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Lolo National Forest

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Lolo National Forest, Montana

You are going to be filled to the brim with glee when you discover Lolo National Forest. Seriously; this is the kind of place you can stand with your feet in a crystal clear stream, bighorn sheep Read more...
You are going to be filled to the brim with glee when you discover Lolo National Forest. Seriously; this is the kind of place you can stand with your feet in a crystal clear stream, bighorn sheep filling the meadow, with the sun setting behind snowcapped mountain peaks in the distance. And that’s just a roadside pull off! With over two million acres to explore, hikers, bikers and backcountry seekers will be stoked on the supa-lush forest, and trails like Cougar Peak Lookout and the Lolo Peak trail (which we assure you is not low-low). Boat for a day in Seeley lake, or cast a line into pristine mountain streams for a try at the trout. Dinner is going to taste great over the campfire! Through the meadows or up the peaks, it’s easy enough to get your share of adventure at Lolo.
Clearwater Crossing Campground
Clearwater Crossing Campground is a small, peaceful campground popular with equestrians that sits near...
Public campground
Quartz Flat Campground
Quartz Flat is the perfect campground for when you need a solid break from road tripping along I-90....
Public campground
Lee Creek Campground
Lee Creek Campground sits on the wooded banks of Lolo Creek and Lee Creek. The forest provides ample...
Public campground
Lolo Creek Campground and Picnic Area
Lolo Creek Campground sits in a forested area near the banks of Lolo Creek. Explore the scenic...
Public campground
West Fork Butte Lookout Cabin
Offering some of the best mountain views outside of Missoula, West Fork Butte Lookout is an ideal...
Public campground
Trout Creek Campground
Shade and space are two of the main draws at Trout Creek Campground, but they’re hardly the only...
Public campground
Kreis Pond Campground
Calling all mountain bikers! Kreis Pond Campground is near four awesome trails for mountain...
Public campground
Thompson Peak Lookout/Cabin
As fire lookout towers go, the Thompson Peak Lookout is pretty fan-dancy. The tower includes modern...
Public campground
Slowey Campground
The main attraction in this particular part of Montana is floating the Clark Fork River, and there’s...
Public campground
Cascade Campground
Cascade Campground sits in the canyon along Clark Fork River. The forest of douglas fir, ponderosa...
Public campground
Seeley Lake Campground

Seeley Lake Campground

100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Angela : Canoeing this gorgeous lake is in your interest. Beautiful water lily patches dot the edges.
Public campground
Cabin City Campground
Kate: Wonderful little campground, just off the highway but totally quiet - very convenient if you're just p...
Public campground
Up Up 40-Foot Lookout Tower/Cabin
Looking for a bird’s eye view of the Bitteroot? Test out your wings at the Up Up 40-Foot Lookout...
Public campground
Savenac Cookhouse/Cabin
It’s true—nature is best when shared with family and friends, so bring along the whole gang for a...
Public campground
Savenac West Cottage
Savenac West Cottage is a classic rustic cottage that provides a unique camping experience for the...
Public campground
Savenac Bunkhouse/Cabin
Heading up into the wilderness with a big group of family and friends? Savenac Bunkhouse and Cabin is...
Public campground
Harry's Flat Campground
Harry’s Flat Campground is not so flat, sitting at 4,100 feet elevation. Located on 7 acres of...
Public campground
Dalles Campground
Dalles Campground sits in a rugged canyon landscape near Rock Creek and Dalles Creek. The campground...
Public campground
Bitterroot Flat Campground
Bitterroot Flat Campground sits in a forest of ponderosa pine and douglas fir, offering plenty of...
Public campground
Gold Rush Campground
Gold Rush Campground sits in a narrow, forested canyon. The trees provide ample shade and privacy for...
Public campground
Norton Campground
Take your #camplife for an extended stay in Montana’s Lolo National Forest. If you want an all-access...
Public campground
Grizzly Campground
If Grizzly Campground was an app, it’d be called insta-relax. Don’t let the name give you the hebbie...
Public campground
Copper King Campground
Copper King Campground sits in a moist river bottom cedar forest, providing ample shade for campers....
Public campground
Clark Memorial Campground
Clark Memorial Campground is a small, open campground in the canyon. This site is ideal for anglers...
Public campground
Siria Campground
Journey back to your origins at the primitive Siria Campground. If minimalist is your middle name,...
Public campground
Hogback Homestead/Cabin
If you like keeping whiskey in your jar, fishing for trout, and thinking about the good old days, the...
Public campground
Morgan-Case Homestead/Cabin
Fancy a fishing trip while staying in a log cabin in the Sapphire Mountains? Yup, us too. Better...
Public campground
Double Arrow Lookout Cabin
The views at Double Arrow Lookout are something to write home about. Guests experience breathtaking...
Public campground
River Point Campground
Which do you prefer—rivers or lakes? Trick question…because at River Point Campground you don’t have...
Public campground
Lake Inez Campground
This sweet, and free, campground is lightly used and adjacent to Lake Inez…and we know you and your...
Public campground
Lakeside Campground
Cruise down to the southern end of Lake Alva to access the oh-so-accurately-named Lakeside Campground....
Public campground
Big Larch Campground
Seeley Lake screams summer getaway, so take the hint and head over to Big Larch Campground to get your...
Public campground
Lake Alva Campground
Camp at Lake Alva and we have a feeling that you’ll never want to leave. The quiet campground provides...
Public campground
Cougar Peak Lookout/Cabin
Looking for that old time camping experience with unparalleled mountain views? Head to the historic...
Public campground
West Fork Fishtrap Creek Campground
West Fork Fishtrap Creek Campground sits along the creek in an open, sunny area—you'll want to bring...
Public campground
Fishtrap Lake Campground
Fishtrap Lake Campground sits on a flat bench above Fishtrap Lake. The campground is open and sunny...
Public campground
Bend Guard Station
Luxury in the forest! Bend Guard Station is a modern two-story cabin with four bedrooms, two...
Public campground
Monture Guard Station Cabin
The Monture Guard Station is a large historic cabin perfect for a winter adventure. Guests can only...
Public campground
Monture Creek Campground
If you take the road less traveled, it’ll lead you to this isolated campground. The landscape is a mix...
Public campground
Big Nelson Campground
“Woah there, Big Nelly!” But, by all means, keep being grogeous. Big Nelly Campground is beautifully...
Public campground
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Triple Bridges Camping
Aaron: Cute land parcel right next to abandoned, historic, OLD HWY 10 and the whitewater of the Alberton...
Direct book$10/night
St. Regis Seclusion
Anna: Outdoor lovers paradise! Mountain views from your campsite. Watch wildlife, hike, bike, ride and enjoy...
Direct book$25/night
Peaceful Woodsy Getaway
Mason and Sarah
Mason And Sarah: Pitch your tent or park your camper anywhere on our 9 acres of beautiful forested land! We have a...
Request book$25/night
Remote Tiny Cabin Near Creek
James: A 14x16 foot cabin is available with tent camping within a stone's throw. Flatwillow Creek flows...
Direct book$50/night
Pine Needle Farm Cashmeres
Meredith: If the summer crowds at mainstream campgrounds aren't really your thing, I would definitely recommend ...
Direct book$30/night
Secluded mountain getaway
Jen: Get away from it all at this quaint, hideout cabin and camp site deep in the National Forest. 14 miles...
Direct book$300/night
Secluded mountain tent camping
Jen: Get away from it all deep in the National Forest. 14 miles behind a locked gate on an old forest...
Direct book$200/night
Silver Mine Idaho
Casey: 2 Small lots of the road in the mountains near big mines. Alot of history calm hill town....
Direct book$10/night
Sunset views in Montana
Charleena R
Charleena R: Pitch a tent in the mountains overlooking the Arlee valley on the Flathead Reservation, in Montana.  ...
Direct book$100/night
Observation Point at Abraxas Farm
Jessie: Abraxas Farm is on 50 acres in the small ranching community of Big Arm.    It's quiet here, and the...
Request book$30/night
Montana Outback Adventures
Katherine: Pick a spot you would like to put your tent. We will bring a fire ring and Picnic table with some...
Request book$30/night
Eco Camp-n-Learn
Matt: Map DOES NOT show exact location. Location is within one hour of Missoula, and is probably not a...
Direct book$20/night
The Lookout
Marcy: Perched up near the top of Dean Stone Mountain in Missoula, Montana, the Lookout is a rustic campsite...
Direct book$25/night
Fish Lake Trailhead
Take FS Road 297 and you’ll find Fish Lake Trailhead. The trail is generously wide, but the dispersed...
Public campground
Cedars Campground
Hikers and anglers looking for a serene getaway should head to Cedars Campground. This small...
Public campground
Hidden Creek Campground
Hidden Creek Campground may be one of Idaho’s best-kept secrets. Nestled in a cedar grove along the...
Public campground
Love Shack Eco-experience
Matt: Map DOES NOT show exact location. Location is within one hour of Missoula, and is probably not a...
Request book$40/night
Red Cabin Learning Experience
Morgan: Eco Learn n Camp is such a unique camping experience. Whether you stay in the Love Shack the Red Cabin...
Request book$40/night
Mountain Tipi Eco-Learning
Matt: Map DOES NOT show exact location. Location is within one hour of Missoula, and is probably not a...
Request book$50/night
Powell Campground
Rob: A rather unique USFS campground, and not just because some (not all) sites have electricity. Many are ...
Public campground