp
Shake it like a saltshaker! The Salters Cabin Horse Camp is named for the historic cabin on site that...
Public campground
Sugar Creek Campground and Day Use Area
Highly-developed, Sugar Creek Campground and Day Use Area has 17 campsites, three of which meet some...
Public campground
Whistler Campground
The best part about Whistler Campground? It’s a rockhounder’s dream come true. The second best thing?...
Public campground
White Rock Campground
Choose your own adventure during your stay at White Rock Campground! This free facility offers 3 sites...
Public campground
Bingham Springs Campground
Rustic Bingham Springs Campground has just four campsites, but each of them has a fire ring/grill,...
Public campground
Elkhorn Campground
Elkhorn Campground is one of the free rugged campsites in the Maury Mountains. If you’re into...
Public campground
Wildcat Campground and Day Use Area
Cool, calm and collected, Wildcat Campground and Day Use Area offers refuge from intense heat during...
Public campground
Wiley Flat Campground
Wiley Flat Campground is in a classic idyllic Oregon meadow. The kind where a stream runs through the...
Public campground
Double Cabin Campground
The imaginatively named Double Cabin Campground is a short walk from the equally-inspired Double Cabin...
Public campground
Frazier Campground
Located near the Frazier Creek headwaters, you’ll find Frazier Campground surrounded by tall grasses...
Public campground
Antelope Flat Reservoir Campground and Day Use
If sleeping near a lake but probably not having a direct view of it sounds like your kind of...
Public campground
Skull Hollow Campground
Fresh Off
Fresh Off: Smith Rock State Park doesn't allow car/van/RV camping, but Skull Hollow does and it's only 15 min fro...
Public campground
Haystack Reservoir Campground and Day Use Area
Libby: The reservoir is not great for swimming - pretty mucky and full of algae. Good amenities at the campsi...
Public campground
Haystack West Shore Campground and Day Use Area
Grab a scenic, high desert spot at Haystack West Shore Campground and Day Use Area. There are 14...
Public campground
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Incredible Views

Incredible Views

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Trey: Nice area - Awesome Cliff, 15 Minute drive to sweet spots by the river.
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Big Sky Ranch Tents & RVs
Mark: Come pitch your tent anywhere you would like to camp on my 11 acre hill top property with killer...
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Farmhouse on Working Ranch
Jennifer: This is a 4 bedroom Farmhouse in Central/Eastern Oregon on a working ranch. Lots of outdoor activities...
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Land of Sage & Molten Lava
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Camp On a Buffalo and Yak Ranch
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Bivouac Campground

Bivouac Campground

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Shawn: $5/night (per person), open walk-in camping area so you just find a spot. Was perfect for Hammocking. ...
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Wiabel Ranch Eclipse
Joseph: Welcome to the lazy j ranch where we are hosting an eclipse camp out. Bring your trailer, motor home...
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Wall Tent in Ravine
Kerri: We have just installed a wall tent in a pleasant little spot on our property. We have not installed...
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