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Green Lakes State Park
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Shiitake Mushroom Camp

Shiitake Mushroom Camp

100% Recommend – 12 Responses
Natalie: Going into Hawk Meadow Farm turned into a learning experience for me. Knowing it was a mushroom farm I...
Direct book $40/night
Family Farm

Family Farm

100% Recommend – 1 Response
Jacqueline : Rashid Field Farms is in a great location in a quiet wooded area. The camp sites are a short walk (or ...
Direct book $30/night
Tent @ The Adventure Inn B&B
Randy: Private stream side, wooded camping in the country and still close enough to walk to the village for...
Direct book $35/night
Sanctuary in the woods

Sanctuary in the woods

100% Recommend – 8 Responses
Tara: What a unique property Bob and Pam have created in their Sanctuary in the Woods! We were excited to st...
Direct book $36/night
Heart's Desire

Heart's Desire

100% Recommend – 2 Responses
Tara: Heart's Desire is like the "Choose Your Own Adventure" of the camping world. There are 800 acres and y...
Direct book $45/night
Deepwood Forest
Elaine: These 30 acres are dark forest with very few clearings. Its canopy makes for easy walking and hiking...
Direct book $15/night
Baker's Acres Farm
Rob: We have a hobby farm and we have a nice camping spot up on the hill overlooking the valley with a 10...
Direct book $25/night
Snowy Wonderland
Fred: Come and camp in a pristine, undisturbed winter wonderland. 25 acres of meadows and woods. Skiing,...
Direct book $50/night
HH Riders Camp Buckaroo
Rebecca: Join Us! Explore the beautiful Upstate New York Southern Tier and stay at our Club Barn and "Camp...
Request book $20/night
Local Winds Campground
Caitlin: Pitch your tent at the Dwelly Homestead, est. 1865, with a fire pit and hiking trails. We have pop up...
Request book $30/night
Shady Pines Camp at CBG Farm
Charles: Our camp is set in our 110-acre dairy farm in The Finger Lakes Region. We have woods, a pine grove and...
Request book $50/night
Finger Lakes Area
Debbie: Privacy and roughing it in partially wooded farm land. 20 minutes from Sodus Point Beach/Lake Ontario...
Direct book $10/night
Ithaca Pond Grove
Stephanie: Pitch your tent in our Pond Grove with access to a picnic table, fire pit, and a private trail past a...
Direct book $40/night
Tughillbilly Homestead Camp
Michael: Primitive camping areas in hardwood forest on our homestead. Homestead and self sufficient family...
Request book $25/night
Springer Hill Farm
Ruth: We are a working farm out in the country on a very private, seasonal road. The campsite is across the...
Request book $28/night
Erie Canal Trail - Jordan
Gayle: Camp in a small town USA village nestled along the Old Erie Canal. We are approximately 100 yards from...
Request book $40/night
Watercolor Dairy Camp
Amy: Enjoy camping amidst an active certified organic dairy farm.   Pitch your tent in our open woods,...
Direct book $40/night
Campsite 1:The Rabbit Hole
Susan: The Rabbit Hole is 1 of 5 private campsite in a small natural campground, Camp Earth Connection.  It...
Direct book $35/night
Deese'sAdirondack/Luisa Woods
Wayne: Tent camping; cabin nearby for emergencies. note that camping inside the cabin is not permitted only...
Request book $50/night
Camping with your horses!
Jennifer: Traveling with your horses? We can provide turn out for them, and a place for you to camp. Finding a...
Direct book $75/night